Limp Penis to Rocket Shaft: 20 Ways to Fix It as a Couple

It happens to most men at once and can upset both sides of the relationship. But fear not—there are solutions for a weak penis.

limp penis

A weak penis can be devastating for men. Especially when there is not always a clear reason for a sudden and undesirable attack. He seems to have a problem with his manhood. And his confidence turned into an irreparable nod.

However, what is rarely discussed in the weak penis bets all is how women might feel when faced with this.

Apparently, she may seem supportive and helpful in all matters. but often makes her feelings rejected This is exacerbated when a perpetually flaccid penis develops during an attempted intercourse. But it can often work perfectly during masturbation or at more random times of the day. [Read: 20 easy ways to keep an erection up and hard for longer]

team effort

In fact, there are many physiological and psychological reasons why this happens. Including the emergence of the weakness itself. There are no two ways to go about it: Overcoming a weak and/or a weak penis is a team effort that requires the attention of both the men and women involved.

And here in the following two which are separated on both sides of the sexual veil Here’s some advice on what to do with that annoying limp penis.

for him

#1 quit drinking. Too much alcohol is one of the main reasons for a limp penis. Alcohol is often used to build a little Dutch guts and overcome debilitating pre-sex jitters. Find the line between joyful intoxication and knee-deep intoxication. [Read: True sex talk: Alcohol’s effects on sex and your libido]

#2 exercise. Exercise improves many problems that lead to limp penis. including low blood pressure low stamina and stress levels It also makes you feel more competent and confident in your appearance.

#3 sleep more. Good sleep is essential for getting the most out of your sex life. And too little sleep can make your penis limp. Pick up a few more late nights of your week and see if that resolves the issue.

#4 change your diet. Eating a diet high in carbohydrates can cause temporary problems with a flaccid penis. Switch to foods high in zinc, such as nuts and seafood. to put a pencil lead [Read: Aphrodisiacs and food hell: A lover’s guide to eating well]

#5 check your medication. If you are taking medication for other problems, or even if you regularly take painkillers. Check to see if what you are taking means weakness in the list of side effects. It could be something simple.

#6 stress level.It can be very difficult for your body to function properly when you are under high stress. If stress has become a problem in your life that makes you impotent. You have to deal with the source of that stress before something bad happens.

#7 get some rest. Sometimes you may need to relieve stress from performance pressures. And it takes a little time to have sex overall. Go back when the jitters are gone and you’ll probably be fine.

#8 focus on foreplay. If intercourse has not been for a while Just make sure you make fun of your girl by seducing as much as you can. As long as she gets sugar, she’s fine with the confidence you get in giving the big “O” again. You might be a little excited that they are long gone. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

#9 small blue pill. Viagra or other alternatives work really well. It’s definitely not a permanent solution. But it saves you a little time from worrying about a limp penis problem. So hopefully things will return to normal on its own

#10 Go to the doctor. If all else fails And you haven’t really succeeded. It may be due to physical problems rather than mental/mental problems. if this is the case You need to see a doctor as soon as possible so that it can be dealt with before it gets past the point of no return. [Read: Every guy’s nightmare – 15 quick fixes to cure a limp dick in no time]

for you

#11 Talk to himShow him you’re supportive and take the opportunity to see if this is new or old. you might be able to help

#12 Stop the pressure. Whatever you do Make sure you gradually encourage him to work through his exhausted penis at a pace that works for him. Pressing him to have sex will only make the problem worse.

#13 Don’t mock him.Mocking his problems is the worst thing you can do. Not only will you not have sex. But you’ll be lucky if he doesn’t leave you in a week! [Read: Why does losing an erection bother men so much?]

#14 Relax him.Sometimes the problem is performance anxiety, especially if it’s a new relationship. The answer is to relax him, massage him, turn on soft music, and let nature take its course.

#15 Work him. Ladies, you have your hands and your mouth for a reason. Put on the basics and you might be rewarded with an erection faster than you think. [Read: 14 blowjob techniques all women have mastered already]

#16 In-depth sex. The penis can be used without an erection And that action is just as fun as it is. Same for him as well as you. And if you don’t know what I mean Look for the word “frottage” on the World Wide Web for our great friends.

#17 Tantra. A great way to build core strength and develop muscle. pubococcygeus Most importantly, in the sexiest way possible. [Read: 20 sexual problems in a relationship you can avoid]

#18 Evaluate his lifestyle.His tired penis may depend on aspects of his lifestyle that he doesn’t personally identify, such as sleep deprivation, dieting, or excessive drinking. In this case, it makes sense for you to step in and suggest a change. Something that will benefit both of you.

#19 Give it time.. Please be patient for him. Although it took several months for the problem to resolve. The impatience will add several months to the end date. If it’s worth the wait, it’s worth it. [Read: 12 foreplay moves that are almost guaranteed to work effectively on men]

#20 Consider options. Men have a bad reputation for solving personal health problems. And he may want you to supervise and suggest next steps if things go wrong. Still not getting better after a while One of them might be a recommendation to see a doctor.

[Read: How to give a guy a boner – 20 moves for instant erections]

The key is not to let your relationship be ruined by a weak penis. If you both care about each other There are a number of steps you can take to get things back to normal. and the penis is flabby

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