15 Kissing Techniques for that Heartbeat-Skipping Kiss

If you want your first kiss to be popular with your special someone. You need a few kissing techniques and then you can impress them!

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One thing that can really make or break your chances with someone new is your first kiss. But many people decided at that moment that they wanted to do things. So, knowing a few kissing techniques will help you make the perfect first impression.

Kissing is a very intimate thing. Most people underestimate the importance of pressing on someone’s lips, but hey, it’s a big deal! Even if you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone you want to kiss and just want them to have the best kiss of their lives. Knowing what to do and what to avoid will help you. [Read: 15 Types of kisses: Deciphering the truth behind their smooch]

Techniques for kissing to make your knees softest

Many people look at kissing in the movies and think. However, those kisses were calculated, planned, and choreographed to look stunning and desirable. It would be nice to kiss someone that would make even the best on-screen kisses look weak.

All you have to keep in mind is that some kisses don’t work right away. That’s fine, you just need to find a little damage control during the heat of the day! Being able to laugh at it and try again always helps.

The best kisses make your heart flutter, soften your knees, and will definitely increase your desires. Those kisses all have 15 things in common. Master these kissing techniques. And you’ll instantly have a caper kiss. [Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for that picture perfect smooch]

1. Make sure you want to kiss.

Measure the other person’s reaction to your intimacy throughout the night. If they’re embarrassed when you get closer You should consider kissing again. If you find them getting closer and closer and even initiate contact between the two of you. You may just be safe.

2. Choose the right time and place

Time is almost as important as with that kiss If you mess up your time, things can get awkward very quickly. The best time to lean back and kiss is when the two of you are naturally close to each other. It’s usually at the end of the day/night when you both feel comfortable being around each other. [Read: When to kiss a girl: 15 Subtle signs to predict the magic moment]

3. Slow motion

The movement was too intense made it difficult to measure their reaction. And it makes it hard for you to change something if it doesn’t appeal to them. When you go in for a kiss, do it slowly *but not too late*. Slowly going in will build expectations. And that’s the key factor in getting a heart-fluttering kiss. The kissing technique isn’t just about dong. But sometimes they can read other people. [Read: How to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to]

4. One of the best kissing techniques? start lightly

When your lips finally touch Don’t push your face as hard as you can against their lips. Touch your lips gently and softly. Softness will create an unrivaled tenderness. They will beg *almost begging* for more.

5. Work hard

In this way, we mean putting the idea in their head early. and tried to kiss like foreshadowing but for real life start to touch the body *innocently* all night, getting closer to them at night Get ready to give them an amazing kiss.

6. Hand placement is key.

When you’re finally ready to kiss You’ll need somewhere to raise your hand. It’s always embarrassing to kiss someone without touching them. It reminds you of two little kids kissing someone for the first time – sad and uncomfortable. Kissing techniques don’t always depend on what you do with your lips!

when you kiss Put one or both hands next to your face. If you only use one hand to touch your face Use the other side to hold the waist and gently pull it in. to get closer to you [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

7. Watch out for body language

Pay attention to their body language. If they’re retreating, crossing their arms, or seemingly keeping their distance. The kiss may take a while, however, if they lean in and accept your kiss. Measure whether they need more or not.

If they’re still lingering after you’ve given their heart-pounding first kiss. Lean in to the other side and continue kissing to make the kiss a little longer. Only this time made it a little more urgent and needy. Body language can tell you a lot if you’re doing a good job or not. It will lead to an amazing and memorable kiss. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss really memorable]

8. Close your eyes!

just keep them off Don’t forget your eyes unless your lips are not touching each other. It makes things awkward and uncomfortable if you catch them looking at you too. It can ruin the moment

9. Please use breath mint!

bad breath = scary kiss When everyone can pay attention to your bad breath. It will also bring out the rest of the amazing things you put into the kiss to make it incredible. Just chew on a mint or gum before the end of your day.

10. Keep your lips soft and kissable.

No one wants to kiss chapped lips. They are very noticeable and uncomfortable. Keep your lips plump and soft with a lip gloss all night/day. Don’t “moisturize” your lips by licking. This keeps them wet and gives them a sloppy quality – not good.

11. One of the best kissing techniques is to keep your lips slightly apart.

when you kiss someone Closed lips make it impossible to sculpt your lips with them. However, lips that are too wide open are just the door to a bad mouth and overly tongue. Keep your lips slightly apart. Enough so that you can mold your lips into theirs.

12. Don’t use your tongue on your first kiss.

At least not in the first place. The tongue should be something initiated by another person. The tongue came after your first kiss because it was so amazing. Talking too quickly can make the other person uncomfortable and uncomfortable. What if they still don’t want your tongue in their mouth? Cross your tongue if you want a kiss that crosses their heartbeat. [Read: 11 signs of a bad kisser and 15 foolproof remedies]

13. Keep it short and sweet.

Don’t drag that long A heart-pounding kiss is a kiss short enough for someone’s heart to skip a beat. It’s short, sweet, simple, and if done right, it will instantly let them come back. Let more of them come back to you. But keep it short on your own.

14. Don’t force it. Let it be natural.

If you’re finding yourself struggling to make kissing work and things aren’t going the way you think. Leave it like that and don’t force the kiss. seem forced And there was no great kneeling kiss with force. [Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and leave him feeling turned on]

15. Just relax!

Take a deep breath. you have to relax The entire process of kissing a person should be as natural and relaxed as possible. If you stay calm and things naturally occurring Your amazing kisser will feel at ease. Let them enjoy it to the fullest.

Your first kiss with someone new is often a bit of a letdown. If you don’t feel a little distracted and nervous. Show that you don’t like it that much! Use those butterflies to increase the passion when you kiss that special someone and kiss them to remember!

[Read: 10 simple moves that will make every kiss of yours feel passionate and romantic]

Everyone wants a trembling kiss until their knees weaken. Follow these 15 kissing techniques. You’ll be giving them a kiss they’ll never forget.

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