Incapable of Love? 21 Signs & Reasons for Emotional Deprivation Disorder

It seems everyone around you has experienced love, but you? If you feel like you can’t be in love You may have a mood disorder.

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They say love is one of the best feelings in the world. It may sound absurd and think for yourself. But love is one of the greatest driving forces. It inspires us to do equally impressive and silly things. They say that love happens naturally to us because you don’t even have to think about it. you just do But some people feel that they can’t be in love. And that could be a mood disorder.

Some people don’t know how to really experience love. So what does it mean? They are single until now. And all their attempts to date or have a relationship have failed. Some of them dwindled, while others ended horribly. This leads to surrender. Why pursue such a foreign concept?

As far as they are concerned, they cannot be in love. But they may be suffering from a mood disorder. [Read: Unlucky in love? How to turn things around]

You can’t have love?

Can you really not be in love? Sometimes you may feel so lonely that you convince yourself that love isn’t right for you. You haven’t found it and you won’t see it coming to an end soon.

Loneliness doesn’t mean you can’t be in love. Having multiple failed relationships doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship. The inability to love is often a deeper problem than being single for a long time.

I should have known. I was single for over six years and thought I would be single forever. Maybe I’ll feel love But it didn’t happen to me. I gave up. But two years ago. everything changed And I found the love of my life

Don’t let the cycle of failed relationships lead you to believe that you can’t be in love. Maybe it’s just a phase. Or you might have a mood disorder. [Read: How to find the right person when you’ve given up all hope]

What is a mood disorder?

The concept of deprivation of affective disorder sounds like a depiction of the groan from a romantic comedy: despair, frustration, anxiety, and overwhelmed with a myriad of past problems. But even if there is a problem But it is the reality that concludes that “Unable to form mature relationships with others.” While the sentence immediately recalls a romantic relationship, EPD also affects other types of relationships, including relationships with friends or family.

Emotional disorder is the difficulty in building relationships. That person cannot be in love. but still want to have friends or end up with someone But they find it difficult to connect with others. Let alone maintain the relationship they just created. [Read: 20 downright strange but true phobias about love]

What causes mood disorders?

as with most mental disorders Negative childhood experiences or relationships lead to EPD. Negative early experiences. These are reinforced by more negative experiences as the person grows. It shows up as EPD later in adulthood. If you feel like you can’t love, read on.

1. Neglect from primary caregivers in childhood

People with EPD often experience neglect from their parents or similar guardians. A person’s emotional maturity develops through constant parenting interactions with parents during childhood. without this Their emotional maturity will also decrease. [Read: 13 ways to stop feeling neglected by the one you love]

2. was neglected or rejected in childhood

Anyone who interacts with children knows how desperate they are to get the attention and approval of an adult. For a child who is openly rejected by others and alone. especially their own family. had a serious impact on their emotional development

This negative experience makes them feel unwanted. And they feel that they can’t love and be separated.

3. Persistent criticism and verbal abuse

A person’s emotions are most sensitive during childhood. And harsh words will affect them later in life. in the same way Constantly criticizing them without a word of approval. Not only did they alienate them. It also affects self-esteem and self-esteem.

4. Lack of “love” in general

We learn to love from a young age. And we understand the love from our close family. So if someone doesn’t have a family to experience or lacks other forms of love. They have no concept of love that can be brought into adult life. [Read: Feeling forever alone? 13 steps to feel loved all over again]

5. fear of intimacy

Intimacy means weak. When someone is afraid to be seen as who without a barrier anymore. It can be scary for them. They feel that they are unable to love because they are too afraid to approach anyone. It could be caused by a lot of problems in someone’s past.

6. low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can arise from family life, school, bullying, etc. when you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t know why other people believe. So if you don’t love yourself You will feel unable to be loved by others.

When you fight your own worthlessness You will attract people who use it to your advantage. They see it as a way to make themselves more powerful. They make the person feel useless without them and their attention. This becomes a pattern and can make mood deprivation disorders worse. [Read: Signs of low self-esteem and how to make it better]

7. Dependency

when someone is dependent on others for everything They will not see what they bring to the table. whether they rely on money, care, or attention from others. They don’t know how to be self-reliant. When you don’t believe you can manage your life on your own. You won’t feel that you can love because you depend on someone, not love them.

