How to Touch a Girl’s Breasts & Feel Her Up for the First Time

Here’s a gentleman’s advice on how to touch a girl’s breasts for the first time when you’re done with it. Want to do it right? Do this!

How to touch a girl's chest

Want to know how to touch a girl’s breasts and make her love when alone and warm to her? Grab is never ok consent is everything And make her want you to pat her body? That’s the only way to get it right!

Dating is confusing. But it can be a lot of fun if you know how to make it work.

if you come here I’ll assume you’ve kissed her. Or the two of you have already made it out. Because we covered how to start dating women in the first part of this two-part article.

If you want to know how to keep a woman warm kiss her and make her love I suggest you read the first part of the article here:

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How to use kissing to stimulate her and make her want more.

When you both start kissing after taking the steps from the intro Stay still and slow. Of course, you can get aggressive if she’s aggressive and grippy with her kisses.

But if you’re not the leader to create passion instead of aggression One thing most people do wrong is pushing for opportunities and rushing through the process. Don’t be one of those guys who are very happy to kiss a girl and get a chance to get her breast. until you forget to keep this passion *Or realize that there’s still a lot to come!*

Being too aggressive or aggressive can end your chances of grabbing your date’s breasts. and no one wants

When you’re hanging out and trying to figure out how to hold a woman’s breasts for the first time. All your attention should be on her happiness. It’s not just you. How far you go, don’t forget to focus on her. Do it right and you’ll hang out with her until the sun rises.

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kiss on her face

Kiss her softly at first and tentatively. use tongue while kissing But only if you feel comfortable with it. How can you tell if she’s happy with this? She started using her tongue too!

while you are kissing Pull back gently and kiss her earlobe and chin, slowly moving your lips toward her neck. The nape and sides of a girl’s neck are delicate and highly emotional for almost any girl. unless they feel tickled

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Don’t get as close to her breasts or cleavage as it looks attractive. You wouldn’t want her to stand still because it happened too soon! sometimes kiss her around her neck and shoulders But do not forget to return to the lips often. And when you’re kissing her Always remember that Wet kisses are great. But wet kissing is not.

good reminder lingering that you kiss her at any point makes you feel good. But it certainly wouldn’t be fun if it felt watery! Of course, no one likes drooling while kissing.

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Play with her hands to guide the start.

When you date a woman She will obviously respond to your movements as well. But if you follow these steps There’s a good chance she might sit down and let you lead because she’s passionate and enjoys everything you do with her.

If you ever feel like things are slowing down, or if you’re both very aggressive. And her hands are everywhere and make your speed worse. You can hold her hand and kiss the inside of her elbow or wrist. It might seem surprising. But kissing the inside of her elbow can calm her down. Sometimes, you don’t want your makeup to look like a one-night stand or a one-off event. Walking too fast might upset her next time. because it will happen suddenly

Remember that when you try to touch a woman’s breasts? It shouldn’t feel like a night of impulsive standing. It should feel real And she should love everything you both do together! you are showing love to her Don’t use her to satiate your flirting.

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beyond the kiss

The first part of this guide is about How to flirt with a girl, You can figure out how to kiss a girl and date her. Here we go one step further in touching a girl’s breasts, but remember, we’re talking about dating a girl. It’s not hitting her, so take it easy and take it slow. No woman likes to be treated the same way. She is an easy sleeper. Who will part your legs after a few minutes of kissing her?

while you kiss her passionately Instead, move your hand around her shoulder and slowly and firmly down the side of her belly when you reach her waist. Stay still for a moment and slide your hands over her lower back and rest your hands.

Put your hand under her shirt and touch her bare back for a moment. before moving your hand off her shirt and placing it on her lower back again. Repeat a few times while kissing. and wait a little longer each time

Before you try to reach out to touch the girl’s chest. You should make her feel comfortable with your touch. But don’t feel uncomfortable at the same time.

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Learn to guide your hand.

After putting her hands on her lower back Bring your hand back to her waist. You can use these movements when you’re sitting next to her, standing, or even just the two of you lying in bed.

while you kiss her Place one palm on her stomach lightly. and feel that Just don’t move your hand above her chest. Instead, place one hand on her lower back. and put his other hand on her collarbone, which was under her neck. She needs to be comfortable with your touch all over her body. This speeding action will make you feel uncomfortable and useless.

Place one hand on her lower back. Gently slide the hand you placed on her collarbone down over her chest. and put it under her breast without even touching her chest for a second.

put your hands on the shirt

Remember that you are doing all of this while you kiss her passionately. This should feel natural. If you find yourself distracted Don’t overdo it and try to speed up the tempo. Take your time, even if it takes you an entire hour to get to this part!

You can’t go wrong here. You don’t get a second chance when you try to touch a girl’s breasts, so take it slow and enjoy every minute of it rather than speed it up.

Put one hand on her lower back. Pull the other hand down from under her breast and place it on her stomach near her diaphragm. kissed a few minutes later Put your hand under her tee shirt and place it on her belly. don’t speed up this Otherwise, you may find her stiff with discomfort.

bent down to kiss her neck and collarbone and at the same time To move your hand smoothly and rapidly up inside her shirt. Raise your hand until you touch her chest above the bra.

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hands that matter

When you do this correctly Not only will she feel comfortable with your touch. She also wants more! Your hesitation will cause her to lose patience instead of being wary, so follow these steps right. And she hopes you can do more and faster too!

The moment your hand touches her bra Instead, bring your hand back under her breast. She knows you touch her breasts, so do you, but you’re a gentleman enough to be downgraded. because you feel “Everything is too fast” ?? You need to give her enough time to feel comfortable touching her breast. You can’t linger on her chest the first time it touches it. like the first kiss You have to keep her warm

Don’t take your hand off her T-shirt. And don’t move your hands on her chest either. Let her feel comfortable with your hand under her chest. The second you touch her breast for the first time She knows where this is going. and you too So don’t be in a hurry.

After a few minutes of kissing and moving your hand, slowly move your hand over her bra. This time, place your hand over it and don’t take it off. Don’t move your hand or try to spy. Just put your hand on her chest and continue kissing her.

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He jumped to touch the girl’s chest.

If you complete these steps She will understand where your hands want to go and what you have in mind every time. and just put your hand on her chest You’re mentally preparing her for what you intend to do next. By doing this, you won’t be surprised at her and that will make her feel more comfortable and secure with your hands over her body.

About a minute after putting her hand on her bra, Move your hand up about an inch. Now you can feel her breasts slowly. And you’re giving her time to feel comfortable with it.

move your hand around her chest lightly And when you both feel comfortable enough Instead, move your hand up to her bra strap and slip it down her shoulder. Do not rush these steps. Once you have removed the bra straps from your shoulders Move your hand down gently, but this time as your hand is down. Don’t put your hand over your bra. Instead, put your hand under your bra.

Place your hand gently on her chest. And don’t do anything. Remember, it’s about making her feel comfortable, expecting, and enjoying your touch. You shouldn’t start a movement that she really doesn’t like.

And this is the perfect way to touch a girl’s breasts the first time you kiss her! If you follow these steps repeatedly As I mentioned here I can assure you that any woman will have trouble resisting your allure and sexy hands as it flows all over her body.

Use these steps to touch a girl’s breasts. Then you will find that the world is a happy place. Especially in the love, sex and seduction of women the way they truly want!

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