How to Text a Girl You Like and Make Her Want You

Technology has made flirting a lot easier. However, you still have to know how to message the girl you like in the right way to avoid disaster.

How to text a girl you like and make her want you

Thank God for technology! back in the old days If you want to talk to the girl you have a crush on. You must muster the courage to approach her. Usually while she’s with her friends and trying to start a conversation. Is it nervous? Now you can text and act without getting tired and confused with your words. Of course, you also need to know how to message the girl you like in the right way, otherwise your efforts will be totally wasted.

You might think that sending a short message Going out is easy. And compared to actually approaching her, it’s easy. Still, you can still understand a lot. Very wrong if you are not careful, wrong time, wrong speech, misunderstanding, let anxiety take over. The chances of a disaster are still quite high, even if you manage to blush by yourself. Plus, it’s easier for someone to ignore the message when you approach them in person.

The good news is that you can learn how to improve your messaging game and increase the chances that your crush will respond in a positive way. [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out]

How to message the girl you like for maximum success

If you want to learn how to properly connect with your crush. Just use these tips to text the girl you like. And you’ll see how easy it is.

1Evening is the best time to text a girl.

Most women are busy during the day. So if you text her at this time, she might be busy, forgetting that you texted and didn’t reply. If you text late at night You run the risk of her misunderstanding and thinking you’re on the right track. Start by texting her in the early evening and look for ways to keep the conversation going. Most people are more relaxed at this time and are usually less busy. [Read: How to flirt with a girl by behaving like a friend]

2. Be unique with your first message.

If you want to know how to text a girl for the first time, don’t overthink it, just keep it casual and simple, “Hey! Just think I’ll say hi!” It’s easy and one of the many ways to start your first message with the girl you like. But it’s also quite boring. It’s better to think of something unusual and unique to say. This way, you’ll focus on her and she’ll be more likely to respond. However, there’s a difference between weird and weird. Remember!

As long as you don’t inadvertently insult her. There is no wrong way to text a girl. What you do after the first message is always important. [Read: What do girls look for in a guy to fall for him?]

3. When the ice is broken Follow up a short message.

No one has time for a paragraph! If you’ve been texting each other for a few days in a row. You don’t have to look for a reason to text her again. or does not require a thorough introduction

Start with warm and simple lines that feel good to read. It left the conversation open. And you’ll be able to know if she’s available to chat with you or not. “Hey! What are you doing?” Or even just a smile should be the perfect start to a conversation once the icebreaker is finished. This will make her smile. If she’s busy, she’ll let you know or respond when she has time. There’s no way you can go wrong.

4. Ask questions to show interest in her.

ask her about her day Take an interest in her life and let her know you’re interested in getting to know her better while texting. It will help her open up. It also shows that you are not selfish or self-absorbed. Talking about yourself all the time can be something you do without being self-conscious. But it can really come back. at the same time Don’t shoot questions at her as if she were giving an interview to Ether. Learning how to message the girl you like should come from a mix of questions and conversation. [Read: 60 Get to know you questions for a new romance]

5. Choose a pet name for her.

Pet names are unique and unique. If you want the relationship to continue You have to create a personal bond between the two of you. And the best way is to give her a pet name. Reshape the relationship you both share and it will bring you closer together. But don’t do that right away, because it looks like you’re moving too fast. Please wait until you send messages back and forth for a while. [Read: How to choose a perfect and unique nickname]

6. Don’t flirt all the time

Even if she knows you already like her. Avoid flirting with her at all costs. It will bore her if you just flirt with her. Send a message about your daily activities and let her see that you are interested in getting to know her and her life better.

7. But be sure to flirt when you get the chance!

From time to time, you’ll find good opportunities to flirt with her. Wait a minute and use it to prank her or pull her leg. Especially when she compliments herself or talks about how good she is. A good excuse to challenge and flirt with her will always work for you. [Read: The best flirty texts & sweet messages to make her smile]

8. Be a little guiding sometimes but not all the time.

But always be vague. Unless you know what she wants to hear. You can play it safe or naughty depending on how she texts back.

You: “I want to be with you right now”??

Her: “Yes? why?”??

You: “You said you were in bed right?”??

