10 Sure Signs the Girl You Like is Just Using You!

Have you ever fallen in love with a woman only to find that you are more lost and confused than ever? Yawn! Is she using you? Search with these signs

10 signs that your crush is using you!

She might look charming and cute.

She might be the flirty and the perfect woman you’ve been waiting for.

But is this new relationship confusing you and lacking in confidence?

she tells you she loves you But the way she did it seemed otherwise. Is she using you?

Sometimes you may find a woman who seems to fit the definition of the perfect girlfriend’s dream.

But if you feel confused and hot in the first few weeks. It’s possible that she’s using you or she’s just putting you on the waiting list until she makes a decision.

Is she using you? – Signs

It’s frustrating to know that you’re being scammed. Even if you’re trying to be a good boyfriend or sex partner. [Read: How to be a good boyfriend]

She may be trying to convince you that she really loves you and wants to be with you. but five minutes later Her behavior may change and she may become friendly again.

Been there? Read these signs to see if she’s using you.

#1 She needs her space… a lot!

Are you dating a girl who clings to you for a few days and ignores you for the next few days? While playing hard to survive can excite men. But this is pushing the game too far.

Every time she ignores you or pushes you away. You may fall in love with her more. On the other hand, she may be interested in a few more men or sleeping with them just to find her options. When a woman claims to love a man But still avoid this guy for a few days at regular intervals. There is a good chance that there will be another man in her life.

#2 act like a friend

Is your new boyfriend acting like a friend now? she hugs you and hugs you then push you away and tell you it happened too soon And she’s not ready for it? [Read: Why are women fickle in love?]

Ouch, what girl acts like a boyfriend but likes to be friends? Obviously, using your love and affection to make yourself feel better.

#3 her friends don’t know you

when women use you There’s a good chance you’ll never see her friends again. But if both of you happen to meet her good friend. Will her friends know who you are?

And if you see her with her group of friends and no one remembers your name. You’re in serious trouble for being played as a game. I’ll suck my life out of you

#4 I didn’t introduce myself as a boyfriend.

This is a no brainer here. But it’s something most men tend to forgive and forget. Have you ever been introduced as just a friend? If she is confident that you are the man in her life She will proudly show you that you are like a little puppy. in the dog show But if she just uses you It is very likely that your relationship status will remain friends.

#5 She is confused about your relationship status.

She might be really confused now. about the relationship you both have in common Especially if she recently broke up with her man or is still in a relationship with another man. But the point is that she is confused.

If she really loves you There was nothing to be confused about unless she was still in love with another man. if this is the case You are not the winner here. You are the scapegoat who fills the void when her boyfriend or other guy doesn’t have time for her.

#6 She talks about her complicated love life.

Did you spend more time comforting her or telling her that the mistakes in life weren’t really her fault? Women who end up using men are often confused with women who want confidence and love all the time. She might lose the love of her own man. And they may want you to reassure her about her own relationship. and filled her life with happiness and extravagant gifts. [Read: Should you talk about your exes?]

And yes, she probably doesn’t mind giving you an occasional hug for something nice. all you do for her This work is hard!

#7 She made it out, but only when she wanted to.

You might even have a nice talk and take her out to an expensive dinner. All this in hopes of getting her love and admiration back, and of course, a little bit of making it out. [Read: How to make out with a girl]

But if you fall in love with a woman who uses you nothing important She lets you dance on hot coals. almost always And tease you only when she likes you. She started it and she ended it with her will.

Her Excuses: I’m still confused about how I feel about you/boyfriend/three guys in my life.

#8 she dominates the relationship

She calls you whenever she feels that way. Or ask you to meet her according to her fantasies? A girl who puts her weight on a man knows that she has wrapped her little finger around her little finger. Don’t be that man You will fall apart most of the time and you will lose all the confidence you have.

Turn the table over and swing her a bit. Two things can happen here. She will take you more seriously. or walk out of your life Either way, it’s good for you.

#9 She wants you to listen, but not vice versa.

Are you in love with a girl who talks about her life and her little problems? Did she tell you how bad her ex was and why she cheated on him just to show him that she had other options? Or she confesses to you about dating a few other guys and wants you to tell her that she’s not wrong and that she’s doing the right thing.

On the other hand, every time you try to tell her something. Did she forget everything or pretended to be sleepy?

A woman who wants to talk and feel good about herself doesn’t love you. She uses you as a priest to feel good about her own shortcomings. If she loves you, she’ll be more interested in knowing about you and your life than lamenting her own confession. [Read: How to tell if a girl likes you]

#10 She is in another relationship.

almost always The relationship that men are used to begins with a complex conversation about love life. The girl you like might already be in a relationship. And every time you talk Both of you may fall in love with each other more. she wants to hang out with you she likes to talk to you And she can’t wait to spend time and socialize with you.

But she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend or end her relationship with him. She tells you that she is unhappy. But she didn’t do anything about it.

If you find yourself experiencing these signs that you are being used You should walk away from a confusing relationship before it ends in a heartbreak. After all She probably has a few backups where she’s already playing the same game. [Read: How to get a girl with a boyfriend]

She probably didn’t mean to hurt you. But she’s a pretty selfish person who cares more about her own happiness than anything else in the world.

Is she using you?

So what do you do with it now that you know she’s using you?

You have two options

Walk out of her relationship drama before you get hurt.

Lose love and start using her back. If lucky, remove love from the equation. There’s a good chance you’ll act like a bad boy instead of a lost puppy. and make her desire you more! [Read: How to be a bad boy] [Read: Is she the one for you?]

It’s easy for women to use men because both sexes are familiar with the ritual of men chasing young women. Sometimes she might react and fall in love. Sometimes she might use you. Do you think she is using you?

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