How to Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text: 19 Risk-Free Tips

Say “I like you” = scary, personal = scary instead of sweating. Instead, learn how to tell your crush through text messages.

How to tell if you like someone via text message

Accepting that you like someone isn’t easy. often afraid of rejection There are risks involved. And you never know what will happen. This is why many people, including you, love to know how to tell your crush through text messages. This softens the rejection and makes the expectation of the response a little less intense.

but at the same time The messaging is still open to interpretation. There are many ways to tell people that you like them. But when you do through the text You want to make sure you’re saying what you mean. [Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush and get them interested over text]

Why do I have to say I like someone via text message?

Of course, telling your crush via text message might not be the most romantic. You don’t chase them in the rain or in the airport like in the movies. But that doesn’t make it any less realistic or meaningful.

Text messaging is a common method of communication these days. People put on makeup and break up. And I made sure to offer it via text message.

This is not a vague or impersonal way to share your feelings. If you’re texting and want to tell someone how you feel. Don’t close your mind this way. It can make everything a lot easier.

Of course, something can go wrong through text. Just like any other way to tell people how you feel. But we can take care of those things. So everything went smoothly.

How to tell if you like someone via text message without confusion

If you didn’t learn Satire is a big deal these days. But they don’t always meet unless you do face-to-face. Jokes, confessions, etc. are governed by the same rules.

Texting is not as clear as speaking. So when you say something as serious as with confessing your feelings to the person you have You want to make sure you don’t leave room for misinterpretation.

1. Close abbreviation

Proper grammar is not only attractive. But it also makes everything clearer. Avoid using “u” and “r” and stick with “you” and “are” and all the text is spoken like BTW, ROFL, OTP, SMH, and more. These may be obvious to you. but not everyone even the one you like It might not be up to date in the latest jargon. [Read: 20 fun, flirty texting facts that’ll help you have a great love life]

2. Make sure they stay focused.

You wouldn’t want to randomly text “I like you” during the day when they could do anything. You want to make sure they’re in the conversation. Maybe after discussing work or the latest episode game of thrones, you can bring it up

Just make sure you have a good back and forth so you know they’re paying attention. [Read: Clever messages to use when flirting with your crush]

3. be careful

Before you figure out how to tell someone you like them through text messages. Make sure you’ve messaged the right people. And if you’re venting to your friends You have to send it to the right person.

back in those days You’ll need to send notes to your crush in class. and if the teacher picks it up and reads it to the class It must have been a tragic thing. this is the same thing But in the world of digital dating So make a quick double check before you hit submit. you’re nervous enough No need to make it worse

How to tell someone you like via text message without looking hopeless

This is something we all fear a little bit. If you admit how you feel Are you facing despair or needy? Not at all, especially if you do it with confidence. And here’s how to make sure you’re faced with pride. not paranoia

1. Do not double the message

They didn’t answer right away. Do not double the text This is one of the most hopeless and frankly and annoying things you can do. No matter how wrong you say your phone is, no one will believe you.

So just wait it out. You don’t want to ruin the chance you might get from being a stingy stingray. 5 [Read: Play it cool by following these double texting rules]

2. Do not confess your love

This is someone you like and want to get to know better. Not the person you want to marry. And if you do that, you don’t need to know that.

So don’t share everything you ever thought about them. There’s no need to explain the first time you see them or how you think about them all the time or how you like how they smell. That’s more personal and creepy. so can wait

3. Keep it simple

The same goes for maintaining excessive concentration. Keep it short and sweet. Say, “I know we’re just friends. But I hope we can get some out. What do you think?” or even simpler. “Would you like to hang out with me on Friday?”

This makes it clear what you want and gives only two answers. It’s less complicated and shows confidence. [Read: How to ask someone out over text and get that satisfying yes]

How to tell if you like someone via text message without risk

In this situation there is a small risk. Rejection is always possible But if you’re really worried about that. There are a few ways you can protect yourself from that risk.

1. Send a message when you know it’s available.

One of the worst parts of texting your crush is waiting for a response. That is almost worse if their answer is rejected because you just want to know one way or another.