9. Use emojis, but sparingly.

Unless the girl you’re specifically texting her says she hates emoticons. Don’t forget to send kisses and smiles. 2-3 The times when you text her goodbye Even if she made a big deal out of it You can even joke about it and say it’s a kiss goodbye on her cheek! [Read: How to make a girl want to kiss you by arousing her]

10. Pay attention to the little details.

If she tells you that she has an important meeting at work the next day. or she has a big exam Let’s remember and ask her how it was. It shows that you are listening and listening. And she’ll think it’s so cute you ask.

11. Make Personal Memories

Always look for ways to build a bond between the two of you. Tell her about your favorite music, movies, or places. Every time she comes across the things you talk about. Give her a reason to miss you.

12. Be careful how your messages come across.

The main problem with messaging is that there is a large extent of misunderstandings. The way you read something in your mind might not be the same as what you read. She may view it as an insult or not at all funny. Make sure you read your message before sending it. Don’t stress too much about it. but at the same time Make sure there’s nothing in there that could get lost. [Read: 8 Little texting mistakes new couples often make]

13. Don’t obsess over her answers.

Ah, send a message of concern. That old chestnut! When you text her for the first time Please wait, she might be busy, she might not have phone bills. she might be tired Wait until the next day and don’t try to send another message to try to push her back. It just comes in despair or is it addicting. Keep yourself busy and try to distract yourself.

If she doesn’t reply within the next day More messages are typically sent. 1 message, but then leave it don’t push or chase If she doesn’t pay attention to her freely you don’t want it [Read: Texting anxiety: How to send & receive texts without freaking out]

14. A Little Tired Before Saying Goodbye

Compliment her appearance, personality, or say anything that makes her feel warm and fuzzy. Instead, focus on these messages for a few minutes before you both say goodbye. If you want her to fall in love with you She must be excited about you and feel romantically attached to you. That’s how love and passion work. [Read: Tips to subtly touch a girl and turn her on]

when flirting with her You will be able to awaken her. and talking about how special she is or complimenting her personality at the end of the conversation by texting. You can make her feel romantic. It’s the perfect balance to get a girl like you while texting her.

15. Don’t always text her first.

Don’t feel like you always have to be the first to text. This doesn’t just put pressure on you and turn a pleasant situation into a stressful one. But it might make her feel overwhelmed with the message. Maybe she’s not the one who texts a lot – those people still exist! Do your thing for a few days and wait and see if she texts you early the next day. If she likes you, she will – be patient! [Read: How often should you text a girl? 17 Must know rules of texting]

16. Be careful of joking a lot.

Teasing is fun and cute in some ways. But it doesn’t always translate well in text. If you’re going to tease her Make sure nothing is foolproof and nothing too personal. Remember, you still don’t know her well enough. And she’s still trying to find a solution. Emojis can help you. Because you can send a wink or kiss after a mocking comment. so that she will know the meaning of the emoji in a good manner.

17. If you know she’s with a friend do not send message

You might want her to remember you at that moment. Just in case she’s around someone else who might turn their back on her. But it turned out to be saying too much. If she tells you that she is going out with friends or family. Give her the space she needs and maybe ask her if she had a good time when you text her the next day. She’ll appreciate you giving her some space. [Read: Should I text her? What to know before you touch your phone]

18. Funny situation questions usually work well.

If you’re struggling to say a word You can think of a funny situation and pose to her. For example, would you rather be on a beautiful Caribbean island without a cell phone for a month or somewhere cold with the internet? It’s a groundbreaking idea and will make her laugh. You can also get to know her better by asking these questions. But once again, it’s a little but a lot!

19. Share funny memes or videos you find.

Sometimes – by ‘in words’, send her a funny meme or video you find. It will make her smile and there’s no need to say anything from you when you send something like that either. [Read: 25 Funny things to text a girl & win her heart with your funny bone]

20. Don’t be too late to text back. But don’t do it right away either.

unless you’re in the middle of a text conversation It’s best to wait a few minutes before replying, otherwise it looks like you’re sitting with your phone in your hand. Wait for her to text you. I mean you might be But you don’t need to know! Also, don’t wait too long either! Yes, it’s a game where you have to get it right. But if you let her wait too long She’ll get bored and think you don’t care.

In the end, you’re just talking to other people, yes, it’s the girl you like. But she’s still human! Try not to build it up too much in your mind and let your natural personality shine through.

[Read: Texting etiquette & flirting: 26 rules guys & girls must follow]

Keep these tips on how to text the girl you like in mind while texting her. And you’ll see how easy it is to flirt with girls through late night texts and timelines.

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