I Need a Girlfriend: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself First

When you’re feeling lonely and thinking that I need a girlfriend, it might not be the solution to all your problems. Consider these before jumping in.

i need a boyfriend

I’ve seen this too many times to count. Guys are bored, all friends are in relationships. And he thinks he should be one too. He got a great idea of ​​finding himself a girlfriend based on factors that shouldn’t be related to whether or not they actually got a girlfriend. Just because he thought he wanted a girlfriend stopped thinking about it. why first.
Because when he finally becomes an unlucky girl He treated her in vain. because he didn’t think his actions to the end He thought that having a girlfriend would be fun and entertaining. and although it is possible But it’s also a tough job. what he did not consider
The advantages of having a boyfriend
Of course, there are many reasons why guys have boyfriends because we’re cool! Boyfriend is an automatic friend when you want to talk. Someone to please you in the bedroom and be a friend you enjoy being around
Boyfriends also like to do things for their girlfriends because generally girls like to act cute. we cook for you clean your place and even surprise you with occasional gifts.
I need a boyfriend—Things to Consider
When random people think they need a boyfriend, they should immediately red flag. You can’t just randomly pick this up and go out and buy it yourself, there are a number of factors you need to consider first.
If you think you need a girlfriend for whatever reason You should think carefully. Here are all the different things you should consider going out and finding a girlfriend.
#1 You only need one because of your friend? I know a few guys who are in a relationship just because of all their friends and they don’t want to be left out having fun when they go on a double date.
This is just a terrible idea because you’re not in it for the right reasons. You can’t commit to a relationship based on the fact that most of your friends do. Especially if you’re not that girl. What will happen when they break up with their boyfriend? Will you do the same? [Read: 12 real reasons why couples drift apart over time]#2 Are you just bored? If you’re just bored with life and don’t have enough entertainment. You don’t need a boyfriend. What you need my friend is a hobby. You want something to keep you busy and that’s not what your girlfriend wants.
If you’re just bored and looking for your girlfriend’s entertainment. You will use her for entertainment purposes only. when the truth is Relationships are more than just fun together. Haven’t had a fun time with my girlfriend yet.
#3 Do you have time to find a boyfriend? Just because your friend has time for your girlfriend doesn’t mean you have. If you are very busy with work and life There’s no way you’ll have time to devote to your girlfriend.
This goes back a lot if you have a boyfriend and don’t have time to see her. She will want to spend more time together. And if you’re always busy or have time to do something else, like a lot of hobbies? she won’t be happy [Read: Why does your girlfriend hate you? 10 questions to find out]#4 Do you know the right treatment? Some guys have no idea how to treat their girlfriend. Are you one of the guys who think that having a boyfriend is a walk in the park? because there is nothing at all
A girlfriend needs a lot of attention and attention. And most importantly, respect. If you don’t know how to show these to girls You may be heading down a road that you can’t go back. If you don’t know how to treat women properly You don’t even need a boyfriend. [Read: How to be a good boyfriend – 10 big traits that matter most]#5 Are you willing to give up some freedom? men love their freedom I mean girls like it too. But men tend to think that their boyfriend is an independent sucker. Sometimes we can be Just because you have to give yourself a little freedom to spend time with women.
If you are not ready to give up the freedom that you have. Show that you are not ready to have a boyfriend. If you’re not ready to let girls know what you’re doing and where you’re going during the day Wait until you’re ready.
#6 Can you deal with the girls around your friends? This is not what many men think when deciding that they want a girlfriend. But it’s definitely something everyone needs to consider. How do you feel about taking a girl out with your friends?
You can’t separate your girlfriend from your friends and think she’ll be okay with that. You’ll wonder why And she won’t be happy when she starts to think you’re ashamed of her. If you think you can’t take her with your friends. You don’t even need a boyfriend. [Read: 20 foolproof ways to tell if you’re a serial womanizer]#7 You know it’s more than just sex, right? Don’t assume that having a boyfriend means sex that you want all the time. I know it sounds crazy to me to accuse all men of wanting to have sex. but in fact I’ve seen it too many times to ignore.
If you just want to have a boyfriend for some bedroom fun. You don’t need a boyfriend. You have to put in more effort than just getting her out of bed to make her happy. If you can’t accept this truth I’m waiting for a boyfriend [Read: 20 things you HAVE to do to keep your girlfriend happy]#8 When was the last time you had a boyfriend? Think about the last time you had a boyfriend. If it’s really been a long time, ask yourself why. What is holding you back from having a boyfriend? And is that still ongoing?
If you just got a girlfriend like last week and you think getting a new girlfriend is a good idea. show that you are wrong Take the time to be single and get to know yourself before jumping right into another relationship.
#9 Are you 100% above your ex? A lot of guys like having boyfriend rebounds just like women have boyfriends. It’s something we think can mend our hearts and win over our ex. But the truth is that it can’t.
If you’re not 100% your ex, you don’t need a boyfriend. Starting a relationship that still loves another person leads to problems and conflicts. and believe me you are better alone [Read: How to forget about a girl – 15 ways to forget she even exists]#10 Are you ready to share your life with someone? Ultimately, that’s what a relationship is. Are you ready to have someone else intervene in almost every area of ​​your life? Are you ready to make that commitment?
Having a boyfriend is a huge commitment to not be seen as nonsense. Decide if you’re really ready to share your identity with others, if so, great! Go get her. If you’re not, wait until you’re really ready.
[Read: 10 things you shouldn’t do when you have a girlfriend]Having a boyfriend can be wonderful, fun, and exciting. but if you are ready To determine if you want a girlfriend or not. You should consider all of these first.

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