18 Honest Reasons Why You Don’t Have Friends that Care About You

Are you wondering why you don’t have friends to call when necessary? Sometimes we need to look inside and change our behavior a little.

why don't you have friends

Are you having trouble keeping friends? Or do you find yourself being dumped by someone you consider your friend all the time? Are you such a bad person that no one wants to be around you anymore? Don’t worry, it’s not possible! If you don’t have friends call true Friends, it’s time to find your soul and find out why.

Sometimes we pick people up and call them friends without really spending time getting to know them. Then when things It’s tough and you need a shoulder to cry on. That won’t be there.

reason? You never have the experience and time to build a real relationship with them. [Read: Good friends are like stars: 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

There is a real difference between the person you call a friend and the person who is a true friend. Always know the difference!

Or are you making an unforgivable mistake that drives people away from you? or force them to think you accept It’s also possible that the blame is not entirely on others. And maybe you made a few mistakes that affected the situation.

[Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted by the people in your life]

The difference between a friend in the air and a true friend

It is important to understand what a true friend looks like. Before you start crying “I don’t have friends” if you’re surrounded by people who are just like your peers. You won’t feel like you have your own team.

they come and go it is unreliable And you don’t share what’s really important. It’s almost as if you were almost there. But something is missing to make the real connection click into place. [Read: 15 signs your friends are users who drain the happiness out of you]

If you feel that you have no friends First you need to look at what you are doing. And make sure it’s not part of your fault. Second, you need to look closely at your cycle. Has anyone drilled a hole in the bottom of your boat behind you?

The difference between an air friend and a true friend doesn’t always have to be the amount of time you spend together.

I haven’t seen my best friend sometimes for weeks at a time. But we all know that if we need each other We just have to answer the phone.

Real friends feel safe and comfortable. with a friend who has clear weather You can never be sure if they will be by your side or not. [Read: What makes a good friend: The art of honing your friendship skills]

If they talk behind your back They’ll never be there when you need them. and envy your success in life. They are not true friends.

On the other hand, if they are your biggest supporters. You know they will be there for you if you need them. And they protect you in any case. You find yourself a goalkeeper. [Read: 15 signs to know if you have shitty friends and need new ones right now!]

18 Possible Reasons Why You Don’t Have Friends

Does your best friend walk away from you all the time?

Here are 18 reasons why they would do that to you.

Ask yourself if you are doing these things without realizing it. if so Make a conscious effort to change yourself for the better if you want your friends. stay together longer

[Read: When & how to end a friendship if they’re toxic and holding you back]

1. You try too hard and it shows.

You came out too tough and needy. You are always chasing people to find you. Even if they don’t seem eager to make time for you, don’t they? or when you meet friends or groups of friends You keep trying for everyone. Although it is very clear that they are bored or not? [Read: What makes someone a clingy friend and how to change ASAP]

Spending time with new friends can be very important to you. But when you try too hard You may come off as clingy and annoying.

Just relax and relax more. Your friends don’t need to know that you have nothing better to do when they’re gone. Just pretend you’re busy too. and said goodbye before the atmosphere became more uncomfortable [Read: How your self respect affects your relationship with your friends]

2. without friends Is it too negative?

You are filled with the power of darkness. And you make people feel uncomfortable around you. Have you ever seen movie characters or people on the street that make you uncomfortable and don’t know why?

You probably don’t pay much attention to your thoughts. But when you are overwhelmed with negativity, bitterness, or anger, it shows Make people want to move a few inches away from you, even if they’re sitting next to you.

Try to stay focused on your positive thinking and come to terms with yourself to become a more optimistic person. It might not happen overnight. But baby steps will take you there. [Read: Are you full of negative energy? How to stop your negative energy from ruining your life]

3. You have a hard time choosing social cues.

Is the person you’re talking to is bored? You know, this is the third time they’ve looked at their watch. Have you noticed that your friends are staring at their Facebook page on their phones while you’re in the middle of an “interesting” conversation?

Just because you think you’re having a fun time. It doesn’t mean that others are. Pay attention to the behavior of those around you when you talk to them. Change the conversation the minute you see the other person distracted. [Read: The complete guide to making great conversations with anyone and making them love you!]

4. You are selfish

If you are more concerned about your own needs than anyone else’s. That’s the number one reason why you don’t have friends.

when you meet friends All you worry about is having a good time. You don’t think hanging out with friends in the evening will be a gathering time for socializing and fun.

You selfishly pull happiness out of your conversations with others. And you’re interested in hearing what you want to hear or talk about.

You always want more than you give. Remember when you’re unwilling to give it back. You won’t get anything in the first place. [Read: 10 signs you’re a selfish person and 5 ways to change yourself]

5. You have no friends because you read between the lines.

And you read it too! You assume the whole world is constantly revolving around you. So your friends share quotes on facebook? Wait, is that relevant to you? Was there a secret message sent to you? Is he or she trying to say something to you? stop!

Stop trying to assume that everything your friend does or says has a hidden agenda or connotation. And that has a lot to do with you.

When you start reading between the lines all the time You’ll end up making a lot of assumptions. You got one of the assumptions wrong somewhere. and every assumption beyond it will be entirely wrong. It will only get worse if you confront your friends with hypotheses and find yourself looking like an idiot. [Read: Are you losing a friend or are both of you just drifting away over time?]

6. You moan all the time!

The people hated the moaning more than the plague. Even if they don’t even know it! Do you find yourself complaining about something all the time? Take advantage of yourself and the world and stop whining.

Everyone has bad things. happens in my own life enough And they don’t want to be burdened with your complaints and lack of happiness. Be happy, look on the bright side, and bathe the world with joy and laughter. You will be loved in no time! [Read: 15 tips to be really nice and loved by all immediately]

7. You create mental barriers.

Have you ever suppressed your thoughts because you thought you sounded stupid to say that? and most importantly Are you uncomfortable with your friends?

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