I Hate My Wife: 20 Circumstances When It’s Okay to Feel this Way

Marriage is difficult Sometimes you may not like each other. It’s normal! If you always feel like saying ‘I hate my wife’ means you’re not alone.

i hate my wife

That sentence broke my heart. But it’s a sentence that you hear more than you think. If I had a dime every time I heard a guy say “I hate my wife” I will own a jet. The sad truth is that any woman would be deeply saddened to know that a man would say he hates her. Yet, is it true hatred or is it just a growing emotion at the moment? [Read: How to deal with hate and stop hating someone]

If you are a man and you feel that you seriously hate your wife. You have two choices. You try to make things better or you walk away. It’s not easy to walk away after saying “I can,” but if you can’t comfort her, you’ll be fine. It was more than a slight irritation.

Is it true hatred or just irritation?

This is an important point to make. You really hate your wife. Or just a little angry? Are you going through a difficult time and she did nothing to help? Could it be that both of you aren’t communicating as well as you should and it’s affecting your relationship?

If you can sit down and still love her in some way. It’s not hate Hate is such a strong emotion that it is impossible to love and hate someone at the same time. At least not in my opinion anyway. If you hate someone It’s an intense feeling that encompasses everything about them. [Read: How to let go of someone you love by hating them]

Now you might say “I hate that you don’t listen to me,” but that’s completely different. you don’t hate her You hate what she does. Actions when people say they have a love/hate relationship with someone. It’s more a matter of the nature or actions they hate. not the whole body

Before you jump in and decide you don’t want to hold on to your vows anymore. Be sure to really check how you feel. talk through soul searching Figure out what you’re feeling and why.

Sometimes we think we hate someone. despite the fact that we are hurt or annoyed these feelings passed But the hatred did not go away.

I Hate My Wife: 20 Reasons to Say “I don’t do it anymore”

We all hate our significant other sometimes, or at least feel that way. Some of us accepted it, while others walked the fun-filled path and buried their heads in the sand. It’s normal to hate each other sometimes. But if it’s an eternal feeling and involves something important It’s time to say goodbye [Read: 20 Annoying things it’s okay to hate about your partner]

1. Your battle affects the children.

Anyone who grew up in a house where fighting is the norm knows it’s not fun. If you hate your wife to the point where you can’t even smile at each other or “do good,” it’s time to move on and find new happiness.

If you are for the children Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s helpful to them. Even if you abandon the fight to avoid them. The carnage is near when you’re not there. If you hate your wife She might as well suffer. Get everyone off the hook and leave. [Read: How do you know when your marriage is over: And is it too late?]

2. She was reluctant to take responsibility.

If your wife always makes you feel that it’s your fault and she has nothing to do with it. You can’t do anything about it. Finding a compromise involves two people working on a common problem.

If she thinks the problem is with you. It’s time to quit and let her see how things are going. What’s it like without you? Maybe good, maybe bad, but eventually you find happiness.

3. She cheats on you or is cheating on you.

If your wife cheats on you There’s a good reason to look down on her. Trust is the cornerstone. Not just marriage, but love If you can’t trust anyone It’s hard to let her into your life.

If forgiveness isn’t something you can truly give and you hate her for what she does. You have the right to do so. It’s okay to feel like you can’t be with her anymore if she betrays your trust. [Read: Should you ever forgive a cheating partner?]

4. She wears yoga pants in the family and will not give up any control.

If she commands you like a slave or doesn’t normally respect you or your feelings. It’s not the person who will spend the rest of your life.

Some women feel that their husbands should be there and call. It’s normal for women to want something or have the occasional “make honey” show. But if you feel like a bonded employee or servant Maybe it’s time to say goodbye

5. She drains your account.

If she thinks your savings account is her little cash drawer, it’s time to tell her to cut it off or cut her off. There is nothing worse than working full time to move forward only to find that you have no money.

like a deep hole It’s hard to love someone who still wipes out all your hard work using all the money you have for yourself. [Read: 10 biggest clues you’re dating a genuine 24K gold digger]

6. She suffocated.

If you can’t pee without permission It’s not a good way to live. A partnership involves that. partnership

If you can’t make half the decisions about your relationship or your life. show that the situation is not good If you hate her because she owns you. It’s time to move on.

7. She uses sex as a tool. Maybe you don’t want to have sex with her anymore.

If sex becomes your only tool for controlling and controlling you. That’s not a good love. Sex should be about satisfying each other. If she uses it to dictate or punish you That would make any man hate his wife. Maybe it’s because there’s a point where you don’t want to have sex with her anymore. That’s definitely a red flag. [Read: Using sex as a weapon: 10 harsh truths you need to know]

8. She looks down on you.

If she tells anyone who will listen how much you’ve failed, the stupid things you do in your own home. Or are you as stupid as a stone? Show that you have a reason to dislike her.

You deserve to be with people who think you are special and not just tell you. But so is everyone. We all do nonsense. The person you marry will be there to admit your stupidity and cover it up. [Read: How your self respect affects you and the relationship you’re in]

9. No compliments

If she doesn’t appreciate what you do, like whatever, then it might be time to let her go her own way. Being loved and appreciated is something everyone deserves.

