Limerence and Love – The Real Difference

Limerence is a crazy form of infatuation that may seem like a profound love, but is actually the worst love scam. You might think it’s the passion you have. But greed can turn your life into a roller coaster of misery and happiness.

Limerence, love and passion - the real difference.

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If you’ve read the introduction about being liked or disliked. You know that love and infatuation are quite different. Physical intimacy is the greatest.

Are there any other big differences that could be hidden under the blanket of love? Read more…

Limerence and love – the real difference


Stunts outlast puppy love, infatuation, or puppy love obsession. They can last for months or sometimes years.

lie time

Limerence There are moments when a person does not feel any affection towards Limerence objects, but these low-level moments are often interspersed with feelings of passion and hope of reciprocity.

Return and limerence

In love, you truly love a person. Whether there is a reward or not, in greed, happiness can only be achieved when it is rewarded. no matter how little

How do you know it’s limerence?

There are no obvious signs that you are feeling lemon or not. But there are some things that stand out most specifically with the feeling of weakness.

People who are entering a phase of cowardice will find it difficult to think about anything. except for objects with a pungent smell And he or she will have a stronger desire to respond than any other emotion. even love Even the slightest interaction can make a person feel happy and on top of the world.

Most of these responses may be trivial with just a glance or a smile. There will be an appreciation and the person will try to draw the attention of the burning object. and will be angry if someone interferes with this attention-seeking activity.


If you have ever experienced weakness You may walk on air when you come in contact with this person in any form. Any situation you share with this person No matter how small it is, it will become a very special memory. And you’ll need to associate many of your activities or your music or movies with this person. So that you can think of this person you have a crush on every chance you get.

You will try to create memories and special moments without doing anything. and over time These little or no moments can become the center of your world. And you will be happiest in remembrance of these moments.

Hope and Fear of Weakness

Stunts can make people One can feel great joy and ecstasy when reflective objects make eye contact and move. But every moment of intense happiness comes another moment that can create opposite emotions. The fear of rejection comes with cowardice.

The fear of rejection leads to a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty. which causes pain and at the same time an uncontrollable desire to imagine a burning object. Bitterness can hurt us at unexpected times. And it can make us feel miserable at times.

Read on why Bitterness creates fear of rejection in love. and how you can overcome weakness by understanding the true meaning and feelings associated with weakness.

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