A Confession – I Want to be Single Again!

you love a good person But can’t help but leave? Even though love is sweet But sometimes it causes discomfort in the mouth. I want to be single again and I know what I want, but what about you?

want to be single

As long as I can remember, I used to love

I am happy in love and always happy knowing that there is someone special who needs me and wants to be with me.

But suddenly I want to be single again And I want it bad!

I had my first girlfriend when I entered puberty. And I’ve only been in a relationship four times in nearly two decades.

And surprisingly, I never had more than two months to be single between all of my love.

I’ve never experienced being single before!

I’ve never had a problem in love. In fact, I have always cherished it. My boyfriend is jealous of me because I always get the nicest guy. And my relationship lasted and ended in inevitable circumstances.

I am almost thirty and have been in love with this wonderful man for the past seven years. We have been together for five years. And I can’t ask for more. Ahem… until recently.

Ever heard the phrase Does a wedding make people feel more romantic?

I just went to a good friend’s wedding with my girlfriend. And I remember looking up at the bride and groom. They are a bright and good looking couple.

I sat back in the cool breeze under the open sky and tried to imagine my girlfriend and I at the altar. and as shocking as it seems I can’t imagine us together. And the more I try It only bothered me more. I lost that thought in the next few hours. And my friend and I decided to go clubbing. We were out of town and our boyfriend didn’t go along. Which is reason enough for drinking and having fun with the girls.

Summarizes a long and confusing story. I met a lot of men who were interested in me. dance with someone Fooled me on a few other people and had the time of my life. [Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger?]

It’s been six months since that important day. and since then I can’t help but wonder what would happen if…?

It’s suspiciously bad. Especially when you have a loving and confused boyfriend who is trying to figure out what happened to his girlfriend. The guy I’m with is perfect for me, he loves me, understands me and makes me a better person. But I’m just not happy anymore. And that wasn’t his fault.

I’m just tired of thinking about other people all the time no matter what decision I make. I’m annoyed by the lack of privacy. I can’t really be alone and enjoy my space. We know each other’s social network passwords. All of our friends treat us like we are a couple. And who cried out loud, he wanted to get married when we were both thirty!

I feel uncomfortable and want to escape and be free. Yes, it sounds crazy and mean, but you know, the heart needs what the heart wants. I know I want to be single again.

If I had to give credit to science Humans have evolved to breed and give birth. Don’t settle down with one person and spend the rest of your life wondering. ‘What if…’

Ending relationship with shocking boyfriend by claiming that “it’s not you, it’s me…” ?? and a few million reasons including awkward matters I want to go back to being single again. Gosh I know I feel bad about it! [Read: How to end a relationship the right way]

Maybe I had a life crisis during my own quarter. I want to experience being single ‘Cause I’ve never really been single Throughout my teenage years and adulthood And I’m not ready to live a married life without having the fun of a single woman. i want to meet a man Flirt with the guy I like without rethinking or feeling guilty. And I want to have sex… Glorious sex with whoever I want!

After breaking up with my girlfriend, I felt free. but then again I wonder if I want to be single because I don’t have fun with other men. Or is it because I’m stuck in a relationship that doesn’t progress and develop? I guess it’s one of those things we never know.

A few months have passed since my transition to a single and dignified life. I have to admit that I had the best time of my life. I meet new people all the time and I love the attention I get. It’s extremely exciting to be flirted with a new guy almost every other day. [Read: How to flirt by touching]

I don’t know if life is for me or my love karma *gasp* But now I’m happy and that’s all I can think of.

Do you want to be single again?

We all have thoughts from time to time and wonder if we should be single or in a relationship. And if you’re in a relationship and are wondering if you can take a break for a few months and get back together, forget it.

You can’t take a break from love for a few months and fill your mouth and canal with water. Then go back with your lover and expect things to back to normal again What a ridiculous idea!

But for all the confused couples who are contemplating this wonderful sentence. I want to go back to being single again. Here are a few questions to help you decide.

Are you willing to risk losing your partner forever?

Although as attractive as with the hope of having a short break From couples and jumping on a boat over a bed full of beautiful men and women, it is impossible to see. It’s not acceptable for most couples. Relationships can go well sometimes. but in most cases It may be too much of a hassle for your partner, who may prefer to walk out of your life than wait to cleanse your sexual fluids when you get home. [Read: Open relationships]

Being single for a while makes you feel better, right?

I know you want to be single But how confident are you? Most of us are fooled by a few days of fun with flirting friends and a quick glance. But how sure are you about what you want? The grass is always greener on the other side. We’ve heard that sentence before. But if you have to step out of a good relationship Try to make sure what your heart desires. You cannot come back to your ex and ask forgiveness. [Read: How to kiss a friend]

Why do you want to be single?

Is it the hope of better sex? Or is it a boring relationship? Flirty interactions with the opposite sex, though, are one of the main reasons for wanting to be single. But it’s not a good enough reason. at some point You’ll be bored with diversity and want to be with someone who can love you the way you are. Don’t use the excuse of having better sex as a reason to walk away. [Quiz: Will you ever be unfaithful?]

Can you achieve more in life by being single?

This is one of the best reasons to leave a relationship. If you really want to be single Make sure it has a good reason. If being single can give you a more fulfilling life A life that makes you happier and gives you a reason to jump out of bed the next morning. Yes, you must be single!

Why do I want to be single?

It took me a few months to decide. And I’m stuck with it. I haven’t knocked on my ex’s door since. And I don’t regret the decision either.

But you should know The whole world is searching for love. And millions of people long for true love and hope to experience it someday. It’s not always easy to find someone who will love you and respect who you are. And if you’ve found that lover, maybe you don’t need to be single anymore.

Life is a game of rails and ladders. And if you’re lucky enough to climb the big ladder and achieve true love faster. You really don’t have to regret it. that crosses the chimney and swings a little You can introduce yourself to hundreds of new men’s packages or breasts. But after a while they start to look similar. What’s inside that will eventually matter. [Read: Cheating in a relationship]

You might be wondering what made me walk out of a perfect relationship for no apparent reason. I no longer see my boyfriend on the stairs. I fell in love, but he is no longer part of my life. The scary part of me thinks I deserve better too.

Heck, I only have one life. And I jumped in faith. Or maybe I’m willing to lose my ex in hopes of something better.

[Read: Why are women fickle in love?]

I have weighed my pros and cons. And I may regret the decision to be single at some point. But for now, I really know that I want to be single again! But what about you?

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