Fake Boobs Alert: How to Tell if Your Girl’s Boobs aren’t Real

If your boyfriend’s breasts look a little too good to be true, then yes! this 8 How to tell if your girl is wearing a silicone dress?

fake breasts

They or not them? Where do you get your money from the fool’s job? How does fake breast actually feel? Why does it have to be difficult for her to have breast augmentation? All of these are the questions that come to your mind when you start to wonder about your boyfriend’s breasts, ahem. Improved.

Keep in mind that size alone is not a good indicator of whether a woman is wearing a silicone pair or not. The media might encourage us to think that all fake breasts are Triple D that pop out of a bikini shredder. But this is not always the case. Not every woman wants breasts that are laughably large. in fact Some women may be more than satisfied with the modest b-cup!

However, it should be pointed out whether it’s fake or not. All the breasts are awesome – from au naturel Set to a beautifully enhanced version. But only for your curiosity. Let us help you check if your girl has a job with her bunny shirt. [Read: The truth behind why men like breasts so damn much!]

How do you know if she has had breast surgery?

So how do you know if your boyfriend has a job without taking the squeeze test? Staring is rude But you might not help yourself when it comes to her mystery shelf. Read on for some tips below to help you solve the mystery of your girlfriend’s seductive and amazing breasts.

#1 shape test The biggest indicator of whether your girlfriend is having breast implants or not is their appearance. Natural breasts can sometimes “slop”?? Look, real breasts are shaped like a pear. Most of the mass is at the bottom of the breast *thanks to gravity!* However, breast implants defies the laws of physics and maintains a perfectly rounded shape no matter the position.

#2 How tall is it? Natural breasts tend to fall about the height of the armpits. However, some breast implants do not perform well. will cause the chest to start too high on the chest If you’ve seen the real thing in real life chances are possible You will be able to notice discrepancies in what has changed. [Read: How to get your boobs noticed without looking trashy]

#3 Added Privileges It should be noted that natural breasts are very beautiful. Tends to eventually sag even at a young age If your girlfriend has impressive breasts that look unnaturally perky both inside and out of wearing a bra. *Without sagging despite her massive figure* She may have had a dental implant.

In addition, natural breasts are often 3 finger space between each chest If your girlfriend’s breasts are ridiculously spaced apart or constantly exposed and have unrealistic cleavage. Those chests have also been modified!

#4 horizontal test in the same way You’ll want to notice where her breasts sit when she’s lying on her back. Natural breasts will fall in or next to her breasts, similar to “porn”?? Breasts, breast augmentation, there will be no natural “lay”?? on a woman’s body instead of falling on the side of the road They would stand up straight as if she were still standing. [Read: How to check out her breasts like a gentleman]

#5 scar If you’ve ever had a chance to see your girlfriend naked or in a bikini, You may notice minor scars around the buttocks, nipples, underarms, or even stretch marks there. Q. These are all common signs of having a stupid job.

#6 noisy chest Scary, right? A little known fact about breast implants is that sometimes there can be loud, “flickering” lights?? The sound when she moves around This is due to the fluid inside the implant. Those who are well trained in hearing will be able to clearly see the sound of the implant.

#7 Body proportions. If your boyfriend is so fat 3 With double Ds, you know all those suckers are fake. Many women make the mistake of choosing implants that are too big for their body. resulting in unrealistic results.

A woman’s body is usually proportional. If she has small hips and a small waist, DNA means her breasts will be proportionally smaller as well. Although this is not always the case. But it’s a free giveaway for spotting fake breasts.

#8 handful of heaven How do they feel? In addition to the answer given to “Great!” ?? The truth is that natural breasts are soft, supple and full of natural fat. This makes the breasts look incredibly moving. On the other hand, breast implants will feel tight and somewhat immobile. Regardless of what type of implant a woman has. Saline or silicone Fake breasts are always “hard”?? It is tactile and has less realistic movement than natural motion.

When you know it’s fake…

what now? The correct answer is “Nothing!” ?? Women who get breast augmentation work are no different from women who choose to bleach their hair or men choose to grow their hair. often for beauty And you can bet she’ll instantly gain confidence with her breast augmentation. [Read: 18 physical aspects of a girl that give men an instant turn on]

be a gentleman it’s your responsibility no To say you have evidence that her breasts were tampered with. It is up to her whether she wants to reveal it or not. But if you don’t Why not just feel dizzy? Special about the fact that her breasts are already beautified?

[Read: How to touch a woman’s breasts the sneaky way]

If you feel a girl’s breasts, you have implants. The above clues may help you determine the truth. But whether your hunch is correct or not. but in the end Breasts in any shape, size, or form It’s still great!

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