How to Touch Yourself: 16 Touches that’ll Always Leave You Satisfied

If you don’t know how to touch yourself Shows that you don’t know how to arouse yourself. It’s time for a spot of sexual self-discovery – starting today!

how to touch yourself

many years ago The thought of a woman’s contemplation went silent. Of course, we all knew it happened. but not openly mentioned Why is this? Why is it such a shame to learn how to touch yourself? There is no shame in it! It’s a natural, simple, and extremely fun thing to do!

from movies and popular culture We all know that men help themselves. It’s a pity when you think about it. Both men and women help themselves. But when it comes to women’s masturbation It is forbidden. [Read: Female masturbation and 17 facts about this naughty secret]

but the point is whether we are talking about it or not women help themselves So why don’t we talk about it? Even Sweden is trying to raise awareness and be open to the matter. By calling women’s masturbation: glitterNot sure how we feel about that word, but that’s okay. Better than “flick the beans”.

Why is masturbation important?

There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about masturbating. Fortunately, there are more and more conversations on TV. With women openly talking about their toys and all the other solo fun they have, we have to do more – we need to make this mainstream. Why? Because we can all do it! And if not, then start!

Masturbating is important because it teaches you what you enjoy in bed. You can then send that information to your partner and enjoy a fulfilling and healthy sex life. Even if you don’t have a partner But masturbating allows you to enjoy your sexual fulfillment on your own. Learning how to free yourself from stress, increase your happiness, and feel great too! [Read: 12 Fun ways to masturbate & experience pleasure in a whole new way]

Learning to touch yourself the right way is personal. what you like Other women might not benefit from it but thats not the point. The point is you are focusing on yourself. learn about the body and build confidence both sex and others

It’s time to learn to touch yourself.

for women who need masturbation Finding articles and videos about this is not an easy task. Of course, porn can make you a little Sneak peek what it’s all about But those videos don’t give a straightforward perspective on women’s masturbation.

So if you want to learn to touch yourself It’s time for true Information that can help you reach the big O. By the big O, we mean orgasm. with a lot of time and practice you will get there

So read on for the rest of this feature, and by the end, you’ll have the basics to help you masturbate the right way, ladies, it’s time to learn to touch yourself. [Read: How to finger yourself and feel ecstasy]

1There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You may have tried to copy a porn video or use the advice your friend gave you. But if it doesn’t work for you don’t have to be tired when it comes to sex We all enjoy different things. Some women are sexually active with anal play. While some people need clitoris stimulation. You just need time to find your groove. [Read: How to masturbate – 15 self-pleasure tips for women]

2. Make sure you are in the mood

Masturbating can help you relax after a stressful day at work. or make you in a better mood than before But if you’re not sexually active, don’t pressure yourself to masturbate. There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not sexually active. Some days you will feel intense emotions. And some days you won’t feel anything.

3. Get to know your vagina

You should know your vagina better than your best friends or family. Here it is. yours Sexual Regions, So You Know It Know where the vulva, clitoris, and vulva are located. understand their duties Explore the area with the mirror or your finger. Just get to know your vagina because this is what will make you very happy. [Read: Clitoris stimulation: 10 sexy ways to please it the right way]

4. Find an area free from distractions

If you’re nervous about your parents walking into your bedroom. You simply will not have a relaxing experience. You need a distraction-free experience. keep your phone away Make sure people don’t bother you. And you have enough time to really mess with it.

5. Practice often makes you good.

You won’t master the art of touching yourself if you do it every leap year. What did your mother tell you? “Practice often makes you good!” She probably didn’t think you would use that word to reflect. But you should follow her advice. You have to practice touching yourself. See what motivates you and what doesn’t work [Read: Mutual masturbation: 14 Intimate ways to connect without touching]

6. Start with dry humping

before your hand moves closer to your vagina Try stroking the clothes to dry. Use a pillow or something soft to crush your vagina. It works by creating friction with your clitoris. You will feel a tingling sensation. From there you should continue to crush the object. Test pressure and different positions You will find the rhythm that motivates you best. [Read: Pillow humping 101 – Give that pillow a workout]

7. It’s time to act.

You have two hands for a reason – to learn how to touch yourself. You probably know about dildos and vibrators. But before you use one Use your hands first. We’re not saying toys are bad. But you don’t want to rely on them.