If you just send a random message You may have to wait several hours for a response. And that will drive almost everyone crazy, please message them when you are free. After a shift or a weekend might be best. [Read: Texting etiquette – 20 unwritten rules of savvy flirting]

2. invite each other

You can invite someone out without saying you like them. That might sound a little overwhelming for people to hear because they fear they won’t turn out to be what you expected.

Instead, invite them on a date. This will give you more time to think about how you want to tell them you like them. Plus, you’re making it clear that you’re interested without going too far ahead. Just be sure to say date, not hang out. That’s what’s confusing.

3. have a backup plan

In case you get rejected and want to save your face, have a plan, you can feel confident and disinterested by saying ok don’t worry, it’s just a thought. personally I’ve had people say they texted the wrong person. I think it’s less embarrassing than being rejected.

Even if it sounds like a lie to me But I would also play as if you weren’t overinvesting if you were worried about rejection. [Read: How to handle rejection without making a fool of yourself]

How to make it easier to tell your crush via text

on top of the previous tip. These can simplify the entire process, from deciding what to say to getting a slightly more relaxed and calm response.

1. Talk to your friends first

If you’re wondering how to tell someone you like them via text message? Talk to your friend about your plans first. A good friend will always be there to support you. So you’ll know you’re cool no matter the answer. These will boost your confidence. So you feel less nervous and more excited.

2. Knowing that there is nothing to lose

before admitting that he likes this person Are you a friend or acquaintance? So telling them you like them no matter the outcome isn’t too bad.

You’re taking risks with your feelings. But you’re not going to lose anything. Really, what’s the worst that can happen? They say sorry and don’t care? Now you can move on and stop obsessing over it.

3. lead to it

Using your time will help you and your crush. instead of gibberish lead to your confession Let them know you have something to tell them. but no pressure

At this moment you focus on your feelings. but miss them This can be a huge shock to them. So give them time to process. [Read: 15 subtle cues to tell if your crush likes you back too]

4. flirtatious

Keep things light, tell them they’re cute, or say you liked their outfits the day before. Keeping things on the surface will relax you and them. So the atmosphere is not too serious but has some chemical properties.

5. Do not play games

mature about it all you can flirt But don’t push away This can get out of hand and cause confusion.

Additionally, if it takes them five minutes to respond to your message. Please do not wait six minutes for a response. That’s just juveniles. [Read: Why playing games of playing hard to get is just pointless]

What to Expect When You Say You Like Someone via Text Message

Now, telling someone you like them through text is not something you do. and it’s over You have to wait for their response and talk later. It’s best to be prepared for this part as well.

1. Give them time to think about what to say.

Their responses were often not instantaneous. It shouldn’t take many hours. But it can take more than 10 minutes, and that 10 minutes can feel like eternity. So don’t worry too much.

They don’t try to disappoint you easily. Maybe they will try to tell you that they like you too. Try to keep yourself busy while you wait. will not have to think too much

2. Can’t return the feeling

Try not to expect one way or another. Emphasize pride in yourself for telling the truth. They might restore your feelings and probably not. So be aware that anything can happen.

3. If you like it, calm down.

It’s amazing to have someone you’ve had a crush on like you. And feel free to brag to your friends, but try to be cool with them. You can get excited and say, “Wow, I didn’t expect that answer. But I’m happier.”

Don’t get too excited that it can turn off.

4. Don’t expect a relationship ASAP.

Whether your crush says they like you too or agrees to go on a date. Don’t assume the relationship begins, take things slowly and see how it goes. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean you can live happily ever after.

Let things go naturally no need to hurry [Read: How to keep from moving too fast in your new relationship]

5. Use this as a learning experience.

no matter what the outcome will be Don’t over-analyze the conversation. Don’t think, “What if I said this?” or “I should have said that.” You didn’t sound it. If they don’t like you back It might not be intentional. Use this to help you move forward.

[Read: The step-by-step guide to texting your crush the right way]

Hopefully now you know how to tell your crush by text without getting confused, scared and less nervous. Good luck!

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