Like Ghosting? Prepare Yourself for These 10 Consequences

Hallucinations may seem like the perfect way to get rid of people you don’t care about. Until this strategy comes back to haunt you, that is.

ghost effect

Ghosting is a popular thing to avoid confrontation when it comes to dropping someone. Many people use it to avoid having to face the other person’s emotions or reactions. They think it’s safer to not communicate at all. And you don’t have to contact anyone!

But are they really? Many people only see one side of the ghost. They refused to call back, text, email and cut off all other forms of communication. But what about the other side? and those who sat on the other side of the silent stream Contemplating everything they might have done wrong—or even worried that something had happened to the deuce?

Ghosting: Is it really the best way?

I have never been deceived by ghosts. I can’t say for sure what I would do in that situation. But I’ve known a few people who took it a step further and responded to their ghosts. I quickly realized that ghosting happened more often than we thought.

People who are ghosts are usually not addicted to Scots. It might seem like they can just ignore their significant other and just let it go. But there are enough people who have this behavior and need answers.

I would definitely be one of these people. if it ever happened to me Those who are sick and tired of the ghost current sometimes try to make sure that the ghosts know how they feel. [Read: What is ghosting and how it affects you]

Get ready!

If you’re someone who finds haunting others easier than facing them. You will need to be aware of these consequences. Be careful who you ghost!

#1 face each other. That’s right. There are a lot of people who will never be able to haunt you! If you were afraid of confrontation in the first place Haunting is not the way to go. Someone will find you and confront you about it.

They can show up at your door at 2 AM calls for an answer. Not only will you have to deal with the confrontation. But your ghost will also go crazy and not understand. Good luck.

#2 make the situation worse Yes. You just made the awkward situation even worse. People have understanding. Even if you think they’ll give it all and yell at you for not caring. But most of the time, people don’t react in this way.

They might be angry But usually rejected lovers are not crazy. making them ghosts You will immediately refuel and light them. making ordinary situations frightening

#3 retaliation Some may be above this. But there are many that are not. by revenge I’m talking about revenge There are so many people out there that will cause you pain and confusion. And they will try to hurt you in return.

Have you sent them some lively photos? You might be surprised to find that they can be shown on the internet to the world. Now, it might be extreme—but it’s your chance to use the double image. [Read: 12 devious ways a crazy ex can get their revenge]

#4 Future problems with dating People talk to each other. It might push them to the extreme and cause them to do something a little harsh… like telling your new swing the second you’re done with them. you just run away leave without words

This can cause many problems. If you’re really interested in someone And they find that you haunt the former flames. It can be completely turned off even if you don’t do that to them. Because frankly? What kind of person gets up and leaves without words? They may find the behavior unforgivable and decide they don’t want to pursue anything with you again.

#5 crappy self esteem mistake? remorse? Those feelings might be true if you’re a frequent ghost. Only if you have a heart though If you mess with yourself and other people You probably know that what you do is careless and even cruel.

You may start to feel bad about yourself knowing that you are not the best person you can be. That will definitely change your self-worth.

#6 karma. Things that come around, go around if you are someone who likes to haunt you often. and leave others hurt, angry, and confused. will rarely come to you

Whether you believe in karma or not Self-delusion has consequences in the same way as karma. The next time your car breaks down or mysteriously leaks a tire. Think about it recently. Are you fooling someone? because you may have to pay the price

#7 disappointment from others When someone finds out that you are a ghost It might change their opinion of you. I’m not just talking about future lovers. I’m talking about common people including friends and family

You may make new friends and reveal the truth about how you ended things with your former lover. And they may think differently than you—they may think negatively of you. You may lose friends because you can’t muster the courage to communicate. [Read: 17 bad friends you should unfriend from your life]

#8 lose something big Seriously. Relationships may be too early to decide that you are not interested. Fooling your significant other can cost you something really great. Ghosting means not giving anyone a chance to make a case for themselves. Shame on you!

#9 no future opportunity If you haunt someone and later realize that maybe they are better than you think. And you want to try things again, you probably won’t have that opportunity. Just cut it off with no rhymes or reason. You’re just ruining future opportunities.

You can’t leave someone without even a word. Let them wonder, hurt, and regret and expect them to come back to life. No way. No chance. [Read: 10 signs your past relationship is holding you back from a better life]

#10 You can’t break up normally. If you end up dating someone that’s awesome and you’ve been together in a real relationship for a long time. But one day they decide they’re not your soulmate. You will be completely inexperienced in breaking up.

You won’t know what to say or how to do it right—and you’re in a situation where double images aren’t an option. This may put you in a relationship that you’re not happy with. Just because you don’t know how to break up.

[Read: 5 signs of ghosting and 5 ways to deal with it]

We all know that haunting is not a good way to break up with someone. Those who thought it was a good idea… Maybe you should reconsider. The consequences above might make you think twice before haunting your next victim.

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