How to Tell What a Guy Wants from You: The Guy Decoding Guide –

You like him and want to be with him. But you don’t know if the feelings are the same or not. It’s time for you to learn how to tell what men want from you.

How to tell what men want from you

The art of knowing how to tell a guy what he wants from you is a dating struggle that many women go through. People change their minds too, so at first he may not be sure how he feels or thinks he needs something comfortable. Later, he feels that you are the person he wants to be with. These are all possible scenarios. Of course the opposite

When it comes to relationships, there’s no black and white, but that doesn’t mean you should feel completely blind in that situation. Is there a way to decipher how he feels about the relationship and where he wants to go?

How to tell what a guy wants from you

If you can’t figure out what’s going on Why don’t you talk to him? easiest A way to put everything on the table and see what really happens. I know you’re afraid to hear things you don’t want to do. But it’s much better to deal with it now. rather than invest for a month or even the years of your life to wait for something that will never happen

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Many men and women ended up waiting. feel hopeful But hope is not what you want. You need to know the truth, therefore, before you talked to him Look at the sign and be honest. Ask yourself what he wants from me.

When you finish reading this article you will know the answer Is he wanting more or is he looking for a way out?

#1 you feel the edge Even if you like spending time with him. But you never feel comfortable around him. You always feel bad. You never know if he’ll text you back or call you. If you have these feelings Shows that he is not fully devoted to you. if he is You will feel safe and secure in the relationship. [Read: 10 guys to stop dating if you want real love]

#2 Have you met his family and friends? Has he introduced you to a close circle of friends and family? if so He wanted to take this relationship seriously. Most men do not recommend the woman they are meeting with friends and family. Unless they want more than just asking, if you ever never Met his friends or family. Well, this kind of relationship is comfortable.

#3 Are you having sex? Do you exclusively have sex together, or do you both openly sleep with other people? Is sex the main reason you hang out? If you’re doing nothing but sex and sleeping with other people. This was a casual relationship. Sexuality is not a sign of a serious relationship. [Read: 17 sordid signs you’re just a hookup and nothing more]

#4 what are you talking about If you’re wondering how to tell what a guy wants from you? Keep an eye on the conversation you two have. When it’s a casual relationship There won’t be much deeper conversation going on. He’s not trying to get to know you. But it will be a bit of a conversation and more of a sexual nature.

But if you have more intimate conversations about family, friends, life goals, and dreams, you’re opening up to each other. And that’s a good sign that he’s more interested in something else.

#5 Is he talking about the future? when he talks about the future whether near or far Did you mention it? This doesn’t mean marriage, but usually if he sees himself with you. He will talk about the future with you in it. But if he doesn’t like you You’ll never be able to access that topic anyway. [Read: 15 clear signs he wants something serious and is ready to commit]

#6 Go on a date together? There’s a big difference between hanging out in your bedroom and going on a date. If you only see each other on “Netflix and Chill,” then it’s clear that this relationship is a casual relationship. But if you’re dating Doing activities together without any expectation of sex That’s a sign that the relationship is more than that.

#7 Did he text or call you? when you wake up Did he text you? Did he call you to talk about his day? Or the only message you get from him is when he wants to come in? There is a big difference ‘Cause if the only time he talks to you is sex It was quite clear what this relationship meant to him. [Read: Why a good morning text is so important in a real relationship]

#8 Is he openly associating with other people? If he is openly dating someone else It’s safe to say that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. Unless you are crazy about polygamy. if he sees someone else He doesn’t care about you that much. He’ll let you by his side as an option or turn the relationship into friendship. Either way, it won’t work. [Read: He likes you but doesn’t want a relationship with you? Here’s how to deal with it]

#9 He told you what he was looking for? Not all men will directly tell you what they want. Because they want to see how things are going, and many women feel uncomfortable talking about it for fear of being turned off.

So you never know where you stand. But this is your life! You should know if you’re wasting your time with people who don’t want the same as you. Then you sit down and ask him what he is looking for? What was his answer? If it’s vague that’s not good enough He must be direct and honest with you.

#10 when do you see him Although you may not think this is something to pay attention to. But at the same time, trying to figure out how to tell them what a guy wants from you is important. see him often, but if only between 10 PM and 1 That’s not a good sign.

Did you see him during the day? On the weekend? Friday night? Does he make plans with you or only call you at the last minute? This is a huge difference. One shows his investment in relationships. and the other shows you as an option. [Read: 16 signs he’s fallen really hard for you and is very serious]

#11 Is he ready for a relationship? If he just broke up with his ex and wants to “have fun,” then sorry for breaking her heart, but he’s not looking. whatever Seriously. Or if he plans to travel the world in the next few months? It’s possible that he didn’t want to settle down.

Look honestly where he is in his life. Is his lifestyle feeling “comfortable” or “relationship”? [Read: The signs he’s not looking for a relationship but fun]

#12 Does he know what you are looking for? I know telling a guy what you’re looking for in a relationship can be awkward. when you like someone You don’t want to push him away. But if you think differently Those feelings will only hurt you.

You tell him what you want? more importantly What did he answer? Does he want the same thing?

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Relationships can be tricky. And while reading their signs is a great way to tell a guy what they want from you, they’re not. But there’s nothing better than asking them face-to-face.

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