How to Treat a Woman Right: 21 Ways to Make Her Want to Stay With You

If your girl walks away There may be something you’re not doing right in the relationship. Read this to know how to properly treat women.

How to treat women properly

Women are not the only ones willing to pay less. When you don’t know how to treat women properly or treat them in vain. They won’t be there Why would they?

They may be very understanding and patient with you. But when you go beyond the limit you are done If you don’t know how to treat women properly You won’t just lose her. But you will lose every relationship you have with every woman too!

After all, when you know how to treat women properly This reflects how much you truly respect her and care about her.

Although this should be common knowledge. But you’d be surprised how many guys don’t know how to behave around women.

Some people, especially men *While I won’t deny that some women are bad at this*, I can’t treat people who match how much they care about them.

Treating women properly isn’t just about spoiling them with gifts and flowers. It’s also more related to your intentions. For example, giving her flowers won’t be helpful if you don’t give her time. Again, this should really be common knowledge. But that’s not the case.

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Why do people treat their partners like crap?

The unfortunate truth is that men do not intentionally mistreat their partners. It wasn’t that they wanted to make her cry every week or questioned her worth because of their actions.

No, people treat their partner like nonsense because they have no clue how to treat them properly. Some men don’t know how different women are.

This means that they treat their women the way they want to be treated. But women don’t like the same things men do. Women have different connections than men. This means that they have different expectations of their partner compared to men.

You think it’s normal not to try to impress a woman as you progress in a relationship because that’s normal for you. but for you seems contented and neglected

For the most part, treating your partner as nonsense is not intentional. Because that’s a completely different story that involves manipulating and setting fires.

in this situation We’re talking about men who want to treat women properly but don’t know what to do. [Read: 12 signs you’re being really selfish in the relationship]

How to treat a woman properly and make her want to stay

If you want your girl to be around for the long term, you need to treat her in a way that makes her want to stay. If you listen carefully enough She may be able to tell you what she truly wants in a relationship.

Women tend to talk a lot about their wants and needs – it’s just a matter of paying attention to what they have to say. If you want to know how to treat women properly You have to take notes

Although every woman has a different love language. But there’s always a general point of view about what they can expect in a relationship. In this feature, we’ll walk you through learning how to treat women in a way that makes them want to stay. [Read: How to court a woman – 23 things every real gentleman must do around women]

1. Be honest with her

You know what they say – honesty is the best policy. If you want to know how to treat women properly You cannot lie to her, deceive her, haunt her, or do anything that involves dishonesty.

The foundation of any working relationship is trust. if you lie to her How can she trust and rely on you?

Lying will let her know that she was being treated in vain. And no woman wants to date a liar. It also means being open and transparent about your feelings, likes and dislikes, and important details of your life.

If you feel guilty about hiding something Ask yourself why. In fact, honesty can make you peaceful in a relationship rather than filtering and hiding things. from your partner all the time [Read: How to stop lying to yourself and your partner]

2. listen to her

You know we’re listening to someone. But are we in our heads? don’t do that to her Don’t just sit there and nod at what she said.

women are good listeners *Not all But most of the time*, so she doesn’t deserve the same attention and attention from you or listen to her stories, feelings, thoughts. And even the gossip she tells you about X dating Y.

When you feel listening Her existence also felt accepted and accepted. Pay attention to what she has to say as it will reveal everything you need to know about how to treat her.

while you are doing If you are a good communicator and listener Pay attention to everything she doesn’t say. Learn to read between the lines! [Read: How to be a better listener in your relationship]

3. trust her

Remember what we said about trust? This goes both ways. Girls can tell when their boyfriends don’t trust them.

without trust How will you keep the relationship going? You have to stop guessing her every action. when she is playing on the phone 24/7 doesn’t mean you have someone else.

When she’s always hanging out with her friends It doesn’t mean she’s doing anything suspicious. Learn to trust her – just as she trusts you.

If you have no reason not to trust her. You have to show her that you trust her. Especially if you want her to stay. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it stay]

4. Don’t hide anything from her.

Of course, you’ll need to have your own personal preferences. This is normal and normal. However, you should not intentionally hide something important from her.

Maybe you have a dark past that you don’t share. Or maybe you have a secret that you know can ruin your relationship. whether good or bad You have to share what’s important.

If you want to learn how to treat women properly Be open-minded to the important details of your life. This is also connected with trust because she can’t trust you if you don’t open up to her.

If you’re hiding something she will know it And she’ll feel as if she can’t trust you. which will make her want to leave

5. Show your appreciation every day.

One of the bad traits of men is the tendency to be stubborn. If you want to know how to treat women properly Satisfaction and neglect are not options.

In fact, these factors can prompt a woman to walk right out of the door. After all, why stay only when you no longer feel loved and appreciated?

Going forward at your best is not enough when you’re courting her. You only get a girl when you treat her every day like she’s important. Like she is the brightest light of your life.

You have to remind her why you chose her – and why you keep making decisions every day. Absolutely do not overlook her. Because that’s how you lose her. [Read: 25 loving ways to say “I appreciate you” without using words]

6. Open mind to communicate with her .

women like to communicate And men don’t feel the need to because they’re not that kind of person. Don’t you know that avoidance or fear of confrontation is pushing her away?

As mentioned earlier, girls naturally like to talk. Therefore, they need a good form of communication in their relationship. To learn how to treat women properly Stop making her cold with your tough emotions or every time you argue with her.

Avoiding it won’t make you any better. if you do that She must walk out of that door and never come back.

If you think communication is trivial. think again Many relationships and marriages fail due to abnormal communication. If you want her to stay Talk to her directly. [Read: A guide to effective communication in a relationship]

7. Take care of your own responsibility

The last thing you want is for her to resent you one day because she does everything for you. no matter how much she loves you She eventually got tired of all the responsibility and pressure of your baggage.

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