Is My Ex Thinking About Me? The Guide to Pick All the Right Signs

Breaking up is hard to bear. But leaving was worse. Especially if you still love your ex. Want to know the answer to the important question that ‘Is my ex thinking about me?’

Does my ex miss me?

Breaking up is painful. and even though it hurts Breakups also bring about the hope of getting an ex back or meeting someone new to fill in the gaps. and as much as we want to avoid We can’t help but wonder – is my ex thinking about me?

I’ve been heartbroken a few times. and has been heartbroken many times

And although I know that love can cause pain as much as happiness But I can’t help but sink into the pool of love more times than I can count.

One question that haunts anyone the most after a breakup. Especially when you lose touch with your ex, is your ex still in love with you?

Thinking about it is painful. But it’s very sad to know that you’re not the only one in pain.

We are human beings and we are sadists. It’s nice to know that your ex is still in pain and suffering. and miss you as much with that you are missing them

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Does my ex miss me?

After breaking up a few months ago I feel bad again.

we have a happy relationship But our lives are too different to see the future together. He thinks I’m too flirty and has too many male friends, and I, I think, is an introvert who doesn’t like me having too many friends.

I didn’t want to hear anything about him for the first few days. I didn’t want to hear his name out loud. A week had passed. i feel better I haven’t heard from him for over a week now. And I wanted to know what he was doing.

Does my ex miss me? Does he want to come back with me? I don’t want to go back to being with him, but I still love him. [Read: Why you can’t find love no matter what you do]

The conflicting emotions drive me crazy. I love him, but I don’t want him or want him back. But I just need to know if he thinks about me. I logged into Facebook on Saturday morning and typed in his name frantically. no status updates He hasn’t been active for a week as well. Hmm… maybe he’s waiting for me to announce the news to the world.

exes game play

I’ve been listening to Jets ‘Look what you’ve done’ every morning and with a habit of telling the world my favorite song that day. So I updated my status to the song’s YouTube link and logged out.

No news from him. I googled his blog and saw that he posted something lame about bad weather and too mellow. Wow, hey, the weather is down and mellow!

What the hell? It was mid-summer and a bright and sunny day. Is he trying to say something to me? Did he feel bad and sad after the breakup? i smile to myself And I almost immediately recognized that I was still in pain.

I visited his blog several times that day. It felt good to read his post about the gloomy weather. My hands are itchy to make some comments. and i have to I use a pseudonym and comment on the same sentiments as the weather. He never knew it was me, haha! not in a million years

bright saturday

The day passed relentlessly. I’ve seen a few movies that make me feel bad. By late afternoon, I’m even more depressed. I decided to go out and spend time with my friends. i miss him so much It’s been a week since I’ve heard from him. I know we didn’t mean it. But I just missed hearing his voice. As I walked down a calm and pleasant street with sunlight-lit trees and leaves, I miss him even more i feel lonely I walked over to the payphone and decided to call him anonymously. He answered the phone and my mouth widened in a smile. I feel like a little girl calling her interested. I held my breath and didn’t answer. He hung up after a few seconds, I felt stupid. [Read: Is it love or lust?]

I moved and met my friends around the corner where we decided to go shopping. i feel better And I saw many things that I wanted to give him. But I brushed off that thought. That night, I missed him more than I’ve had for the entire week since we broke up. [Read: What to do with old love letters?]

I’m logged into Facebook and to my surprise my ex has updated his status. with a link to the song I followed the link “I will remember you” ?? by Sarah Mclachlan I can’t help being dizzy and blushing. i feel happy He answered my song with another song. Does my ex miss me? Yes, he certainly is! Wow!

I started shuffling through playlists furiously and found another song that I liked. I updated my facebook status, it reads “I’m the winner of the lost game” ?? And to link up with Rascal Flatts, I’m really excited. I didn’t feel pain i feel alive

I have checked his blog. But no reply to my comment. Bummer, but something happened between us on Facebook and I like it!

painful sunday

I woke up early and checked his Facebook page. No updates and that annoys me. I feel sad again Does my ex not miss me anymore? Can he move? Uh, I’m back to bed. I check his blog several times and googled his name every few hours. [Read: Googling an ex – Online obsessions]

I have been calling a few times. And I hear no one from the other side i smile I was surprisingly happy, saying ‘hello’ flirtatiously for a few minutes at a time and saying goodbye before hanging up. but that night I learned that a friend of mine from upcountry tried to call me. But nothing was heard from my end. The balloon burst. My ex didn’t even call me. This feeling was as bad as the breakup, and I reminisced over the pain over and over with sporadic happiness.