8. fear of rejection

This is a classic and we’ve all been there. The fear of rejection is strong. It may come from the departure of the parents. the person you love is leaving or a partner who has passed away The pain that comes with being dumped for whatever reason. May cause future love to deteriorate It can be so severe that it can lead to mood disorders.

9. Addiction

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or anything else is powerful. It’s busy with friendship, love and family relationships. Addiction is dominating any relationship or possible relationship. It can eliminate your chances of loving someone more than a second. [Read: The stigma of mental illness]

10. Perfection

The inability to love may come from the need for perfection. You will never see someone as great as you need to love them. instead of praising them You will always criticize them. You can be a serious romantic. This means that you have the idea of ​​perfect love in your mind. and love is so intense And you cling to it so tight that nothing can happen.

Signs You Might Have a Mood Disorder

Now let’s not jump to any conclusions. Emotional deprivation disorder is not common. And maybe you can’t be in love. But that might only be temporary.

However, these signs of an emotional deprivation disorder should encourage you to dig a little deeper. Finding the therapist you clicked on might be the first step.

1. You feel unhappy in social interactions.

People with EPD are not immediately happy with social interactions and as a result they are isolated people who do not initiate any social interaction on their own.

2. You will often encounter activities that do not require social interaction.

Whether you’re a hermit who lives mostly in your apartment. Or prefer camping in a hut far away. Your activities are primarily on your introvert’s hobbies list. [Read: Don’t stay stuck: 16 strategies to get your shit together]

3. You feel disgusted in the group.

Due to past experiences of being judged criticize or has been harassed. People with EPD tend to avoid groups in general. When the inevitable happens and had no choice to stay in the group. They feel isolated and uneasy.

4. a feeling of insecurity

You criticize yourself over and over again. Blame yourself often when things go wrong. People with EPD tend to have negative perceptions of themselves and their effects on others. This type of insecurity also prevents them from forming romantic relationships or being in groups because they feel they are “not good enough.”

5. You’re single all the time because you think no one likes you.

Due to insecurity, people with EPD feel unattractive, inadequate, or unattractive. Even if it isn’t. They often express unrealisticly low levels of self-esteem and abilities.

6. You are obsessed with pleasing people.

Because of their low self-confidence and self-esteem, people with EPD are constantly worried that a close friend or someone special will leave them. As a result, they often make uncomfortable efforts to please people. even against their well-being [Read: People pleaser – 20 common signs most people just don’t see]

7. You are always worried about the opinions of others.

As a result, you tend to side with your arguments. You also change your appearance and actions to please others. Even if it’s not what you want.

8. As a result, you are more likely to be deceived or used.

if you are unlucky The people you love and work hard to please you. will understand your condition and misuse of obsession with others [Read: 16 reasons why you’re always taken for granted]

9. Romantic cycle of sadness

A. You want someone so bad B. Someone’s coming C. You can’t and won’t entertain it because you feel like you’re not cute anymore D. How do you want someone? D. Rinse and repeat

10. You doubt romantic gestures and progress.

when someone moves You won’t believe it right away. Because you think you are unworthy and unlovable to receive such advances. So you believe that they have ulterior motives. This kind of self-doubt makes you more self-isolating. [Read: How to remain hopeful while dating]

11. You quit and prepared to be single for the rest of your life.

Instead of dealing with your problems and problems The solution is to accept the fact that you cannot be in love. and you live without a partner

The thing about all the signs of deprivation disorder is that they are not based on reality. They certainly have dug deep into your psyche through your past. But these things are not set on stone.

You can fix this and stop feeling incompetent in love with the help of a therapist and a willingness to work. Of course, you’ll have to take some risks. But being loved and lovingly healthy is worth it.

[Read: Feel unlovable? 12 life-changing truths you need to know]

love is simple But people are complicated. The inclination towards love is very deeply rooted. we are fighting for it crazy without love and regret if we lose it If you feel like you can’t be in love Try to find the root cause and start from there.

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