Is He Married or Dating Someone Else?

Are you dating a wonderful guy who is good at times and skeptical at times? Is he married or dating someone else? Read these signs to know more.

is he married

Sometimes you might find a great guy who is ready to do anything.

and on rare occasions You might find this guy behaving quite suspiciously.

Is he now married or dating someone else or is he just a guy with a lot of secrets?

by any means That’s not good news for you.

You probably won’t go to a married man. but sometimes You may find yourself in his arms. When you least expect

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Some men always want the best of both worlds.

They want to have a stable relationship with one person and be happy quickly with another.

Don’t blame yourself if you find yourself falling in love with someone who is dating someone else.

But don’t blame yourself if you don’t see the gaping signal.

Was he married or saw someone else?

Although all married men are extremely careful to leave a crumb on you. But there are some subtle signs that can unleash even the best of cheaters.

Is he dating someone else while chasing you along the way? according to the sign.

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he pays with cash

Now, this may mean that he has a lot of money in hand or has an ATM built in. Today, everyone is too comfortable with plastic money. If you are dating a guy who has never used a card before. He may be getting bad credit or doesn’t want other women to know about his extracurricular activities with you behind his back.

his life story

Do you know anything about his life? Or does he convince you that he is a spy? A married man can have a number of reasons to change the conversation when you ask him about his job details. Because he doesn’t want you to visit him there. Single men will be happy to show you off. What do you know about your personal life? his family Or what he does when he’s not having sex with you? Doesn’t it sound fishy?

The first few days are all about exploring each other and learning about each other. If all your dates are about sex in bed He might not want you to know him too much, and he might not be interested in getting to know you better.

Have you ever met his friends?

you are a good chick Any guy wants to show off you in his arms. Has he introduced you to his friends after the first few days? If he treats you like a well-kept secret. Perhaps he intended to keep it that way.

And if he accidentally bumps into a friend or coworker while hanging out with you? He tried to avoid people. That or quickly end the conversation? Now why would anyone want to do that? [Read: Does he want a secret relationship?]

Those happy and happy days

How does he behave with you when you both go to a burger joint or a coffee shop? Does he wear high-performance glasses and scan the room periodically? If a guy is constantly looking around like something is bothering him when he’s dating you in public? Shows that he’s afraid of being found in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong chick.

What about PDAs? Was he trying to hold your hand or kiss you when you were at the coffee shop? If he’s not obsessed with showing affection in public. He did his best to avoid being seen by anyone. Who? his wife? His girlfriend? You will know that one day

Those lonely and lovely days

as far as he might seem in public. Does he flip the switch back when he’s in a lonely and romantic luxury restaurant? If a guy who doesn’t want to touch you with a mast in public suddenly. Becoming a loner like the lonely Don Juan, he had a split personality or another woman at home.

call interrupter

Do men these days avoid answering the phone when they are with you? Oh, is that sweet?

Add ‘Super Romantic’ and ‘Careful Man’ to your list of good things about him, but if his phone rings again and this time, he’ll walk out of your ear to whisper into the phone. Unfaithful’ on that list too.

he talks on the phone with you

Does he have a home phone? Most unfaithful husbands and girlfriends suffer from temporary amnesia when they remember they had a home phone. Especially when they have a small affair with a girl like you.

What about his speaking habits? Is he acting normal when you call him in a few hours? Did he answer your call? Or does he respond and talk to you like it’s a business call? If he talks like he’s waiting for sex on the phone at one time of the day and in Morse code at another time of day. Shows that he has a different personality.

hanging in the hood

Has your new boyfriend invited you to his place? Or does he make convincing excuses to do something other than go to his house?

If he likes to hang out with your place all the time but never invites you home. Shows that he has something hidden. Singles love to invite their date to their place. It brings him closer to getting another mark on his bed post. So, if the guy you’re dating wants to have sex but doesn’t want to take you to bed, it’s a good idea. He may be sharing his bed with someone else.

his single status

When you talk to him about his single status. Does he respond reliably? Every guy knows how to cook a delicious meal or knows the phone number of all local restaurants by heart. What if he can’t manage a long list of restaurants and laundries? Show that he is doing something. Like his single status!

his travel plans

Many married men who work in one state may have wives and children in another. Now when he had time in the world He won’t have any problems. To play dating games and to be the occasional caretaker of the family.

Does he have very strict travel plans, like going on a weekly trip every two weeks or something like that? If he is divorced and traveling to see his children, this may be the right reason. But you can contact him anytime you want when he leaves. Or does he have room for your calls?

and if he really likes you You may even go with him to his hometown. If he’s embarrassed that you meet his kids, you can tag a friend and spend the weekend with your friends and have lunch with your boyfriend in a nearby restaurant. Sounds easy, but it won’t be easy. If he is happily married and not divorced [Read: How to meet the one?]

His reaction to spontaneous dating

How does he behave when you plan a date with him for a few days? Does he look frightened, or does he move his feet and wriggle as he makes a sudden excuse?

A guy with fresh love will do anything to stay with you and impress you. A man who is addicted to others cannot do anything. If you have serious doubts about him Have him stay at your home often. If he’s married or dating someone else It is possible that he will receive a phone call or text at some point.

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He needs you, baby, and now he needs you!

Is the new guy in your life aggressively chasing you and trying to constantly look for places and spaces to haunt him?

Any guy who is looking for a quick relationship or an affair tends to be pretty talkative. convince you and force you to have sex with him as soon as possible Think from his point of view. He knows that any woman he’s dating will soon start to suspect him. So having sex as soon as possible is always better. Even though he thought he was close to being caught He saw you all and made a deal with you. He was able to quickly move towards a happy person.

Remind you of a dog sniffing and urinating quickly before it gets caught? Don’t be that car!

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Is he married or dating someone else? These signals are all you need and more. The next time you fall in love with a questionable guy who is doing everything he can to go to bed with you on a first date. Keep your eyes open and remember these signs.

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