If everything you do She expected and never said “thank you.” That would never change. She obviously felt that she was entitled to you. which is not true

10. She don’t donate anything but the bill to the house.

If you are working full time and she sits full time It’s not hard to start feeling offended. It’s okay if you have an agreement where she takes care of the house. and you manage money But if you run around doing everything, then what’s the benefit for you?

Better or worse doesn’t mean she’s better and worse. [Read: Am I being taken for granted? 16signs you definitely are]

11. She physically abused you.

If in some cases the heat of the fight is so intense that she splashes water on your head. that’s one thing But if she throws a punch at you Throw nonsense at your head or kick you on a weekly basis It’s time to leave.

Sooner or later someone is about to get hurt. and if it was you You don’t want to be hooked to a counterattack to defend yourself.

12. Her relentless verbal abuse never stops.

If she can’t stop mocking you every time you walk through the door. It’s time to tell her that she needs to start showing some respect for you. Otherwise you will go to someone else.

Verbal abuse can sometimes be worse than anything physical. Emotional wounds and bruises tend to stay in the soul forever. [Read: 15 signs of a verbally abusive relationship]

13. Nothing you do will be good enough.

If nothing you’ve done is good enough It’s time to say goodbye Of course, in every relationship there is a point where the other person seems to be dissatisfied. But if you try to listen carefully to her and change your approach, And you don’t get a response or change from her, it’s not worth it. Spending your whole life wrong and chastised isn’t fair or right for everyone.

14. Her sweet weekend never ends.

If she’s spending time at home while you play as a loving dad, first of all, you might want to make sure they are. Second, you might want to start using your own time to gain some freedom.

Marriage should be about two people who spend the same amount of time together and apart. They are not the only ones who will do what they want. whenever they want

15. She has a vice that is more important than your family.

If she is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other habits that destroys your family Being with her puts you in a state of dependence and keeps her attached. If you hate the situation but really love you, walk away or she will never stand up straight. [Read: 10 scary signs of codependency in your relationship]

16. She lied about everything. Or you can’t trust her.

Lying is something that cannot be tolerated in a marriage. If you don’t believe what she says You can’t share a bed with her.

18. You don’t seem to get along.

Continuous roller coasters are not fun! If you can’t get past the same arguments. that continues to appear time and time again It’s time to get out of the car and find something normal. You might find that you don’t hate her that much when you’re not constantly fighting.

18. You don’t think she’s a good person anymore.

If you don’t think that she’s basically a good human being and doesn’t see the woman you fell in love with anymore. It’s time to leave the marriage for the sake of both of you.

19. Her nostalgia makes you nervous.

If you’d rather get your teeth pierced than spend a second with her. You know what you have to do [Read: Secrets of a love-hate relationship – Can it work?]

20. You are afraid of her.

If you’re afraid to be you, move, or do anything. I don’t need to tell you that sooner or later you have to move. It wouldn’t be less painful if you waited. You’re just wasting your time and making your life miserable because of the inevitable anyway.

I Hate My Wife – Things You Shouldn’t Do

If you’re pretty sure “I hate my wife” is exactly what you mean. There are some things you should avoid. When you’re in a situation that doesn’t make you happy anymore. You have to step in either direction. However, make sure you are moving in the right direction to avoid the blame on you. and to avoid suffering from all sides [Read: 10 Ways to love more and hurt less in love]

1. Don’t cheat to feel better.

If you think that seeking consolation in other people’s arms will help. show that you are wrong Cheating on your wife because of something bad can make you just as bad as her. If you’re unhappy and the other person’s arms look seductive, get out.

2. Don’t start treating her the same way.

no matter what she treats with you don’t turn your back on her Seriously, it’s a bigger person. If she is overbearing, aggressive and insulting you all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you started doing the same with her? do not have anything! Your home will become a battleground and that’s not a good situation for anyone.

3. Do not intimidate in vain.

It’s easy to say. “I’ll leave you” during the heat of the day, but it won’t if you say these things regularly. She won’t take your concerns seriously. Be very careful what comes out of your mouth if you want to avoid a worse situation. When you’re ready to leave, tell her. [Read: 12 Grim signs it’s finally time to end your relationship]

4. Don’t just disappear

If you always think “I hate my wife,” and you’re pretty sure you’ve reached the end of the road. Don’t leave without saying a word. That’s the coward’s way out. Sit down, tell her you’re going. Tell her why and then go Whether you hate her now or not you married her And she deserves that very much.

If your love turns into hate There was hardly any hope of turning around. When you try to do everything you know to make your marriage happy. But it doesn’t. Sometimes you have to tear off the bandage and let the healing begin. [Read: How to come out of a relationship stronger than ever when it ends]

If you’ve recently experienced a marriage slump. It might be time to sit down and discuss what really happened. Maybe if you tell her your needs She might be able to meet those needs.

Maybe she doesn’t know you feel the way you are and is willing to turn to meet you halfway. If the above doesn’t work for you, honey, you’re pretty good.

[Read: 25 signs of disrespect in marriage that shouldn’t be tolerated]

The sentence “I hate my wife” It’s something every man should say at some point in their marriage. Sometimes it’s just the moment you have enough. No marriage or relationship is perfect. But if you feel it too often It’s time to move on.

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