How to Turn a Girl On and Excite Her Mind

Wondering how to open a girl in no time? Just use these 15 tips and you’ll be able to awaken her mood. arouse her mind and awaken her at once!

How to awaken a girl's mood

As a man, you may be familiar with the connection of arousal to physical attraction and gender diversity.

For women it works too.

But to awaken a young woman and awaken her There is more to do than meets the eye.

A woman’s arousal starts from within. And as long as you know how to stimulate her mind. You’ll be able to get her tingling and wet in no time.

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How to wake up girls

There are many ways to turn a woman into a woman. And you can learn all of them here. And the best part is that it’s all different.

But before we go any further There is one basic concept that you need to understand.

Just because you’re ready and strong right away doesn’t mean the woman you’re with has to be ready for you either.

don’t be selfish It only takes a few minutes for foreplay. Because girls need more time than you to start playing. but when they activate They will stay active longer and enjoy much better orgasms.

And another benefit of foreplay is that the longer you spend on foreplay, the more time you spend playing it. The less likely you are to ejaculate or limp halfway through the action, the less likely you are. [Read: How to last longer while having sex without any difficulty]

So when there are good things There’s a lot you can do with just a few minutes of foreplay. Why would you want to go into the garage and miss out on the fun of better orgasms?

15 Simple Tips To awaken the girl’s mood

By using these tips on how to get girls, you can add variety to your foreplay and make sex more exciting and fun.

Just remember to mix and use your own patterns. And every time you start to get bored with sex Let’s bring something new into the game.

#1 kiss her neck girl’s neck *Especially on the back and sides* and her ears are very delicate. If you want to make a girl in the mood Take a moment to nibble on her earlobes or lightly bite her neck. And if you feel tickled Calm down foreplay by kissing her neck and shoulder. or avoid heavy breathing around her neck.

#2 sit near her If you’re just sitting in public with the girl you like and want to put her in a good mood. to sit really close to her a few minutes and follow these simple steps. How to make a girl horny and wet just sitting next to her.

#3 Foot massage. If your girl likes a good massage This might be the ultimate happiness for her. Next time you have free time Pour an appropriate amount of the moisturizer onto your hands and massage it over your feet as you lie in bed. Play with her toes while you massage her. and occasionally kissed her feet and her tongue and toes.

#4 whisper in her ear It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to your girl on the phone or if you’re both lying in bed together, start talking softly and whisper in her ear while feeling her warmth. Compliment her or just tell her what you want to do with her before you actually do anything. Just visualizing your naughty moves before doing it will wake her up.

#5 Flirty sexy messages Can you imagine getting a woman wet even though? that you are not near her Feeling quite energized and having sex, right? Sexy text is one of the sexiest openings for women. As long as you are naughty and message the correct sentences and questions. She’ll be wet and moody in no time. [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet]

#6 soft touch Touch a girl and let your hands caress her body whether *accidentally* or intentionally, even if you’re on a first date. If you learn to put your hands in the correct position, such as on her arm or lower back, You will be able to make any girl before you finish your meal. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date]

#7 Rub the lotion all over her body. When your girl comes out of the bath in the evening Have her stand by the bed and apply a lotion that is slippery and slippery but not too sticky. Start with her arms and slide down while kissing her at every strategic point that comes along. If you take the time to massage her She will get wet before your hand reaches her waist.

#8 crush her when you can Grinding at home might not be a big deal. In fact, it might even be funny and cute. But when you do that in the club It was definitely an exciting move. If you are at a party Prank her from behind and make her feel what your pants are up to. Just the thought of feeling your package in public will drive her crazy.

#9 play truth or dare If you want to try something different to motivate each other. Play a sexy game instead of focusing on each other’s bodies. Truth or Dare Sex is a lot of fun when you play with another couple. But if you don’t have another partner nearby Both of you can still ask dirty and daring questions to each other. If you choose the right questions and courage. Your woman will definitely not forget for a long time! [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

#10 Public displays of affection. Women like sexual arousal mixed with fear. It’s definitely sexy and opens up. If you put your hand in her pants or shirt at a traffic light or to touch in a crowded place She will feel more awake than usual. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and make the girl or anyone around you feel awkward about the whole thing. [Read: Public display of affection rules you need to follow]

#11 Speak her mind. If you know your woman well You will know the fantasies she likes. Before you start having sex with her, turn off the lights, run your hands over her body, and talk about her sexual fantasies. [Read: Top 10 female sexual fantasies]

If you’re not sure about her fantasies. Start talking about the thoughts that motivate you and relate to her. As long as you go into the dirty details Her mind would surely awaken her body. [Read: Dirty talking in bed example]

#12 Change the routine Try new things in bed all the time. Foreplay and sex can be boring and dry if you stick to the same routine all the time. dominate her sometimes Let her overwhelm you sometimes. or learn to role-play in bed Do something different from time to time. Because change always brings excitement to your bedtime.

#13 Go down on her. Many men like the idea of ​​insulting that woman. But do not indulge yourself often. If you really want to make a woman a woman. Have her take off your pants for you. Take your time before you head over to the mound and take a moment to touch her body with your hands and gently kiss her inner thighs. And when you’re lingering enough, go downstairs to her, she’ll definitely appreciate it.

#14 Go Out In Different Places Bring variety to your sex life by performing in different places. or in different situations getting out to a new place Always feel excited and fun. And it will help both of you create sexual memories that will make good conversations. The next time you both want to lewd it in bed. [Read: The 7 sexiest places to have sex]

#15 Arouse her when she least expects it. Turn on your girl now and when she least expects it. One of the best ways to test the water is to seduce her when she sleeps. If you’re going to bed and your girl is already asleep. Play with her or start associating with her. She might be really sleepy. But the sudden awakening will make her more alert than other times. And sex will be great too!

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Do you want to make sex more sexy and exciting? Just Use These 15 Ways to Get a Woman in the Mood Then you will definitely be able to arouse her and give her the best climax!

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