Is It a Date or Are You Just Hanging Out? –

When is dating really dating? And when was it just dating? Use this guide to understand and make spending time together beneficial to you.

Dating or just hanging out?

First of all, let’s be honest.

Will a man or a woman say “date” doesn’t matter?? or “let’s go on a trip”?? over the phone while asking you to spend time together

*But of course it would be easier if they were honest!*

What you need to realize is that how you two behave during your time together is important.

almost always Knowing that our time together is heading towards love or being pushed into the friend zone is almost always.

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The only time it can get confusing is when you like someone who invites you to hang out or asks you to hang out. and your heart is full of love And every action or behavior of your ‘friend’ seems believable. such as date-like behavior

disguised as dating

If a man gives you flowers It was clear that he had a date in mind.

On the other hand, if he said he just wanted to hang out with friends. He still has feelings for you.

So trying to decipher the words a man or woman uses to ask you out on a date isn’t going to help much. [Read: 18 signs to decode a guy’s body language and know if he likes you]

And what’s worse Most men and women don’t ask for dates either. *If they really like that person* For most people in love The thought of confessing to love is extremely painful and worrisome. Especially if they secretly like them a lot and they don’t want to ruin their chances. It’s always easier to play it safe. Use an excuse to travel and impressing that person is very slow

and for whoever is on the other side of the table This can be a big problem. Is it a date or are you just hanging out? Does this person like you or is it just very friendly and warm? [Read: 15 very, very obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

The perfect excuse – let’s go hang out.

Using an excuse to hang out reduces dating pressure. If it’s dating from the start There is always a tension to impress each other. Then there’s the stress of worrying about kissing goodnight. The next potential dating and many more disturbing thoughts

For many people, it’s a lot easier to be cool. Assess the possibility of the evening And think about a person’s dating potential over time. and frankly The logic behind this is pretty clear. Although it confuses others most of the time! [Read: 20 obvious tips to perfect your date conversation in minutes!]

Was it a date or did you both just hang out?

The date is not a date? And when is a hangout more than just a hangout?

If you’re wondering about the possibilities before dating. This is a good way to start. Is the follow-up planned in advance? Does this friend call you a week in advance and ask if you’re available during a particular time, or does this person call you unexpectedly and ask you to catch up later?

If planning a friendly meeting ahead of schedule It might be the day and vice versa If it’s a last-minute decision to catch up with because both of you, there’s nothing better. It might just be hanging out.

But keep in mind that some men and women may want to be cool because they don’t want to show obvious interest in you or their intentions. And they might use a last-minute excuse to spend time with you. [Read: The right way to talk to a crush and make them fall for you]

What is your intention? – make it clear

It’s not easy to know what your friends are up to. until you actually have a date But there is one thing you can do about it. and it’s the best way Make your intentions clear from the start in detail. and see the signals and how they react to your progress.

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12 Signs You’re Dating or Just Hanging Out

Now we come to the part where you both sit down together. and no other friends at all. and feel confused as to what he’s thinking. Use these 12 signs to read his mind without actually asking. about their intentions

#1 jitter Is your friend nervous? * Nervous, restless And more awkward than usual* if your friend likes you. There is a high chance that they will try to impress you without making it obvious.

#2 Good time? Your friends ask you if you’re having a good time during your date. He doesn’t say like “this place sucks” ?? or “I’m so bored”?? But they will specifically ask for your opinion.

And if you say the food is bad or the place is bad Your friend might say something like, “I will make sure not to bring you here again…”?? They might act like it’s their fault that you hate this place! [Read: The dating girl code all girls definitely need to know]

#3 dress and clean Does your friend look neat and look like a shiny penny? Once you know exactly what they’re wearing isn’t your typical holiday outfit, maybe they’ve got a date in mind.

#4 Questions and answers. Going on a trip all of a sudden feels like an interview or a round of 20 questions if your friend likes you. They want to know everything about you. [Read: 36 naughty and funny questions for flirty guys and girls]

#5 of exes and flings Are your friends talking about your ex or your crush? Even if you don’t give any reason with them when discussing this topic. Talking about romance is a pretty good sign that your friend just wants to hang out with you.

On the other hand, if you want to be in the friend zone Just talk about your current crush or your crush. Your friends will definitely get a hint.

#6 It’s a fancy date restaurant. You are not a foodie and not your friend. But both of you are in an extravagant place. If the place is too luxurious to feel like a hangout. Your friend may be trying to get into your heart with good wine and food.

#7 Friends who can touch. Your friends try to touch you often. Even if there is no reason or requirement for touch or not if your friend likes you whether they try to be prudent or not. They would be embarrassed not to try to hold your hand. [Read: The art of touchy flirting without being obvious]

#8 compliment Friends compliment each other, yes. But they don’t compliment you on your personality or appearance. and followed by an awkward pause and a cheerful stare.

And don’t even flirt Because that’s just a direct signal. that your friends are hitting you instead of hanging out with you

#9 dialogue. The conversation revolves around the two of you. Neither of you is talking about other friends. funny work at work or something else The conversation revolves around the two of you subconsciously trying to get to know each other. close details and all [Read: Sure signs both of you are already more than just friends]

#10 Sorry. Your friend apologizes for the most nonsense “Sorry… I have to answer that call” ??, “Sorry you didn’t like that place” ??, “Sorry I wasn’t having fun…” Maybe your friend will. just be polite But the chances are greater They are trying to win your heart.

#11 Pay the bill. Both of you will be Dutch and split the bill. Or is there only one paying person? This is not a particularly effective method of predicting dates. But if a guy insists or even argues that he wants to get the bill, maybe, maybe, he’s trying to impress you. [Read: 13 signs of lusty sexual attraction between friends]

#12 Thank you! Friends don’t thank other friends for having a good time while hanging out! they just laugh wave goodbye and walk away And although there is a thank you at the end of Hangout/Date, there is a clear difference between “I had a wonderful time. We should do this again!”?? and “Thank you for a wonderful time. I want to see you again…”??

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may seem as confusing as With dating or just hanging out, it’s actually pretty easy if you use these tips and learn to read between the lines. And when you know what they’re thinking You just have to ask yourself what you want!

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