How to Text a Guy Without Seeming Desperate and Overly Needy

Knowing how to text a guy without looking hopeless can take a bit of practice. Here’s how to avoid seemingly needy and win his heart.

How to text a guy without looking hopeless

Men will run away even the slightest bit of despair and poverty. They don’t want to be with women who will suck their freedom. Even if you’ve never done that. But being insulted and needy will make him think so. This is why you need to learn how to text a guy without feeling hopeless.

Because we all know that women who send messages one by one without a reply certainly seem like that. They may not be hopeless. They may think they are just funny or attract attention. But they are definitely going to be spoiled.

The stereotype of a flirtatious girlfriend has destroyed an active woman forever.

We see this everywhere. Always be the girlfriend in the movies who always looks tough. And basically she doesn’t let her boyfriend do what he likes. Guys grew up watching this in movies and thought it would work in real life.

Sure, there are women out there, but not as many as men think. However, they have a slight inclination of whether you’re tough or hopeless, and they jump on the edge.

in fact That “desperation” might just be the enthusiasm to meet them. But they don’t understand that. So you have to learn how to find men without despair if you really want to be with them. [Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs and how to avoid it]

How to text a guy without looking desperate so you can win him over.

You may have heard this advice before and probably never heard of it for any reason. You shouldn’t, because this is a way to text a guy without looking hopeless.

#1 Have him text you first. This is the best way to make a guy think you’re not desperate. when he reached out first Anything else you do won’t look that bad.

In fact, to keep yourself from texting him. Give him your number and tell him to text you. That way you don’t have his and you can’t. Waiting for that message can be a bit difficult. But he will deliver. Just be patient. [Read: 10 steps to determine if you should text him first]

#2 Don’t send more than one unanswered message. if you don’t type wrong Don’t send multiple messages, it basically screams “required!” the second a guy looks at his phone for more than one message from the same woman. His warning light came on.

He will see this as both despair and attachment. Both of these things are sure to terrify men. Even if you have something urgent to tell him and need a few messages.

#3 Talk about what interests him. The best way to distract yourself from your seemingly hopeless is if you excite him. make him want to text you Go back immediately and he won’t care how quickly you text back.

set up a band he loves Some hobbies you know he likes. Or even something that you know will get his attention, like anything with a woman. When he’s an active person, you put pressure on him. [Read: 30 effortless ways to keep a guy interested]

#4 Tell him you have fun together. Tell him he’s really having fun. When the two of you met or were together Guys love to hear how fun and funny they are. Starting off with compliments like this will affect his ego and he won’t think you’re desperate.

In fact, he may ask you to elaborate. Once you get your attention, tread lightly, don’t compliment him too much. Otherwise, he might start to smell despair from you anyway.

#5 keep the conversation light don’t talk seriously especially the relationship That will make him jump into the boat before you build it. Have a casual conversation while getting a feel for what makes him get to know you. If you let him control the conversation He won’t think you’re desperate to talk. [Read: How to start a conversation with a girl over text]

#6 If he’s busy, don’t try to talk. when he is busy or likes shopping leave him alone Men are quick to get annoyed when they have a lot going on. And some girls try to text him all day.

If you ask him what he is doing and he says he is working or playing sports. Tell him to have fun and then talk. This shows him that you give him the space he needs. But you would love to continue the conversation.

#7 If he goes out with friends Don’t text him If you really want to know how to text a guy. without feeling hopeless Avoid doing everything together when he’s out with friends. unless he texts you he wants his freedom He wanted to have fun with the guys. If he feels that you intrude on that. He’ll start to think that you’re desperate and that will make you look reserved and even in control. [Read: 10 obvious hints guys give when they want space]

#8 Avoid texting him late at night. Yes, this might interest him. But it would be a very wrong interest. He basically smells of despair on you the second he sees your name pop up on his phone after 10pm. Basically, you’re declaring that you want him so badly that you’re willing to fall into it. Thieves’ territory is not good.

#9 don’t have too much sex Again, this is something that might get him interested in you, but it won’t be good. It shows him that you’re so desperate for attention that you don’t respect yourself. This is not only unattractive, but it won’t make him want you in a serious relationship.

#10 Don’t reply as quickly as possible. Because men are often sensitive to overbearing women. And you want to know how to text a guy without looking hopeless. You must stop answering immediately. That shows him that you’re sitting around waiting for his message. Even if you are near or near your phone often. This will look bad. [Read: How to play hard to get the right way]

#11 Start with a flirtatious message. Flirting is a great way to show a guy you’re interested and doing it the right way will help you not look hopeless. Sending anything with a wink will make him want to text you. But it’s less ingrained than sending him a paragraph about how much you like him.

#12 Ask a question he will have to answer. If you just text him It might look a little hopeless. To make your message look purposeful. just ask him a question It can really be anything. But make sure it’s interesting enough to distract him from your texting first. [Read: 30 questions to ask a guy you like]

#13 Don’t make a big deal out of him if he doesn’t text back. Some men will not care It’s just a fact of life. If you send messages one by one hoping that he will reply. Show that you are joking and making yourself look like a fool.

admits that he doesn’t care about it It probably has nothing to do with the way you text him either. Don’t despair and don’t do it because you deserve a guy who will text you back the second he gets it.

[Read: How to text a guy – 18 secrets to go from timid to temptress]

Knowing how to text a guy without looking hopeless is something more women need to think about. Even if you are not hopeless or miserable at all. Men read such active behavior and it will not benefit you.

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