Intentionally Hurting Someone You Love: Why We Do It & How to Stop

People can be very cruel to each other. And intentionally hurting someone you love can be dangerous. Here’s how to react when someone hurts you.

intending to hurt the person you love

We all make mistakes and can inadvertently, accidentally or even knowingly harm our loved ones. But intentionally hurting the person you love turns out to be a mess.

Do you intend to hurt the person you love?

When I was young and quarreled with my boyfriend back then. I’m going to say things that really hurt. Why? I need a reaction or make him feel the pain he caused me. Either way, don’t do that.

If you want to hurt your partner, friend or family member, to grow up And I admit that I’m an immature idiot.

How to cope when someone intentionally hurt you

Now, if you’re with someone who hurt you, you need to stop. Intentionally hurting the person you love is not a sign of your soul mate or someone who cares about your feelings. And that’s the honest truth. [Read: Watch out for these early warning signs of a toxic person]

When I say bad things those with my ex I just want him to hurt. I didn’t think about his emotional well-being or how he felt at that moment. do something with it

You can’t let someone walk past you, so it’s time you learn how to react when someone accidentally hurts you. Because saying “It’s okay” or “Don’t worry” won’t cut it. You can’t let them pass this time.

#1 what happened? Before you start thinking it’s intentional You have to step back and look at the whole situation. Perhaps you view the situation as something different from how they see the situation. I don’t want to let them pass. But you should really look at what’s going on. Ask a third person like one of your friends to give their point of view as well. [Read: How to fix a lack of communication in your relationship]

#2 follow your gut I tell you to step back and look at the situation and you should. But if your heart is telling you what they said or did that intentionally hurt you, then you’re right. Your gut reaction is a very good indicator of how you’re thinking and feeling. Taking a step back means you’re letting yourself make sure your feelings don’t come from anywhere else.

#3 Do you do the same thing? I don’t blame you, but you should reflect on yourself and see if you’re doing this to the person who hurt you.

Sometimes we don’t even know And the other person basically gave us our own medicine. Does this give them the green light for doing this? No, but now you have a good base to start a conversation. [Read: 10 big problems in a relationship and how to fix them]

#4 Do you want to face them? You have two options: face them or not face them. none in between If you choose to face them It shows that you have decided that you will no longer tolerate their behavior. That can be done in two ways: maintain the relationship or end it. It’s also a choice. no to deal with them But be careful, this will happen again…and again.

#5 don’t stand up Let’s say you have chosen to face them. I think this is a good idea. Listen, it’s time to reduce the abuse you get. It’s easy to pull the guard. but in fact It doesn’t get you far. Just tell us your location and perspective on what’s going on. You didn’t come here to convince them or be hostile to them. [Read: How to tell someone they hurt you without hurting them in return]

#6 Let them share their opinions. Okay, you tell them how you feel. Now you can’t walk away This is the good part! You have to let them tell you their point of view. They must be able to express opinions and views as well. If not It’s just to explain your feelings and not let the situation get in the way. You both have to act before you can come to an agreement.

#7 honest. If you don’t speak directly It’s no use talking to this person anymore. I mean, the whole point of the conversation is being honest with yourself and them.

If everything you say is not straightforward You’re wasting your time, so if you want to talk to them about your behavior. You must be weak[Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship]

#8 Don’t focus on trying to be right. I don’t know what happened You may have some rights. but They are also correct. However, this is not a flashy contest. It’s not about who is right or who is wrong. This person has his own thoughts and feelings. There is nothing you can do about that. Just admit that you might not agree with the basics.

#9 You may need to apologize Yes, they may intentionally try to hurt you. But it takes two strokes to tango. There are some people who are just ordinary psychopaths. and wanting to hurt you for no reason [Read: How to quickly spot narcissistic traits in a relationship]

but for most people We hurt others because we hurt. If you’ve done something that hurts them. You must apologize too. Treating others badly is not good at all. Either you or the other party will do that.

#10 Evaluate the relationship. When you’ve said it Do you want to salvage the relationship? It’s a difficult question to answer. If someone cheats on you However, in other situations, such as arguing over laundry, you shouldn’t try to save the relationship. You may want to deal with the relationship before you cut it. [Read: The 15 signs it’s time to break up – even if it’s hard]

#11 Set boundaries. Have you ever experienced that feeling when someone intentionally hurt you? It’s hard, but it’s a valuable life lesson. It’s time to set boundaries for yourself. if not then You will never know which line. which means no one knows Create healthy boundaries for yourself. It will prevent this situation from happening again.

[Read: 15 healthy boundaries that’ll create better relationships for you]

You have the tools Now you just have to stand up for yourself. If deliberately hurting the person you love is your partner’s mantra. It’s time to put your feet down!

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