So try the organic approach first and learn the speed, pressure and techniques that will transform you. You can then experiment with toys to take it to the next level.

8. Turn your attention to your clitoris.

When you become a seasoned masturbator, you will know definitely What made you change? For now, the best way to self-stimulate is to stimulate the clitoris. This is because the clit is packed with thousands of nerve endings. It is the most sensitive part of your penis. Gently massage your clit, rubbing it up and down from side to side. Then start rubbing faster when you feel yourself wet. [Read: How to stimulate the clitoris by touching it the right way]

9. Test various techniques

There are techniques for masturbation Try these different methods:

– Rub the clitoris with several fingers or both hands.

– Do not touch the clit directly, but run one finger around it.

– when wearing underwear Rub the clitoris over the cloth. [Read: Men’s guide to buying lingerie – Picking the perfect one]

– pull your lips Rub your clitoris through the crease.

– Touch your clitoris with one or two fingers.

10. If you feel a little dry Use a lubricant or keep using!

Your vagina might not be too wet, which is fine. If you feel the need for more moisture Use a lubricant It will help your finger to move smoothly along the clitoris. Increased sensitivity and stimulation You can use lube if you feel wet anyway. Lube makes everything feel better! [Read: How to have sex with yourself and learn what turns your body on]

11. Anal Play Experiment

You don’t have to try this on the first day. but over time If you want to know about your butt Give it a try yourself. You can use your fingers to circle your anus. Use your fingers to press against the anal area. or inserting a finger into the anus Just make sure you use a lubricant.

12. Stop focusing on orgasms.

We know you want to experience the best. and you can do it in time But it shouldn’t be the focus. when you touch yourself If the whole goal is to reach the top You won’t have that goal. You must be in that moment. And if you’re at an orgasm, you’ve got to have it. [Read: Female orgasm denial: The step-by-step guide to hold back & explode]

13. Graduating using toys

After you’re comfortable with spontaneous introspection. You can always add a stimulating factor by using toys. You can test a dildo or vibrator. You may have to try a few before finding one that really works. But remember, don’t rely on sex toys for all of your pleasure. Make sure you blend them together. You can easily buy toys online these days, and they arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging. [Read: Understanding how to use a dildo correctly]

14. Don’t forget the rest of your body.

Don’t focus solely on the clitoris and clitoris. move your hand around body and see what makes you feel good. Touch your breasts, massage, do whatever you want. This is your time and your body. There are no rules Take this time to explore your body and get used to it. Learn to love what it can do for you!

15. Use female-friendly porn to get you in the mood.

If you are struggling with being in the mood or even getting into it. Why not read some porn stories that are suitable for women? These are more feminine than the normal women you’ve seen or heard of. Some are even directed by women. Explore what works for you and give it a try. you never know You might even enjoy it! [Read: The best 15 female-friendly porn sites that are tinglingly perfect]

16. Be patient

You won’t have an orgasm overnight. In fact, it may take months or even months for you to know what’s good. It takes time, what can we say? You just have to be patient and keep practicing.

Remember to use what you learn.

Once you’ve gotten used to introspection and your confidence has skyrocketed, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. When you’re in bed with your partner Tell them what you like, go ahead, do it! If that makes you feel a little scared Why not move their hand to where you want it to be and show them how you like being touched? [Read: 3 Sexy and easy ways to get what you want in bed]

Being able to control and tell your partner what you want in bed is very sexy and powerful. Remember that sexual enjoyment isn’t just for men! You are allowed to receive your In fact, you should get yours! Your partner will appreciate that you provided the necessary information to get you from there. and from there You can build your sexual confidence more.

[Read: Going solo: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

as a woman Your job is to make sure you’re sexually satisfied, so follow these tips the next time you touch yourself. and you won’t be disappointed

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