How to Treat a Boyfriend That Takes You for Granted and How Not To

If you are wondering how to treat your spoiled boyfriend? Do I have any advice for you? I’m here to help you learn from my mistakes.

How to treat your spoiled boyfriend

So things aren’t going well if you’re looking for ways to treat your boyfriend who has overlooked you. Let me tell you a story about my relationship with my ex. Remember that I am much younger and less intelligent at this point in my life. Learn from my mistakes

I have a boyfriend that I’m crazy about. He’s a dreamer and tall and has everything you want in a girlfriend or what I think.

When things get past my honeymoon, I have a boyfriend who accepts me in every possible way. I drove him to work and school. I do his homework I let him vent to me. But was ignored if I wanted to vent. Then I dropped everything when he called.

Now I’m not adjusting my behavior either. I shouldn’t do all this for him. He’s my boyfriend, not my son. But with all that, he never even bought me coffee. If I get a thank you it’s a miracle [Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted]

In fact, this has been going on for so long that if I don’t start my homework without him asking. He would be upset that I didn’t prioritize his work over mine. It’s gone And how do I deal with it?

I’m sorry. I apologize to him for not doing more without effort on his part. And that’s where my mistake caused an even greater calamity.

I don’t stand up for myself I don’t see my own worth I didn’t look at his behavior and thought it was wrong. Instead, I criticized myself for not being good or good enough.

And all of these are ways to not treat your boyfriend who overlooks you. [Read: Are you losing yourself to impress them?]

How not to treat a girlfriend that keeps you from getting

When it comes to knowing how to treat your boyfriend who has overlooked you, There are a number of things you shouldn’t do right now that shouldn’t be all about your behavior. but it’s about him After all, he is the one who accepts you.

That might mean you’re doing your best for him and putting in a lot of effort, of course, if he’s studying for exams or trying to help his family in court. He may have a valid reason.

But what if your boyfriend isn’t humane or trying to cure a serious illness? He’s assuming you’re accepting and that can’t be tolerated. You deserve respect and admiration.

and to get the respect you deserve This is something you absolutely shouldn’t do. [Read: How self respect affects you and your relationship]

#1 ignore him One of the things that many people do when faced with relationship problems. In particular, something like being overlooked is succumbing to the cold. instead of dealing with it We just ignore him until he misses us and comes back.

Although this worked in the short term. But for fans who lack maturity It will only increase the cycle, of course, if he’s willing to do everything you do in vain. and you start ignoring him he will come back to cry But that will only last for a long time.

If you ignore him You are raising the problem. didn’t help [Read: Understanding the psychology of ignoring some and how to fix it]

#2 excuse me. Never apologize for something you didn’t do. His taking you in vain is not something you do. Of course, perhaps you are a giver. Maybe you like to take care of him. But he’s not grateful or dedicated doesn’t mean what you’re doing is wrong.

If he expects you to do what you do for him instead of appreciating it. don’t feel bad I mean feel bad but that he is not himself

#3 Worried that you are the problem Again this is similar. but instead of apologizing You’re still disgusted by the thought that he’ll thank you and do more if you do more. You wonder what you’re doing wrong? Don’t do that. if you are already stop it now

I sat in that headspace for too long and it destroyed my self esteem and I finally believed in myself. If you’re struggling to realize that this is his, not you, talk to a trusted friend about it. They will bury you with the truth. [Read: How to stop feeling ignored by someone you love]

#4 shout at him This might seem like the right thing to do. And it will feel good in that moment. But it only made things worse. Not only will you end up saying something you regret. But fighting can make him defensive.

Men rarely react to such an increase in emotions. And they’ll focus on your tone instead of the words you want them to hear.

#5 do more It’s one thing that feels like you have to do more, and it’s another thing that really needs to be done. If he takes you in vain But you think if you do one more thing It will open your eyes. You’re wrong.

#6 ignore this instead of ignoring him Ignoring all these situations will do nothing but continue this behavior. You might think this is just how you feel, and maybe you’re overreacting. But I can tell you that you are not.

I used to tell myself it could be worse. And maybe it is but that doesn’t matter There is always a relationship that is better or worse than yours. But that doesn’t mean your feelings are wrong. [Read: 15 signs of low self esteem in a woman that can sabotage your life]

How to treat your spoiled boyfriend

Now you know what to avoid when it comes to how to treat a boyfriend you’ve overlooked. I can tell you what you should do.

It took me too long to select and perform these tasks. I don’t want you to fall the same way I did. So please use this advice and please apply it to your situation. Here’s how to treat your boyfriend who has overlooked you.

#1 talk to him calmly The only way for things to be properly resolved in a relationship is to discuss it. And when you talk calmly The effect will be much clearer and faster.

tell him how you feel Sit down and let him know that you don’t want to fight but that you feel overlooked. and ask him not to interrupt until you have finished speaking. Many boyfriends who view you as optimistic tend to argue that they are not looking at you alone.

They will promise that they appreciate you and expect the conversation to end and to make you feel better. I’ve been there and you feel like you’ve been overthrown at that moment. He’s saying you feel that way. But it’s not my fault [Read: Why you should never make someone a priority when you’re only an option in their life!]

#2 Use the text “I” The “me” statement is the best way to explain your point without him making excuses or claiming that he doesn’t make you feel that way. Instead of accusing him of ignoring what you do or not doing half of the housework or whatever. Let him know how you feel.

Tell him you appreciate it when he doesn’t thank you for making dinner. Let him know that you feel that your relationship is out of balance when you try to help him. but he broke his promise to you

Pay more attention to your feelings than his behavior. If he is worthy and wants to change He will want to make these feelings better regardless of whether he is to blame or not. [Read: How to stand up for yourself in a relationship without being run over]

#3 secure. Stand up and don’t give up Men can be very attractive and manipulative. It made it clear to him that this was not just a one-time conversation, but part of a larger problem. Let him know that this won’t be fixed overnight. And you need to see changes in the future.

Remind yourself that what they say is important. But his actions were louder.

#4 Tell him the changes you want to see. Explain that you can no longer do certain things for him or that you expect him to do more for you. Maybe all you need is a thank you from him. Don’t expect him to read your mind and know how to change it.

he needs advice and you must have patience

#5 wait for change depending on how long it happened This can be a difficult habit to break. If you want it to be good and he seems sincere to do better. You have to give him time.

His behavior would not immediately turn around. Sure, the first week just starting this conversation could be great. But it’s easy to go back to the old ways, so you don’t just have to let him change. But if you say you won’t do his laundry anymore, do so.

As someone who cares It can be difficult to stop doing all the natural things. But if you say you won’t You need to live accordingly. At least until his behavior improves. [Read: How to stop being codependent have a healthy relationship]

#6 Leave him. This is a hard pill to swallow. but often it is necessary After struggling with feeling inadequate in my relationship for a long time. It ended up with this.

He knows how I feel But the behavior has not changed. I can’t stop negotiating. I can’t stop doing things Give him as long as he is near So for my future and emotional health I told him it was over.

I said it was unhealthy for me to take care of him, although I never received the respect or appreciation I deserve. And I told him it wasn’t right for me to let the important people in my life go with him or just send him to a friend’s house.

I have to put myself first It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

[Read: How to take care of and empower yourself as a woman]

Knowing how to treat a spoiled boyfriend is not an easy task. You love him and face difficult things. It can get better with patience and perseverance, but if not, respect yourself more than he sees fit.

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