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when you meet a guy You’re always wondering if he’s a boyfriend or not. Use these 20 signs to see who’s in a relationship and who isn’t.

fan or crank material

When you go out on a date with someone You’re basically sizing them up. to find out if they are qualified to be in a relationship Some people were brave enough to ask directly about it. But that doesn’t work well for most dating couples these days.

Having a girlfriend is only attractive when people One is ready to settle down or if they meet someone they are reluctant to let it go so easily. If you do not make eye contact with the subject There’s no point wasting time. especially if someone is injured.

You initiate a relationship to seal the connection you felt in that first meeting. This means that you’re both ready to stop dating and start working towards a permanent meeting. or until one of you decides to end things

Some men don’t want to be tied down at all or until they find someone who will change their mind. The good thing is that while a lot of players are looking to hook up, there are plenty of men who are ready to settle down and find the love of their lives. [Read: 12 things to look for in a guy before dating him]

Which fan material and which is not?

If you want to know if the guy you’re seeing is your boyfriend’s boyfriend or not. Don’t expect him to carry a sign that says Although he admits to wanting to be someone’s girlfriend. But that doesn’t mean he’s always a big fan.

Some players are made for fans. But they generally don’t want to settle down. If you’re curious if the guy you see is looking for a relationship or not. You can always ask But since this is the 21st century, conversations like that on day one could scare even the most willing candidates. So what can you do?

The most effective way to find out if he’s a girlfriend or not is by simple observation. how he treated you for the first few days during the first meeting Your only job is to look for signs that tell him he’s a fan or media. on the third or fourth day You will be able to determine whether he is ready to act or not.

We’ve compiled a list of things to look out for when you meet someone new. This will tell you if your guy is a boyfriend or just looking for a good time. [Read: 50 questions to test your compatibility]

Fan’s Material Checklist

If the man you see exhibits these traits You can rest assured that he is the type of person who can handle the responsibilities of a commitment.

#1 He knows when to call/text/DM. Most of the men had no clue about conforming to their SOs. BF’s media men knew they had to hit women for no reason.

#2 he behaves Sex is not attractive to men like this. when they received a lot of offers They will politely decline instead of more theft – yours.

#3 he will go through the motion Although the courage was near death But he will try to do everything with the book. he will take you out Wait the necessary three days before attempting to contact. And he will agree or insist on meeting your friends and family. [Read: 22 big early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#4 he can go on a date Being able to get you out means he’s confident enough in his finances. Prospective fans know that being able to earn a living *Even if their girlfriend is richer than Donald Trump*

#5 he is honest really like honestly He knew the relationship wouldn’t work if there was duplicity and dishonesty. He doesn’t tell you the story you want to hear because he wants to be honest. about his thoughts and feelings

#6 Pet names don’t confuse him. Can you call him “Pookie”?? and he will not care He might call you “Snook” ?? too.

#7 He was in it for a long time. He’s not afraid of where things are going. The question “So what are we?”?? Get a quick response with confirmation. And he doesn’t need to slow down. just so he could gather his thoughts about the situation.

#8 He knows the difference between right and wrong. No cheating. No lies. No pain. He knows what’s going on.

#9 He hugs! No more awkward body language analysis. This guy will grab you, hug you, and fall asleep with his face in your hair.

#10 He will take you back to your home and wish you a good night. Unless you politely ask him to sleep with you. This guy’s main focus is to see you return home safely. He won’t call you a taxi or Uber, and he’ll take you home if needed.

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material checklist

A man throwing things can be easily spotted if he shows the following.

#1 He was milked during his honeymoon. He will give you love Taking you on a date with a whirlwind and to express emotions physically

#2 He doesn’t want The Talk. try as you do You’ll never get a direct answer to this question of where the relationship will go. The best you can hope for is a vague answer with an indefinite promise. [Read: 10 signs it’s time for the relationship talk]

#3 He doesn’t talk to you about anything other than your relationship and sex. Oh, you’ll talk about your day, your job, and what happened before he got here. But you can’t expect him to open up about his past, his emotions, and how he feels about you.

#4 You have a name, not a pet name. He doesn’t recommend you as a girlfriend. “This is [insert your name here]? That’s it. You have a name. That’s it.

#5 He thought it was okay not to call or exist. Why are you so angry? He doesn’t know that he’s in charge of checking you out. Besides, he’s busy… seeing someone else.

#6 You probably never met his family. Everyone knows family gatherings are a big deal. That’s why all you’ll see is their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

#7 His friends knew what was going on. Have you ever felt like someone was looking at you with strange eyes? Have you ever felt more than one pair of eyes do that? Maybe it’s his friend because they know what’s going on. They know who you are

#8 He’s just a boyfriend when you’re together. That’s why it’s confusing for these types of people. You feel like he’s your boyfriend. But everything changed when he left.

#9 He wanted to be a small spoon. Oh, he doesn’t hug. That’s something that shouldn’t do much in his book. But if you really want You can spoon him.

#10 He calls you a taxi. Because nothing is more annoying than getting out of bed to take someone who isn’t your boyfriend home.

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See the difference? If you keep making excuses for someone who isn’t your boyfriend. You should take action and look for the right person. You get the most from guys who are cocky about sex and fun. But if you’re looking for something more serious. Let it go!

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