How to Turn a Guy On While Kissing with These 12 Sensual Moves

Knowing how to rouse a man while kissing is something every woman should understand. Here’s how to do it in a mischievous manner.

How to wake a guy when he kisses

Let’s be real, this is what we all wonder when we meet new people. We want to meet with them and figure out how to get him angry. The point is, knowing how to make a guy impatient while kissing isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Guys would have been turned on if they were kissing you.

This is just the reality of it. Did you turn on the lights while kissing him? You should. And the same for him. Kissing is a sexual activity Doing this with someone for the first time is more exciting than you might think.

So most guys – if they really like you – just kiss you. as already mentioned There are ways to make him more crazy. and make him want to come back again and again

Because that’s your goal, right? You want him can’t get enough of you. The best way to do it is to get him so upset while kissing that he can’t stop thinking about it the moment you split up. [Read: The best tips for turning on a guy]

How to upset a guy while kissing in a seductive and mischievous manner

Remember that every man is different. They like different things, and that means you’ll have to experiment a little to find out what your guy likes best. but overall Guys tend to like these moves as you make them.

#1 use a little tongue Don’t put your tongue in his mouth as soon as it touches him. That’s just a little too aggressive and not sexy as it can make a mess. Instead, use small quantities and make them tasteful.

Go slow while you’re kissing you. Hold the side of his face and kiss him with a slight tongue. Sometimes simplicity is best. [Read: How to kiss with tongue and avoid a sloppy mess]

#2 complain very softly Don’t moan like the girls in porn, you don’t want to make him think you can break up by kissing him. as already mentioned You can let the sound of a little joy slip through and still drive him crazy. It increased his ego at the same time. which is even better

#3 Slide your hand down to his chest and stomach. Using your hands will generally do more for you than let it go. So take it from around your neck or the side of your face and drag it down.

don’t be too low But just low enough to make him want you to keep scrolling down. This is a great way to rouse him and make him think about where else he’s going to give your hand.

#4 gnawed at his lower lip Be careful not to bite too hard. He barely nibbled his lips with his teeth. If he looks very good in this You can bite a little harder and tug a little and get super sexy and drive him crazy! [Read: The scientific explanation of why lip biting is so damn sexy]

#5 Moved to kiss his neck. You don’t just have to kiss him and open his mouth. Put your attention down to his neck and kiss him there. It’s a really sensitive erogenous zone for them that many girls have forgotten about.

Just as you enjoy kissing your neck, so will he, although some guys might not get much of it. you really have to care how he reacts and adjust your actions from there Avoid kissing him because men tend to dislike them.

#6 kiss under his ear and make sure that the breath enters his ear. Another amazing erogenous zone for men is the earlobe. Getting close to and even gnawing on his earlobes can drive him crazy. You’ll have to try and see how much he likes it. [Read: 8 secret erogenous zones for men]

#7 His interest in these movements was measured. while you are doing this See how he reacts. Was his breathing heavier? Is he trying to kiss deeper? He might even grab you and pull you into him.

All of these are signs that he definitely likes what you do. If he’s shy away from you and doesn’t really do those things. He might not be interested in something. Keep trying and you will find that lovely spot.

#8 think about what you want In fact, men and girls aren’t that different when it comes to what makes us kiss. So think about what motivates you. Kissing your neck? Is it the hand that grabs you?

Try what you want with him and see how he likes it. It’s possible that you’ll make him very upset. Then you can tell how well you get along in the bedroom.

#9 a little aggressive You don’t have to play really well here, you can catch him and push him against the wall if you want. Try to take a little step forward and be aggressive with him. Some men really love responsible women. See if your man is that type of person. [Read: How to attract a man in a way they can’t resist]

#10 Separate and smile at him. This is just a very cute and sexy thing to do. You can separate yourself enough to let him see your smile before diving in.

This doesn’t just show him that you’re having a good time. but also boosts his confidence and when a man feels good They can really feel good about other places.

#11 Take his hand and put it somewhere with you. This is super straight So do it only when you are comfortable doing it. I’m not saying you should put your hand on your chest if you’re not okay.

I’m talking about putting it on your waist, or around your face, or anywhere you want him to touch you. This shows him your own needs and the fact that you want him to make him more horny.

#12 Lean your body towards him. It’s all about showing him that you need him as much as he possibly needs you. lean towards him Let your body rest with him so he can touch every part of you.

This was so powerful because it reminded him of how he felt when he was undressed. And that thought alone will make him more excited than you might think.

[Read: 15 subtle ways to make a man want you more than ever]

Learning how to arouse a guy while kissing is all about reminding him of being naked with you. That means a lot of hands and a little moaning. Let him just preview your mischief. Then he will want more.

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