How to Know If She is The One: 32 Signs to Instantly Know for Sure

When you meet that special girl that makes your heart beat faster. You need to understand how to know if she is The One or not so she doesn’t slip away!

How do you know that she is that person?

There is no perfect relationship. Even the most cohabiting couples have conflicts. Look at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith! They are one of the most cohesive couples in Hollywood. But still, they’re rough, so it’s often difficult to know if the person you’re dating is the real person.

If you are loved but sometimes things not going well Remember that quarrels and conflicts are normal. If anything, they’re still healthy.

It’s not good to agree on everything all the time. And healthy conflicts can help develop a higher relationship. That could be a sign that things Still not going according to plan

What does it mean to be ‘The One’?

Before we delve into the signs to see if she’s The One, let’s take a look at its true meaning.

If someone is The One, it basically means they are the person you see that you live your life with. It doesn’t mean that there is only one person in this world.

There are people who fall in love and get along very well, but things happen and they go their separate ways over time. The person may meet another person and fall in love again, but in a slightly different way.

for that reason I don’t believe that there is only one person for everyone. But I believe you can tell if someone is important in the future by evaluating your connection. [Read: 35 really important questions to ask a girl you just met]

How to know if she is The One or not, not from the list It comes from the feeling that this is someone you can really see yourself grow and develop with.

No relationship ends with a finished article. And there are always challenges. If you can get through it together and work as a team to make things better, that’s the biggest and best sign. [Read: The 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

How to Know You’re The One – 17 Signs to Remember

What does it take to learn to know if she is The One or not? Check out these 17 signs and see how many nods you can get.

1. You want to share everything with her.

That doesn’t mean you have to vent to her all the time. But you want to share your thoughts and feelings with her. And she will always do the same for you. When you meet The One, you don’t want to hold anything.

3. She supports you both thick and thin.

A strong and supportive woman is the ideal life partner. She will be there for you for life and will always be your greatest cheerleader.

4. thought that she would be a good life partner

You don’t just see her in the future. But you think she’ll be a good partner for life as well.

How can you tell? Not only is she supportive, but she’s also willing to try to make your relationship better. you can laugh together cry together And she’s a partner in a more meaningful way.

6. You argue, but you try to get through it.

Don’t make fun of yourself and say that you won’t argue or never conflict because you will.

However, those arguments did not last long. And both of you will be happy to resolve the issue. There was no resentment and no long silent treatment.

7. Easy to communicate with

How do you know that she is the only one with many elements? But if you can communicate freely and you don’t feel embarrassed or nervous about talking to her, then you’ll be fine. It shows that you have met someone who understands you on a deeper level.

9. will do anything to make her smile

Her smile brightens your day. and when she’s happy You’re happy, of course. When she’s sad, it makes you feel bad and uncomfortable. This is not just a show of sympathy. but a strong connection

10. You can’t imagine your life without her.

When you picture your life She’s in it and you can’t imagine it being any other way. Memories of not having you around It makes you feel bad, sad, and sometimes even scared.

11. You didn’t dream of another woman.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never find another attractive woman in your life. Because that is unrealistic.

But it means you never dreamed of doing anything with it because you never wanted to hurt her that way. How do you know you’re the only one that means full commitment? [Read: How to avoid temptation and remain faithful to the one you love]

12. She accepts everything about you, good and bad.

And of course you do the same with her. No one is perfect and if she is not concerned about your weaknesses and more focused on your strengths. Show that she accepts you completely. It was a wonderful feeling.

13. Both of you will be happy to apologize when you make a mistake.

when two people were not born for each other There is always pride in the way. That means if you’re arguing You don’t want to apologize to make things better. Instead, she might be The One.

14. You put each other first.

You want to make sure she’s fine and she’s doing the same for you. As a result, you always consider each other’s feelings and put each other first.

15. Your feelings are more than sex.

In the beginning of a relationship, everything is passionate and a matter of bedroom time. As the relationship develops Of course, sex still matters. But it’s not all about that.

16. Life gets better when you’re around

when she is near you You will feel calm and happy. Life is much happier when she’s by your side and you’re doing things together.

Of course you can’t be 100% side by side but when side by side things are great. [Read: Do I really love her? 25 signs that’ll give you the real answer]

17. You are a partner in everything.

How do you know you are The One? You are a team and you do the important things in life side by side as a solid unit. That means you succeed and fail as one. And you’ll be by your side whenever you need it.

15 Subtle Signs That She’s Really Not The One

You’ve learned to know if she’s The One, but there are signs that she’s not the one for you. These signs may seem subtle. But it’s powerful!

1. You regularly misunderstand each other and communication is difficult.

You find it difficult to communicate and you often find that you misuse or misunderstand each other. It feels difficult.

3. It’s usually about sex.

If you remove sex from the equation, what will be left? That’s a difficult question to answer. And if you can’t give a definitive answer or you feel like there’s nothing special left. That’s a pretty obvious sign.

4. You don’t have a lot in common.

Although sometimes the opposite can be attractive. But you’ll need a handful of common groundwork. If you are struggling to find that You will struggle to understand each other.

6. Her eccentricity is quite annoying to you.

You should find her weirdness cute and part of who she is. But if you find it annoying That’s not the greatest sign of longevity.

7. Your values ​​do not match.

This is a big problem. If your values ​​are inconsistent Your relationship is impossible. You can have slightly different values. but in the end Those values ​​must match in some way.

8. You both want completely different things.

Life will ultimately lead you on a different path. And that means you will face heartbreak in the future. When you both want different things You may drift or one of them will have to compromise too much. [Read: The things to know before getting engaged that can make or break you]

9. When you imagine the future You’re not sure if she’s in it?

Pretty obvious, right? How to know she is The One means you see her in your future. If you can imagine and she’s away or you’re not sure, things don’t look right.

10. You look at your friend’s relationship and find that your relationship is missing.

First of all, don’t compare relationships. But if you feel like your relationship doesn’t fill you in the same way their relationship seems to fill you, then you’re not. You have to ask why.

11. You tend to forget each other’s little things.

Birthday, middle name, favorite color, milestones These are all things that people remember when they connected. Of course, sometimes we forget. But if it’s normal It shows that you are not interested for some reason. [Read: Am I being taken for granted by my girl? 16 subtle ways to know for sure]

12. Your connection is lost and people notice.

People always tell you that you are not together and when you analyze You feel that your relationship is not as strong as it should be. Do you work on it or do you know it shouldn’t be?

13. You often find yourself defending your relationship.

Your closest and dearest people want the best for you. And if they tend to express concerns about your relationship. You may find yourself protecting it all the time. Why is that?

Learning to know if she is The One means thinking about a lot of things and solving puzzles together. That doesn’t mean you’ll never face a hard time. But if you can get through it together That’s a good sign.

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