Language of Lust Review – All you need to know

Do you want to know what women find irresistibly attracting in men?

No, it is not confidence. Instead, it is Decisiveness

Almost every man thinks women don’t like sex. This is because we have been brainwashed by lots of clueless experts that think women don’t like sex. If women don’t like sex then why sex vibrator is $15 billion industry and why the population is increasing so fast. The truth is that women do like sex as well. Even they have more dirty and delicious fantasies than us. They are always looking for their prince charming that can fill their sex hunger.

But, the problem is…

They hide their fantasies because they are also brainwashed by the fact that only SLUT can desire dirty and delicious fantasies. Most women communicate in secret code with their female friends that most of us men can’t able to understand. Truly speaking men don’t have the ability to decode their secret language.

We naturally don’t have the ability to understand this secret language but with the help of little training, we can able to understand this language. Once any guy is able to understand this language he can make even innocent and shyest girl spread her legs for him and ONLY HIM.

Unfortunately, there is no college or institution that teaches this secret language but there are some experts that can help you in decoding this secret language. Recently sex educator and professional movie director Lawrence Lanoff created Language of Lust that claims to help you in understanding and mastering this secret sexual language.

Lawrence claims that by learning his secret techniques and tricks you will get any woman to sleep with you doesn’t matter how old you are, how much money you are making and what size of penis you have.

Who is Lawrence Lanoff?

Lawrence LanoffLawrence Lanoff is 50 years old, skinny and bald guy. He was rejected by many girls in the past not because of his look but because of his weird behavior that makes girls walk away.

After getting frustrated with his situation he starts researching about women psychology and after research of many years and lots of trial and error he discovered different techniques that help him to sleep with the same girl that rejected him before.

Lawrence used these techniques to help many guys and sooner he became a sex educator. Besides providing sexual education to guys Lawrence is also a life scientist, hypnotist, workshop leader, and Tantric Master.

What is Language of Lust?

It is the collection of 33 different done-for-you techniques that will give you the ability to get into your woman’s mind and plant sexual seeds for you by saying a few words and phrases. These techniques with the help you to wake the animal inside the woman, feel her safe and protected with you and open for you to fill her sexual hunger.

Language Of Lust EbookFor me, this is not an education guide or course instead it is a survival guide for every man who wants to get laid and want a girlfriend. Language of Lust is not a miracle instead it is backed with solid science.

Inside the members’ area, you will discover tips and techniques that will release DOPAMINE from woman’s mind.

For those who don’t know Dopamine is the pleasure chemical that is released by the brain when one gets passion kiss or takes a drug. These 33 tips and techniques will completely change you and your woman will beg you for your attention.

Some Techniques of Language of Lust:

  • Lust Mirror – This is the simple but powerful technique that will create a feedback loop between you and your woman. This technique will reawaken the animal inside your girl and she will stare you like a hungry lioness. This technique is even more powerful for guys that are starting a new relationship or rekindling their existing relationship. In this technique, you are going to engage in conversation all about desire and sex because women want to feel desired and irresistible.
  • Pavlov’s Panty Drencher – In this technique you will get a list of few words that will turn on even the innocent and shyest woman and feel a great desire for you.
  • Kink Exposure Technique – This is a role-playing game technique that will help you to discover your woman’s deepest desire and fantasies. You will get step-by-step guidelines on how to read her mind and most importantly you will get some smart role-playing ideas like playing delivery man and customer where your woman is the customer who is crazy hungry for your dick and you have opportunity to fill his hunger.
  • Emotional Revenge Technique – This is the very effective technique that is a powerful way to feel the emotions and build your emotional intelligence in your woman’s mind that will help in getting more and more pleasure from your life.
  • Language Of Lust ScamSexual Singularity – In this technique, you will learn how to cultivate and create her irresistibility. When you cultivate irresistibility in your body then irresistibility will naturally cultivate in your woman’s body as well. Every woman wants to get desirable because being desirable feels sexy to them. When you allow your body to develop an appreciation for all the things you love about the woman you are into then it manifests as irresistibility.
  • Pleasure Resistance – This technique you can use to activate sexual interest when your partner is not in the mood for having sex because of stress, tiredness or whatever the reason. This is like having a sexual remote control that you can use to bring waves of sexual interest in your partner. This is an important technique because many people think sex is just one more thing that they don’t have time and energy but SEX is the best way to reconnect with your partner.
  • Getting Her Addicted To You – This is a completely different technique that you read on different romance novels etc. In this technique, you will find out steps to become a sexual hero without changing yourself.
  • Erotic Porn Script Technique – This is the most powerful technique because it will bring out your woman’s deepest fantasies. Lawrence Lanoff will tell you how to create, direct and deliver your porn script with text or Skype.

Final Verdict:

At the end of this Language of Lust review, I feel that this done-for-you system is the lifesaver for all those men who want to enjoy hot, spicy and delicious sex with their partner. With the 60-day money back guarantee, I don’t think you have any reason for not trying it out.





This is an all-in-one guide that you can use to make sure that you will have a great time with your date. She will surely not feel embarrassed or bad about what you are going to say.

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