The Kink List: 20 Freaky Fetishes that Aren’t Weird at All

Worried that your freaky fetish is a sign that everything is mentally bad? Then read on to find out why your amulet isn’t as weird as you might think.


healthy sex life Experts tell us it’s a creative sex life. Exploring sex in a loving relationship is an important part of building a bond of trust, love, and friendship.
However, that pledge does not negate the guilt and shame that centuries of religious extremism have forced us to associate with so-called “unusual.” Sexual pursuits “strange”?? It’s 20 .EspeciallyN.S. and 21st Insulting the Century—But What Does It Mean?
In its purest sense, it means unusual or noticeably unusual. And there are many strange amulets that are far from this. We may train them behind closed doors. But we’re not the only ones involved in them. Indeed, the amulet is an incredibly common thing. And actually, it’s weirder to offer a dark missionary experience twice a week. Rather than indulge in a fetish or two.
Go ahead, indulge in *or all!* of these weird fun and fetishes.
The list below shows 20 examples of the most bizarre amulets that people practice with. And if you’re one of those people, don’t worry, you’re far from being alone.
#1 exhibitionism. Being witness to or possibly seeing you in sexual activity is a big trigger for many people. These can range from mild symptoms, such as having sex with slightly separated drapes. to extremes such as public masturbation. Just be aware of local laws on the matter if trying the latter. [Read: Real life naughty exhibitionism confessions from readers]#2 peeping. Quite the opposite of number one. This is the act of achieving sexual satisfaction through watching others have sex. And it might also be the most common and least bizarre amulet on the list. [Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you]#3 bondageBonding or committing yourself is a normal part of the sexual activity for many couples. It gives a feeling of strength to one party. and surrender to other roles which the couple found highly motivated
#4 butt play. We were told to avoid But whether you use your finger, tongue, or piercing Anal play is also popular for both sexes. This is really not surprising given that there is a very seductive but largely unexplored bundle of nerves there. which can provide incredible stimulation in the right situations. [Read: The curious lover’s complete guide to first time sex]#5 foot fetish. as mentioned Some people, especially males of this species. There is a foot mania. Who knows why But with such strong support weird amulet This has almost no peculiar features at all.
#6 amulet material. Latex, silk, leather, nylon, PVC—there are many textiles that seem to develop the following allures. And all of them are completely harmless and extremely common.
#7 armpit. This is another part of the body that has long been shunned. But that’s an object that’s been popular with superstitious attention. Whether it’s kissing, licking, or smelling Something about the parts of this body that made some people stunned
#8 uniformFirefighters, nurses, doctors, policewomen… Who doesn’t have a uniform fanatic?! [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing ideas for the shy]#9 pregnancyAgain, this is more of a male fetish overall and pregnancy is really for some people. This may be related to a very deeply ingrained hormonal reaction. But it is still considered a freaky amulet that is not strange at all.

#10 Breastfeeding. The category is related to the number nine, although not all. But there are also a lot of both sides of the relationship that get buzz from lactation to/from the lactating breast. may sound strange But surfing the net for a short time Only to show you how popular it really is.
#11 Gender play. Can be done in many forms From handing over bedroom dominance to full role reversal with crossover and sash dressing. This is usually a reaction against normal everyday postures. This amulet looks weird but it’s not weird at all.
#12 Water sports. In summary, this is the use of urine during sex. Some people may feel extremely uncomfortable with the idea. But for many, this turned out to be a big deal. [Read: 11 most common fetishes + 5 super weird ones]#13 Food play. Using food for sex From smearing chocolate to humble bananas. It was a topic that was commonly used in the old days. And if you find yourself in a mess because you indulge in the gentlest of mania. You really need to talk to yourself.
#14 FerrySome people like to dress up as animals for sex—usually cats, dogs, and horses. I’m not sure what the attraction is. But it’s not for me to judge the surprisingly popular and growing amulet.
#15 Roleplay. Again, this is a very tried and true amulet. by playing different parts leading to sexual conclusions teacher and student nurse and patient store security and shoplifters, etc. The list is as endless as the number of indulgent couples. [Read: The step-by-step guide to start role playing with your partner]#16 Fat ChasingSome guys and girls have something to do with big guys. Although it’s almost as much a matter of taste as it is a fetish. But it still has a feature at its end. “Nothing to worry about” scale.
#17 GeeksThe most common modern phenomenon is Some people are freaking out about fanatics and nerds. thick frame glasses Slim limbs, bad hair cut, you know, and even that is unusual as this fetish may be at stake in sex appeal. But it’s something that is a rising star among the amulets. [Read: 10 kinks adventurous couples have to try at least once]#18 Adult infancy. This one actually exists. And most of the time, older men who like to dress like babies and Molly Coddle respectively. You might think it’s a long way off, but it actually has a surprisingly large number of followers.
#19 Spanking. A quick slap on the butt or two can drive some people crazy with desire and it’s especially popular with women. It may be linked to the need to dominate or childhood experiences. But no matter what the psychopaths say This is right at the top of the tree when it comes to typical freaky amulets. [Read: Naughty is nice – The couples guide to erotic spanking]#20 Sloppy. The use of sexual secretions, whether male or female, to promote sexual activity is another unusual fetish used by couples everywhere. Whether used as a lubricant for other activities enjoy being topped or even playing in the snow Couples all over the world are enjoying messy fetishes.
[Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a really sexy, naughty love life]Amulets are a healthy and constructive part of a sexual relationship. Hopefully, now that you know that this is normal in many people’s sex lives, you’ll be happier to give yourself the freedom you deserve.

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