Do You Have an Insecure Girlfriend? 30 Signs & Ways to Help Her

Everyone has a problem with self-doubt sometimes. But if you notice these signs of an insecure girlfriend. This is what you should do.

insecure girlfriend

Every woman has things that she is not sure about. i will be you too as already mentioned Having an insecure girlfriend can be difficult to deal with. But that doesn’t mean you just leave it and move on.

If someone has an insecure girlfriend, it means you have to put an end to it. No one will have a relationship with each other anymore.

People go through ups and downs throughout their lives. maybe when you meet She’s giving you a boost of confidence. but for whatever reason The table was changed.

Instead of writing it was her problem. You can help her face that insecurity and work together to increase her confidence.

Instead of seeing an insecure girlfriend as a desperate person. accept her for all that is including her insecurity You want her to do the same for you. [Read: 20 signs of insecurity people can’t hide when they feel insecure]

The Biggest Signs of an Insecure Girlfriend

Having an insecure girlfriend doesn’t mean she’s looking for compliments or cares a lot about her looks. Insecurity can occur in a number of ways.

It doesn’t look one way. Some insecurities are obvious while others are much deeper and more difficult to see.

no doubt Your girlfriend will have things that she is not sure about. That’s totally normal and manageable. I’m sure it’s the same for you.

But having an insecure girlfriend means those doubts affect her every day and make it difficult for her to be happy in a relationship. [Read: 16 secrets to a happy relationship]

Let’s look at some signs of an insecure girlfriend.

1. she is jealous

A little jealousy is normal. If your girlfriend gets a little closer to you after someone tries to hit you, everything is fine in the neighborhood. But what if she asks every woman you are friends with or work with? shows that there is a problem of instability

Severe jealousy means a lack of trust. Even if she claims to trust you But intense jealousy doesn’t exist if it’s true. She shouldn’t argue with other girls who misrepresent you or flirt with you. [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship]

2. She compares herself to other women.

The big reason many women are insecure is their obsession with comparisons. Women often compare themselves to celebrities online. women they know or even your ex If she lets you see pictures of girls online and say “I will never be like that” can be problematic.

You might also have an insecure girlfriend if she constantly asks you if you think she’s prettier or hotter.

3. She asks you a lot.

when you are insecure You need confidence, so she may ask you a lot of questions to make yourself feel more secure. She will ask where you are and with whom. She’ll be sure to ask if any women you know are at the job.

She was worried that she wasn’t good enough and wanted to double check. Always that she didn’t lose you. [Read: 15 signs of an unhappy person hidden behind a happy smile]

4. She’s in control

She doesn’t just want to know what you’re doing all the time. But the insecure girlfriend also wants to tell you what to do. She won’t let you see certain people and will haunt you.

She wants to control you so she can feel better about herself. If you listen to her and follow her rules It will make her feel safer. [Read: 30 signs you have a controlling girlfriend]

5. She communicates too much.

Yes, you and your boyfriend should keep in touch. But the normal level of that could be a good morning message. talk when you have something to say and good night You don’t have to know each other’s every day, every minute, but she does.

The main sign that your girlfriend is insecure is when she keeps in touch. She wants you to text her every day and may even repeat the message if she doesn’t get a response right away. When she can’t contact you She will worry that you have been cheated or lied to. So she’s on top of it to chase you.

6. She needs a review.

She was waiting for compliments. She always asks how her dress looks. There is nothing wrong with that. But when it slips away It could be that she draws all her confidence from the way you look at her.

Instead of finding self-confidence She needs your approval. This is one reason she may be insecure. She is safe from others. [Read: How to date someone who has trust issues]

7. She pulls you away

She wants you to be on her own. An insecure girlfriend boosts her confidence when you choose her over friends and family. She will convince you to cancel your plans or take time out with your family to be with her.

8. She checks your phone.

This is a huge invasion of privacy. if she trusts you She won’t do this If you see her checking your phone or she tells you to give it to her. That’s a major danger signal. She has a lot of insecurity issues that need to be solved.

9. She has a short fuse.

When someone is confident in themselves I have the ability to control emotions. But when you have an insecure girlfriend She will be angry because the hat has dropped. She might argue because you didn’t text back or because a female coworker likes your photo.

When someone is confident in themselves, there is no need to worry about these things. They have a level of trust in you and yourself. when lacking that she will be upset [Read: How to handle dating someone with anger issues]

10. She’s on the receiving end.

If you say even a little She will be defended. She accuses you of various things. and question you But if for a moment she thinks you don’t trust her. She will slip out of the clutches.

You can see this most often if you let her know you think she’s insecure. She won’t like that. She didn’t want to face those problems because it was difficult.

11. She makes you feel guilty.

guilt trip which is the original form of lighting This is a good sign that you have an insecure girlfriend. If you go out with friends Even though she said it was okay She’ll make you feel bad about it for the next few days.

She might make you and your family or friends feel bad about her. Playing the victim in any situation is her bread and butter. Although she is not vengeful But her insecurities made her act like this. [Read: How to spot gaslighting in a relationship and shut it down for good]

12. She is most interested in you.

Of course, it’s good to have a boyfriend that puts you first. But it also made me feel overwhelmed. Your girlfriend should have other priorities. If she’s never worried about work, friends, or even hobbies. She will spend all her time with you.

This is not a good sign. This is a sign of a codependent relationship, which is more common in insecure people, but only emphasizes it. [Read: 11 signs you’re being smothered by your relationship]

13. She acts like she’s confident.

Sometimes when you have an insecure girlfriend. She will repay that too. Think about how a man might buy a big car or a luxury car to compensate for his less impressive manhood. Women do this in a different way.

For example, if she seems insecure about her appearance. She might take selfies often. Instead of letting anyone know that she wasn’t confident. She will sell it too much and seem arrogant or arrogant.

14. She’s the judge.

Bully… This is something we’ve been told since childhood and it still holds true. when someone lowers others is to lift yourself up even if not successful But it can always happen.

If your boyfriend is insecure She might always be rude about strangers. Will she mock their looks or how much they make? The things she chooses for others tend to be things that she is insecure about. [Read: Learn how to deal with judgmental people]

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