Next Week – Is Your Ex Missing Me?

I am addicted to facebook because there is no other way to hear from my ex. A few days later saw me jump for joy and hit the rocky ground in anger and pain. More songs are included in the status updates in the coming days, from Evanescence’s ‘My immortal’ to Rihanna’s ‘Love the way you lie’. I’m confused and filled with joy and sadness. at the same time It was a strange experience.

I find myself stalking his Facebook page more and more often. until becoming obsessed and by chance I found out through his friend’s Facebook page that my ex and a few other guys were meeting that evening to play some game.

I suddenly became obsessed and loved my ex more than ever. I just want him back

Met an old friend again

That evening we ended up colliding *accidentally* and it was great. He smiled and I blushed. And before we knew it, we hugged and felt like we were in a warm pillow. Ready to sink into a happy dream I’m happy and he’s happy. [Read: The secret law of attraction in love]

We went home together and returned together that evening.

move on with my life

life is especially good At least for about a month or so, the same problems we had in the beginning started to recur. And life was more painful than I remember. we broke up again This time I removed him from my Facebook friends list. We broke up for some reason. because we are not compatible It’s normal to have feelings for each other even after breaking up. In the end, we fell in love with each other for a long time. But that’s not a reason to go back. ‘Cause we’re just not happy in love [Read: Getting back with an ex for sex]

So my advice to you as much as you suspect. “Does my ex miss me?” or whether you want to get back together Remember that breakups happen for a reason. It’s really not useful. To try to get back to doing things that don’t make you happy forever. You will remember that your ex and your ex will miss you too. But even if you have an unfinished or emotional conversation, focus, let go, and learn to walk away.

Does my ex miss me? – Signs

If you are wondering if your ex is thinking about you or wants to get back with you? Use these signs to know the truth. but in the end Don’t use it as an excuse to get back together. almost always A failed love will never happen a second time. [Read: How to get over a broken heart]

#1 Your ex calls you often. Even if you can’t hear him from the other party. This is foolishness. But every couple who misses their ex tends to do this or at least dream of doing it.

#2 Your ex is keeping your new relationship cautious. If they still love you They won’t want to waste the opportunity to get back to you by publicly acknowledging that they’re meeting someone else.

#3 Do you see links to love songs or love quotes in your ex’s Facebook or Twitter updates? This is one of the pros and cons of social networks. Your ex can be sober but talkative. But be wary of this because stalking a Facebook page or Twitter feed can become a painful obsession.

#4 Are you web savvy and have a personal blog where you share your daily gossip? It’s very likely that your ex will be hovering around your blog waiting to hear the next big thing in your life. If you have a statistics counter that tracks visitors and you know how to avoid them. You will be able to follow your ex in no time. but seriously Don’t worry about doing this because you will have your own passion for it.

#5 If your ex still misses you or wants you back. They will talk about you or ask about you through your regular friends, and soon the word will spread throughout the vine. And you’ll know that your ex is very interested in your life. But be firm and remember why you broke up in the first place.

#6 Have you met your ex without realizing it lately? Does this happen often? There’s a good chance this whole thing will be pre-planned. You may have an angry friend who is secretly spying on your ex. Or you might be letting the rest of the world know about your day-to-day plans. Collision feels good But it won’t reduce the pain. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your relationships for you]

What to do when your ex misses you?

Exes never stop thinking about their exes, it’s natural and inevitable. Even if you have a bad relationship You can’t help but wonder if you’ll go back and worry about the proverb, ‘What if…?’ but for your own benefit. Block your ex from your thoughts, even if your ex is interested or overthinking. It may seem harsh and painful. But that’s the only way forward. And believe me, there are people who are better and more compatible with you than waiting for you nearby. [Read: The real reason behind why love hurts so much after a break up]

You have to keep in mind that sticking to a bad relationship or your ex. You won’t let the love of life blossom into something happier and more fulfilling. I spend good time a few months to find an ex Caught between intense moments of joy and pain And everything leads back to the same ending over and over again. [Read: How to love again after being hurt]

People don’t change, feelings change, so instead listen to your picky feelings. Think about the people who hurt you and keep your feelings as far away from them as possible.

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So, next time you’re wondering about the question in question, ‘Is my ex thinking about me?’ Put the thought aside. because by any means It’s not good for you or your love life.

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