How to Walk Away From Being a Side Chick & Be Someone’s #1 Instead

You’ve been a female chick for a long time and you’re tired of it. On the other hand, you don’t seem to know how to walk away from being a street chick.

How to walk away from being a chick

You’re tired of being just a street chick. And you are ready to be number one in a man’s life. Learning to walk away from being a chick might not be easy. but it is possible

To be honest, when it comes to street chicks, it’s all about sharing. Some people have no problem being the chick next door. and some of them avoided being with the men who were arrested. I’m behind when it comes to this.

As someone in a relationship, I would be heartbroken when I found out if my partner had a side chick. I also want women to support each other and stand up for each other. Of course it’s in a perfect world.

I have a friend who is a chick next to me. And I never really understood why They want to be side chicks. Why can’t they sleep with single men? But I also know that being the chick next door is often deeper than just sex.

Now, if you’re the chick next to me I’m not here to judge you. If you are reading this It shows that you are considering ending the relationship and looking for something other than a chick.

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How to walk away from being a street chick

if so Knowing how to walk away from being a street chick isn’t as easy as ditching the relationship and moving on. There are many internal tasks that have to happen within you. And you have to answer difficult questions.

But it will be worth it if you are tired of being a chick and want a relationship that you are not secretive and hidden out of sight. not easy but it is possible

#1 accept what happened at some point You have to accept what’s going on in your life. Yes, you’re the side chick in some relationships. It happens. This is something you can’t change, but you. can Change your future and the relationship you have from now on. [Read: 14 signs you’re the side chick when you’ve thought you’re the main one all this while]

#2 If it’s pure gender You have another choice If this was based solely on sex Most of which will not be the case. You have another choice There are many single men who are looking for a non-committal relationship. Why not take a look at those men? Why go to the guy you know you can’t fully have?

#3 you will get hurt Whether you leave him or not, you will be hurt. Leaving the person you have feelings for isn’t easy. Understand that you will feel sad, angry, and hurt, but being with him will give you those emotions too. Either way, you will get hurt. But choosing to leave You open the area for healing. [Read: How to say goodbye to someone you love and not be afraid]

#4 Focus on working on your self-esteem. Being the side chick brings true self-esteem. If you want to stop repeating this behavior. Make an effort with yourself and truly believe that you are worthy of love and respect. Because what he gave you was not his whole heart. and you know This change was not about him. this is about you. [Read: Why you crave male attention – Understanding your need to be desired]

#5 End the relationship. If you want to change The first thing you should do is change your relationship status. We all know that the guy you’re a chick with won’t end his main relationship. If you want to stop being a chick to terminate the relationship That’s the first step in making a big change in your life.

#6 See other available men When I said I saw another man That doesn’t mean going the way you’ve been and seeing a kidnapped guy. No, this is the time to change your ways. In addition to focusing on your internal problems Start seeing single men. There are plenty of good guys out there who won’t look at you as a chick. [Read: 33 best places to meet attractive and eligible single men]

#7 Look inside to see why you’re a side chick. If you stop being a chick Stop looking inside. Yes, he could be a player or an idiot. but in the end You are the chicks He doesn’t force you Look inside and figure it out why You are attracted to men who are unavailable, what are you afraid of?

#8 cut him out of your life In quitting being a side chick Stop communicating with people who see you as one. You have to cut off contact with this guy and persist even if he asks you to come back. and block him from all forms of communication [Read: How to recognize unavailable men instantly and avoid heartache]

#9 Why are you with this guy? This guy is what keeps you from leaving him. What is it about him that makes you think being his side chick would be a good idea?

Maybe you’ve had a bad relationship in the past. and he is the source of stability Maybe he reminds you of your father. Look at the traits he has that attract you to him. You’ll soon realize that many more men have these traits and are single. [Read: A few reality checks when you’re in love with a married man]

#10 Excited about change. You are changing your life for the better. And even though it’s hard now But this is an exciting change. Who knows who you will be after this process? And who will you attract into your life? See this change as a good thing. And it will affect your life in a better way in the end.

#11 Be kind to yourself. It’s easy to trouble yourself why you’re the chick next door. and make yourself feel small easily But that’s not what you want right now. Changing your actions and stopping yourself from being a chick is not an easy process. It uses inner reflection and work, so be kind to yourself. [Read: The most important things to know before you sleep with a married man]

#12 Reveal your fears. It’s not easy to walk away from what you know. Even if it’s not good for you. But now is the time to take a look at your fears and what makes you fear change. Do you feel that you will never be able to find love? Are you afraid of loneliness? to see your fear You will be able to move past it.

#13 Come out of negativity. Look, as much as you’d like to think he’ll leave his mate for you. Chances are he might not. Accept the truth and come out of denial where you live. Your rejection is what prevents you from moving forward in your life. Your rejection makes you his chick.

#14 Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes We are human beings, yes, we do things that sometimes go against our true interests. But this is how we grow. It’s important that you accept what happened and forgive yourself. As soon as you forgive yourself You will truly move forward in your life. [Read: How to stop hating yourself and learn to forgive the past]

#15 Remember your values. It’s not easy to end a relationship when you have feelings for that person. But this is not a real relationship. You’re the chick on the side. Finally, realize that you deserve love and being with someone who sees you as your soul mate. not the person beside

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Understanding how to walk away from being a street chick isn’t easy. But now is the time for you to step away from that label and become an independent and independent woman.

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