How to Touch a Girl on a Date and Make Her Desire You

Touching a girl the right way can make her like you and fall in love with you on the first date. But do you really know how to touch a woman the right way?

how to touch a girl

Flirting and touching girls are all part of a grand plan to impress her and get her to like you.

But can you touch a woman whenever you feel the urge?

Are there any signs you need to be aware of if you want to touch a woman?

How to touch a girl on a date

Touching a girl or flirting with her should be easy when you’re dating her. Whether it’s the first date or the tenth date.

You may be a simple person. who knows his attitude But if you try to spoil your feelings too quickly You might end up creeping her out.

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The best way to warm a girl on a first date is to use a two-part strategy.

Of course, you can skip any part if you want. But using the two-part date method can help you build momentum for something more than just touch.

And don’t all guys like surprises on dates?!

Plan a two-part date.

plan a dinner and followed by a walk or stop for dessert. That gives you enough time to warm her up and take a few chances without ever giving up hope.

restaurant selection

Choosing a restaurant for a date isn’t just about good food. Choose a restaurant where you can sit next to her at the right angle. Avoid restaurants where you have to sit facing each other. unless you have no choice [Read: How to pick a date restaurant]

Romantic atmosphere with cozy small tables perfect for a date. It can help you touch her easily. and get the rumors right Learning to choose a good dating restaurant that will put you both in a romantic mood and spend a lot of time between each course is half that.

at the restaurant

Have a pleasant conversation and don’t try to figure out how to touch her right now. Lean in from time to time and get closer to her while talking about something. Sometimes, soften your tone to a whisper so she can come closer to hear you.

As you start the conversation If she leans towards you or you find her smiling often. Show that you are ready for the next step. [Read: How to be a good date all the time]

Warm her up with your conversation.

There’s nothing better than a happy, flirty conversation to make sure she’s having a great time with you. and during the conversation To put your hands on the table like “don’t care” ?? Has she responded to your movements now by placing her own hands on the table?

Putting your hand on the table lets her know you’re reaching out to her. If you do the same It shows that she is excited to receive a touch of hope too!

discreet accidental touch

Discreet touching can be a great sexual awakening if done properly. Slowly slide your feet towards her. until almost touching her feet Try to get as close to her as possible without touching it or making her feel uncomfortable.

And if your feet can touch her feet a little. Stop struggling and see if she steps back. The slightest physical contact is always more exciting than the obvious movement. Take your time and don’t rush through any of the steps. Remember, the more you touch and graze, the better. The more sexual tension you create, the more sexual tension you create. [Read: Tips on using the sneaky flirty touch]

use your hand

When you’re halfway through the date and find that she enjoys your touch and happy conversations. Touch her over and over again. Place your hand on her palm while highlighting or complimenting her. It makes everything about the date more real and intimate.

Use redundant lines if you want.

Repetitive lines always work, even if they’re pretty obvious. Tell her you know how to read palms and reach out to her. Tell her that she has beautiful earrings. and reached out to gently touch her ear. Tell her that she has a beautiful ring… or bracelet Find anything about her that you can compliment and use excuses to touch her. Just stay away from her feminine parts! [Read: How to compliment a girl the nice way]

Don’t molest her with your touch.

Just because you have an excuse to touch her doesn’t mean you should touch her all the time. Touch her a few times on a date. But do not overdo it. Especially if she doesn’t respond to your movements. Create sexual tension with a little discreet touch. And it will make everything wonderful.

and always remember this touched her a few times She will yearn for your touch. touch her too often And she’ll think you’re a creepy pervert.

The second part of the strategy – behind the restaurant.

If you can create enough restaurant chemistry She probably wants to spend time with you. Take a walk with her or plan a drive to another restaurant for dessert.

You might work magic at a restaurant. But there’s no way you can feel her even if you aroused her enough to kiss you right there.

You need an excuse to find a quiet place for an awesome moment. And that’s where walking or getting back to the car to drive to another restaurant can make all the difference.

walk out of the restaurant

As you walk out of the restaurant let her lead And while you stand beside her put your hands on her back It’s what gentlemen do. And she really shouldn’t care about it. And hey, you have a good excuse to actually touch her!

take a walk

Stepping out of the shop, it’s time to win luck again. As you walk down to another restaurant or to your car. Get close to her and somewhere during the conversation. Place your hands around her waist without making it seem like a big deal.

If she’s close to you, thumbs up!

If she stiffens or acts clumsily Slowly take your hand away from her. As if you didn’t know that something awkward had happened. Accepting awkward moments will make things worse. only more uncomfortable But if you’ve ever worked on sex appeal in a restaurant? There’s no way she’ll move away from you!

find a lonely place

while you’re walking down the street Try to find a lonely path that is not too crowded. If you are walking back to the car That’s perfect because there’s nothing more personal than a car on the first day.

touch her again

when you get into the car Instead, grab her palm or touch her shoulder. and tell her you’re having a good time Use the excuse to tap her shoulder to compliment her again. Whether it’s about her soft skin or the sheer fabric of her dress, tell her how soft it feels. But don’t rush Because you need to make her feel comfortable in touch. [Read: The best things to talk about on a first date]

speak softly in a low tone

Don’t start the car just yet. Talk to her. And speak softly in your deep voice!

Tell her about the good times That you have with her and all the other good things in the world. Pause and make love.

move boldly

Rub her cheek lightly once and place a hand on her cheek as you tell her you are very happy to see her. Only do it when you feel the moment is right. If she responds by approaching or touching you back. What are you waiting for? Kiss her cheek or get close and wait for a kiss. [Read: First date kiss gone bad story]

On the other hand, if she’s blushing and won’t do anything after you touch her cheek. Take your hand off gently and start the car. It’s dessert time. Warm up for the second round

It doesn’t matter if she responds after dinner or after dessert. You will be able to warm her up and make sure you continue to build a romantic relationship. But always remember not to overdo it with your flirting. Especially if she doesn’t respond to your movements.

Understanding how to touch women and create sexual tension at the same time can be easy if you play it safe and slow. But always wait for her to answer before moving on. Click here to read about How to flirt with a girl on a first date.

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