Is He Playing Hard to Get? 13 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

Was he playing hard? Women aren’t the only ones playing that dating game. Sometimes guys like to see you chasing them.

Was he playing hard to get?

Now, the questionable thing is that he plays hard to get it, is that sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between that and him who truly doesn’t care about you.

The relationship between a man and a woman is exhausting. He likes you. He doesn’t like you. You need him. You don’t need him now. What happened to good old love? you point at someone tell them you love them and that’s all you seal the deal

Was he playing hard?

I know what you’re thinking Why doesn’t he want to be with you? You can’t make everyone love you. Sorry, I didn’t come here to cross out your ego. I once had a guy who played hard just to be with me. I was shocked

He told me I had to wait if I wanted to contact him. Now he said frankly that he played hard to get if he doesn’t tell you How do you know? There’s a sign, oh there’s a sign, I can’t believe we’re still here, come on people!

#1 he tells you I know that guy’s nerves! Some of these guys are cocky enough to tell you in front of you that they’re hard to play. At this point, you might laugh at it, but seriously, just leave that guy. What are you going to do? Crawling to him for his love and affection? Come on, you’re better than that. [Read: Don’t fall for it, the rom com cliches never work in real life]

#2 he teased you Just imagine how hard women play with men. We tease them, oh, we tease them all the time. We send cute messages, sexy pictures to them, but have we ever followed up on what we were told to do? very unlikely we are talking

same with men He might tease you with pictures and texts. make you excited But then nothing happened. [Read: Is he playing hard to get or just wants to sleep with you?]

#3 He flirts with other women in front of you. Back in the day, this was all I had to do. I hit another guy in front of the guy I want. That way he would be jealous and chase after me for attention. It works and works for you too.

Perhaps he was often overlooked. while talking to other girls to see if you are watching them. It’s a classic move and often offends others.

#4 he canceled your plan So you guys have an agreement to watch the movie tonight. He is also a recommender! But alas, where is he? not beside you on the sofa But he texted you saying he couldn’t and apologized to you. If someone meets you, they like you, but if they cancel. They try to show you that they don’t care and take responsibility.

#5 he criticizes you He’s trying to show you who’s boss. You’d think we were in the episode of crazy people or something. This guy is constantly criticizing everything you say or do. Why? He’s trying to show you that he’s dominant. and if you want him You have to get the job done. don’t work for it Find people who like you for who you are.

#6 He texts and calls you when he need Sure, you called and texted him yesterday. But he wasn’t interested in answering. He calls you when he wants. Everything was on his terms. If he does this, be careful. I know this makes you even more curious and obsessed with him. But that was his plan. This is a great way to make people want you more. [Read: 14 ways to deal with controlling people]

#7 he is hot and cold It’s my least favorite Katy Perry song. But alas, here I am talking about it. He’s playing you like a fiddle. Of course, at first he was extremely caring and kind, but suddenly he changed. This could be because he wants to control you, or it could be that he has stopped liking you. by any means You don’t like being with this guy.

#8 you can feel The reason is called the female instinct. Deep in your gut, you know the truth. Sure, he might like you. But you know what will happen in the end. I know you want to conquer him. let him fall in love with you But it won’t happen

He’s playing you and you know it. Put your ego aside, as chasing him will be heartbreaking and healing for years. [Read: 13 clear signs to split a player from a gentleman]

#9 He’s not the first to do this. you know this feeling You remember this feeling before. Ah! This is because he’s not the first person to wonder how hard he played. In fact, you can still remember some guy friends who did this awful thing if you look at your flashback situations. This situation was no different. [Read: The signs he uses to tell you he is interested in more than friendship]

#10 He shames you. You don’t want to introduce him to your friends and family because you’re really embarrassed. He doesn’t treat you with respect. He naturally shows no mercy that you deserve. Thinking he met your parents makes you nauseous. Is this feeling good? If this man is the right person for you. you will not embarrass him

#11 He doesn’t want to make it special. The two of you probably have known each other for a while. But he’s not in a rush to make it special and doesn’t need it. That’s why he plays all these games with you. he doesn’t want to be with you You’re fine…now If he really cares about you Things like this won’t happen.

#12 You are mad at him. Usually, most of the time you are in a state of annoyance all the time around him. Why? Because you know he’s joking with you! you know! He doesn’t give you what you want. But you keep circling because you think that one day the light bulb in his head will go out. It won’t. [Read: 14 signs he’s playing mind games with you]

#13 You ignore the signs. You know these signs well. They are all beautifully laid out in front of you. But you ignore those signs. Why? because you need him But you don’t really need him. You just play the game hoping to win. but you won’t win You have to know and accept it, look at the signal, seep into your brain, and pull it out.

[Read: 17 things that aren’t going to change about a guy]

Once you know the signal It’s time for you to assemble the puzzle together with your guy. Is he playing hard to get it or is he just not as interested as you think?

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