How to Turn Yourself On with Your Senses And Have a Great Time!

You might think that learning how to awaken yourself is an absolute science. But did you know that you can use your senses to do that? Here’s how!

how to open yourself

You may be in a relationship and may have had sexual experiences with your partner before. But understanding how to arouse yourself isn’t easy. At least in the beginning, the point is if you don’t know how to please yourself. (Literally) How do you tell your partner what you like? How can you start your journey to sexual liberation if you don’t know how to stabilize yourself in the first place?

Men tend to be extremely self-exploring. and does not need help in this regard. Learning the art of doing it can be quite annoying.

No worries, embarrassment, or anxiety! Learning to energize yourself is not only liberating but also fun in the process. [Read: Tips to turn him on]

How to wake yourself up

You can try opening yourself. but for the most part You may feel lost or bored after a while. especially in the beginning

But instead of focusing on waking yourself up or having an orgasm. If you can relax and try to have a good time on your own, then you’ll be able to see how simple and independent self-help can become a reality.

For beginners and even seasoned professionals who want to have a great time opening up, here’s some advice on how to motivate yourself. using your five senses and other add-ons that will make you satisfied and satisfied More than you can imagine

If this is your first time Don’t try to put pressure on yourself. Give yourself an hour or so and spend some good time on your own. [Read: 10 Female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]

1. Sight – See what excites you.

Seeing a little nudity can be exciting for everyone. whether male or female Lie down or sit with your laptop nearby and visit a few of those websites that your nanny won’t allow. There are many that can arouse even the most sexless person. So take your time and watch a few “interesting” movies. Don’t be so focused on doing it yourself from the start. Just watch something that excites you. and the rest will flow, um… follow [Confession: How erotica saved my sexless marriage]

2. Touch – Let your hands walk all over your body.

Lie back or sit in a comfortable place, such as a bed or sofa. or even a bathtub Drop your clothes and feel comfortable with your own body. When you feel relaxed Move your hand gently through your neck, chest, and other sensitive areas. That makes you feel good, and finally, put your hand there and lightly rotate your fingers a few circles while watching a movie or exploring other senses.

3. Sound – Your own love moan and moan.

Lie back and close your eyes as the rousing film plays in the background. Relax and just listen to the seductive sound of courtship as you move your hands over yourself. The voice of another couple that really talked to each other. Then it might be a bigger turning point than anything else. Especially if you can let your imagination run wild.

If you feel comfortable with your own voice during this time Inhale slowly and deeply, letting the air out of your mouth as you move your hands over sensitive areas of your body. As you breathe harder and deeper You will be able to moan easily without really trying. And that will always motivate yourself more than you think. Because you’re ready to let go and let your body control you for once. [Read: How to moan and look & sound even more sexy in bed]

4 – Taste – Do we have to go here?

Learning to explore flavors can make you feel like a fetish fanatic. Therefore, we will not go into details. but for a start Move your hands around your body and sometimes put your hands around your lips and let your fingers run around. sensitive areas on your lips Your lips are filled with nerve endings that can add to your sensuality.

5 – Smell – Explore the sensual fragrance.

If you want to adjust the mood accordingly Bring a light incense stick close to you so that you can bathe in the seductive and deep aroma of the intense aroma. If you want to go one step further You can also use a fragrant body massage oil on your hands as you move your hands around. Choose a fragrance that creates an atmosphere of seduction. Perfumes that smell seductive include leather, musk, lavender, chocolate or even orange blossom. It will help you relax and enhance your experience. [Read: How to smell good and attract anyone you deeply desire]

transcend your feelings

Although the five senses can create the perfect experience when your hands are moving around. your body Here are a few more details that can make your experience more memorable and really help you get in the mood.

1. Use your imagination!

Think about all things sensual and sexual. Do you remember those moments or times when you felt really open? Do you have a little memory that wakes up the hair on the back of your neck? Remember those tempting thoughts and visualize them. and go a step further As long as it makes you want to put your hands down [Read: Sexual fantasies for women]

2 – Read erotic novels

If you’re not particularly excited about the groan of a loving couple. please read this Words can spin a story and create visions that are sometimes even more exciting than sounds. Read a few compelling stories online or in books. And let your free hand walk with your imagination.

3. Dim the lights and create a comfortable environment

Dim the lights, turn them off completely, or use the warm glow of a small lamp. to increase the aura of sensuality sometimes, especially at the beginning You may feel uncomfortable seeing your hands move around your body as you try to open yourself up.

Turning off the lights can help you stop worrying about how you’ll look. Instead, focus entirely on the feeling of happiness you’re experiencing right now. [Read: 24 Sex room ideas to make any room look & feel sexy]

4. Talk to your partner – communication is important!

Talking on the phone while it’s on can be quite exciting. If you’re uncomfortable letting the other person know you’re playing with yourself. You really don’t need to let him know. Just have a normal conversation for a few minutes. and let your hands run all over yourself while you’re talking. The thrill of secretly opening yourself up while you talk on the phone with your lover It will excite you more than you can imagine. [Read: Public flashing confessions]

5 – Focus on fun rather than goals

Use these tips to awaken yourself. And you can be sure that you will be able to have a good time. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable at the same time when you try to open yourself up. Don’t distract yourself with thoughts that might turn you off. Instead, relax and let yourself go. You will then experience greater self-satisfaction than satisfaction.

6. Play with toys

Yes, some people go crazy when the word ‘sex toys’ comes out, but these things are becoming mainstream today! You don’t have to do everything before you get emotional. But just explore sex toys and touch them. think about using them It may be enough to help you become in a good mood. When learning how to open yourself It’s mostly about your mind. But visual stimulation can help too. [Read: 13 Homemade sex toys you have to try: Solo play or with a lover]

7. Try massage oil

It’s true that self-massage isn’t as fun or easy as others do. Instead, you can use massage oils to gently caress your body and let your hands glide and glide effortlessly. Many people find this extremely sexy. And when you add the dots of imagination along the way, perhaps imagine your partner’s hand instead of your own. You will soon notice how you feel.

8. Explore your imagination

What fantasies and flaws have you heard or read that you would like to try yourself? Why not try and learn more about them and that will get you in the mood! Again, imagination is the key here. So when you do research Just imagine how it would feel if you felt bad and dirty at that moment. [Read: 12 Arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

9. Wear something that makes you feel sexy.

You won’t learn how to successfully stir yourself up if you don’t feel sexy. That means wearing something that makes you feel truly sexual. it can be anything It doesn’t have to be a bra. But it’s anything that makes you feel wanted and sexy. Apply your favorite butter to the skin, favorite scent, moisturizer. and do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel confident. when you feel that Launching yourself will be much easier.

[Read: 20 Sexy things that turn guys on every single time]

Learning how to arouse yourself can help you enjoy your personal experience at its best. and don’t risk feeling discouraged or bored. After all, how hard will it be to play with your own senses?

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