How to Text a Guy to Keep Him Interested in You and Eager for More

Men may have the worst attention span when texting. This is important to learn how to text a guy to get his attention.

How to text a guy to get him interested in you

You like a guy, I mean, you like him a lot, and if anything, that’s for sure. You are afraid that soon he will be bored. And you’re wondering how to text a guy to get him interested. The more obsessed with keeping him interested, the more likely you will be. The more your worst fears become true.

Worrying about losing him will make you more paranoid and nervous when talking to him. And that’s what will make him lose interest in you. you have to be yourself Your authenticity is what men will be interested in texting you.

Second, don’t focus on the fact that he might lose interest. Sounds bad, he’s just one of a million people still interested in texting you. Keeping this in mind will reduce anxiety the next time you talk to him. [Read: What men find attractive in women – 18 secrets most women don’t know]

Why is it important to get him interested in texting you?

Once you get him interested enough to text you. You will have the opportunity to actually date him. It’s possible to ruin your chances with your crush if you don’t know how to message them properly.

It all starts with sending a message. And you basically ruin your chances of being in a relationship with the guy you like. If you can’t get him enough attention, send him a message. Although it all depends on the text conversation. But it was the basis for connecting with him.

The moment you learn how to text a guy to get his attention. You will see that your dating life has started to flourish. You can use this with the people you like. and you never know You may get everything you want! [Read: How to text your crush: 12 moves to play it cool & win them over]

How to text a guy to get your attention and get hooked on you.

When you two are comfortable with each other These instructions may no longer be necessary. You’ll get past this awkward point, so it’s time for you to learn a few secrets that you can use the next time you text him to get him hooked.

Follow these 16 tips and you’ll be dating yourself in no time. [Read: 14 ballsy ways to text a guy first and make him want more]

1. less but more

I know you want to elaborate on your day to him, but remember, less is more, you don’t have to send him an essay. he won’t read it Be concise and direct when texting him.

There is no need to write a long message. *Unless he likes something like that!* Record an in-depth conversation for the day. You want to keep the atmosphere of mystery intact.

2. Sounds boring, don’t send it.

The worst message is, “Oh my god, my dog ​​just licked my face. It’s so sweet” or “I’m full from dinner.” Who wants to read that? better question How should men respond to messages like that? You might be familiar with the term Boring “How’s Life”

It will help if you have catchy messages to keep the conversation going. or you will bore him to death. [Read: How to not be a boring texter and keep your crush interested]

3. Do not double the message

Women often do this to the point of pushing men away in text conversations. Want to know how to text a guy to get him interested? Don’t text him twice. One message is enough. just wait patiently We assure you that he has received your message. And he didn’t fall to the ground!

If he likes you, he’ll reply when he has time. The overlapping message shows nothing but commitment and despair. Don’t succumb to your desire to double the text in any case. [Read: Double texting and second text rules to play it cool]

4. Ask him a question

Questions are just some of the most interesting ways to text a guy to get his attention. Do you want to know him? and ask him a question Don’t make him feel like he’s sitting in an interview. But make him enjoy your question.

should not be too shallow But it shouldn’t be too deep either. Save it for later, then let’s go on a date! until then Keep your eyes peeled for the right questions.

5. There is life outside your phone.

I know you like him And you’re excited to text him. But you also have life outside of him. There’s nothing worse than showing him what you’ve done in life is him. This is the most unattractive thing you can do to get him interested.

Make sure he knows you have a life outside of your relationship by texting. Don’t be addicted or obsessed with texting him. You are making a big mistake.

6. Provide answers and open-ended questions

Have you ever asked someone a question and he texted back ‘yes’ or ‘no’? You can’t do much with that answer. Asking open-ended questions is not the best way to keep the conversation going.

