Flirty Fingers: How to Turn a Guy On Over Text in 10 Steps

Who doesn’t love receiving flirting messages from their girls? Here’s how to get a guy to text in 10 steps. You’ll have him run home after work.

how to change man on text

Texting may not be the best form of communication for couples. *or any relationship* However, sometimes you can’t call the person you want to talk to. especially when it means lewd talk. You don’t want anyone to eavesdrop on you. Here’s how to get a guy to turn to text in 10 quick and easy steps.
How to get men to use text messages – 10 quick and easy steps
I don’t think your boss wants to walk in and look over your shoulder to see your dirty message. I mean there are always exceptions. but please stay on topic You want men to turn to text. You will need to know the correct vocabulary for best results. and you want results
#1 Find out where you two stand. Does he know you like him? Or are you two just friends? i mean There’s no point in flirting right away. If he sees you as just a friend
If you’re just friends right now, try to gradually flirt with the conversation and watch his reaction. If he replies, “Why do you call me handsome,” then you’ll be relieved. If he keeps replying and maybe flirting back, you know, it’s safe for you to take your colorful message to the next level. [Read: Frexting: Why sexting friends is the naughty new trend]
#2 good and easy start If this guy is not your boyfriend You will want to start with something good and easy. Of course, sex is great. But foreplay is better. Think this is foreplay. verbal foreplay
But not foreplay when you’re already having oral sex. I mean in the beginning When you guys are still in the make-up process—that foreplay. Your goal is to warm him up and make him nervous and anxious before he leaps at you. [Read: How to flirt with a guy over text – 11 no-fail lines]#3 wait for him to reply Listen, if this guy isn’t your boyfriend. Don’t attack him with one message at a time if he doesn’t answer. Maybe he’s just busy or maybe he just doesn’t like you.
The worst thing is to text him again. Get out of it. I know, you’re going to have to write to him and get his attention. But you’ll get his attention if you don’t seem overly enthusiastic. Be patient, my little grasshopper. [Read: Why did he stop texting me? 13 rules you should follow]#4 Time for dirty texts Okay, he replied and answered flirtatiously—try it. Now it’s time to expand and start with the dirty text.
Let’s start with a sentence like this. “I’m thinking what to do with you right now” or “If you could do anything you wanted to do with me, what would you do?” when you ask this. you can imagine This was where he would begin to feel sarcasm—in the pants area.
#5 as an explanation If dirty talking gets worse Use descriptive words. Don’t just write back, “Yeah, I want that” or “That’s good.” Get the point, girl.
You started this! Remember that men are visible creatures. So let’s paint a picture of what’s going on. what you are wearing where you touch him Tell him crazy stories and believe me. That story can take you far. [Read: 90 dirty questions to ask a guy and get him hot and horny]#6 left on high Sure, you can keep your dirty messages up until morning. but why do you do it You have to leave this high for him to come back for more. If this is your boyfriend He will run home to you. But if it’s a guy you’re interested in Just don’t give it all to him, he’ll come back. Trust me, they always do.
#7 Send him a picture if you want. During the dirty message You can always send him a picture. It doesn’t have to be complete nudity. It might be a favorite photo of him in you.
People tend to think that sending them flirtatious photos means you should send them a picture of your breasts or your vagina. No and no, listen, send him what you want? [Read: 20 naughty ways to tease your man and leave him horny]#8 bring it to life If this is your boyfriend And you’ve been sending dirty messages all day. don’t leave it like that Create a scene at home and surprise him with special treatment. Answer the door in sexy lingerie or leave a note on the front door so he finds you in bed. Yes, that will be one of the most memorable dinners he will ever eat.
#9 don’t think too far If you’re having a dirty talk with a guy you like and he replies. Don’t assume the two of you are important. Talking nonsense is fun. But it doesn’t mean anything.
If you don’t want to be taken advantage of You have to understand how the two of you are. You don’t have to use dirty words to get a guy to like you if he suddenly shows interest when you’re lewd. He might not be looking serious now, if he liked you before. And you accidentally made a bad speech after that. That’s something different. [Read: How to play a player: 12 ways to return the favor like a boss]#10 If he’s not involved, pull it off. Listen, if you feel like this guy isn’t good at it. went on It’s the best thing to do. Maybe he knows that he made a mistake *which he did* Do you need someone to make you do all the work? no no fun
So if he doesn’t answer or give a one-word answer, then stop. don’t disrespect yourself You don’t need to do this. You want to do this for fun and excitement. You can stop anytime if it’s not fun anymore. And I mean that there are many other men who admire you.
[Read: 20 sexy questions to text and seduce any guy in under 30 minutes!]Use these moves to make a guy focus on the message and add heat. Prank him while he’s at the office or waiting in line at the grocery store. when he came home you will not regret

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