In fact, it will cut off your conversation faster than you expected. Make sure you ask questions that give insightful answers instead of just yes, no, or maybe. [Read: 13 texting tweaks to make any guy want more of your texts]

7. Let him text you first.

Men are all elements of the challenge. You have to let him text you first. Because even texting him first is normal. But you shouldn’t be typing all the time.

Seeing if he started a conversation You’ll be able to gauge how he feels about you. If you’re the type who always starts conversations. He might not be that kind of person in you.

8. Respect time

He may not have time to text you every three minutes if he has a full-time job. This is something you need to understand and respect when you’re trying to figure out how to text a guy to get his attention.

Many women are very demanding in this area. But while time is of the essence But respect that he has a career and personal life. Be patient and wait for him to text you back as he wants when he has time.

9. Write it right

If you really want to know how to text a guy. to make him interested Use basic texting etiquette. Shortening everything might seem more convenient. But it also makes you look like a twelve year old. No matter what language you send messages Use proper spelling and grammar.

It’s not just attractive. but also shows your manners and personality. It can be a bad idea to text someone using shortcuts! [Read: 25 texting examples to get a guy’s attention and work your magic]

10. Show off your personality.

Don’t pretend to be someone else to get their attention. He will finally see your true colors. Authenticity is the most interesting thing you can show him if you want to learn how to text a guy to get his attention.

This goes for your sense of humor, likes and dislikes, and what’s important about you. If you like Star Wars, what are the chances that he’ll like it too?

11. Submit a photo (not dirty)

I know it’s easy to assume that all men love dirty and sensual texting. But this is not the case. It’s not that the photos aren’t dirty. But sending him nude photos is not a way to get him interested.

Send him a cute selfie, don’t be in a rush to send him a naughty picture. You have to make him feel who you are under all that flirting and dirty photos is not the way to go *at least not yet!*

12. Don’t just send a ‘Hello’ message.

Will you be more boring? Just as you might not like it when guys text you. so is he It’s a boring message and doesn’t make you excited to start a conversation. If you’re wondering how to text a guy to get him interested? Remember to start the conversation with eye-opening words.

It’s best to avoid openings such as “Hey” and “How are you?” You need to think of a starter that will grab his attention and message you. [Read: How guys text when they like you – 15 things they do differently]

13. Go easy with emojis

You have to admit that emojis and smileys are always used in text messages. It makes conversations more lively than boring and serious. However, that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with emojis either.

Too many emojis create an immature atmosphere. And no one is really looking for that. especially If you really like this guy should not mess with them. [Read: 15 no-fail signs to decode if a guy likes you by seeing his texts]

14. Flirt with him casually

Make the conversation as fun as possible by flirting with him casually! Don’t go overboard with this. But be gentle and easygoing. or a flirtatious sentence transmitted as humor

This will keep him interested enough to be in the text conversation with you. [Read: How to flirt over text and type your way into someone’s heart]

15. Be light and cheerful.

Honestly, no one wants to date someone who is incredibly serious all the time. It’s a fun and cheerful tester. Want to know how to text a guy to get him interested?

Show him a cheerful and friendly personality. Because nothing is more attractive than someone who has a comfortable lifestyle. After all Life is hard enough And there is no need to add anything else. [Read: How to be more positive and increase the quality of your life]

16. Talk about common interests.

The best way to get everyone interested in messaging is to talk about mutual interests. This applies to both men and women. Of course, you’ll never get to that point if you don’t talk about what you like and if you don’t ask them what they like too. you never know You may find the same love for your Netflix shows!

[Read: How to keep a text conversation going when you have nothing to say]

So how to text a guy to get his attention?

The best way to get him interested is to not be afraid to show your true self. Just as you would ignore someone who was apparently protected even in text messages. Don’t be like him! Also, don’t use boring text. And feel free to show him your sense of humor. *He might like it!*

Learning how to text a guy to get his attention isn’t difficult when the two of you get to know each other. Do not force the connection to occur when the chemistry is lacking. and most importantly is their own person!

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