Lithromantic: What It Means & 15 Signs You Might Be One

What does lithromatic mean? If you find yourself attracted to other people but move away from the first signs of reciprocity. You probably already know


As with any romantic orientation, when someone is identified as lithromantic, it depends only on them.

Gender is broad and diverse. We are no longer subject to just two words, “heterosexual” and “homosexual.” We separate our romantic and sex lives. And these have their own definitions. The world has opened up and we identify ourselves as we see fit. And all I have to say is: in the end.

But with that growing adoption comes confusion. There are many more terms and identities to learn and understand. Like lithromantic, it is certainly not known as gay, bisexual or pansexual.

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What does lithromatic mean?

Lithromantic, also known as akoiromantic and apromantic, refers to a person who feels romantic love but does not want those feelings to be rewarded. It means you don’t want a relationship.

but with lithromanticism you have feelings It’s not a desire that other people have to do about them.

If you are lithromantic, you might love someone. but in theory rather than practice. Are you comfortable with daydreaming that many people find tortured? Regardless, some people who identify as lithromantic don’t see the need for a relationship to satisfy them. [Read: When you love someone but don’t want to be loved in return]

Signs that you might be a stuntman

Since I do not identify myself as a lithromantic, I chose to search the Internet pages and find the most interesting and useful information to share with you today. Much of this information comes from people who describe their feelings and ideal relationships through forums and blogs.

It’s all up to you. Even if you relate to these signs You are not obliged to state in a manner that is not appropriate for you. [Read: How many romantic orientations are there?]

wondering if you might lithromantic? Look at the following signs to see if you are.

1. You don’t feel the need for a romantic relationship.

Lithromantic people feel romantic with other people. But there is no desire to be romantic with those feelings that satisfy. You may develop a relationship with someone and feel uncomfortable with the romantic side of it.

Unlike many young people who crave repayment for their feelings. As a lithromantic, you’ll be completely satisfied that you’ll never get those feelings back. [Read: The 6 types of attraction you should know about]

2. You feel emotionless.

We all get this way. Sometimes it’s generally after a heartbreak or traumatic event in our lives. This could be a sign that you are a rock person.

There are many reasons why some people are emotional. But it could be your romantic self if you can’t provide other reasons. You don’t have emotions for other people because you don’t want to be. [Read: How to make yourself emotionally available]

3. You are repulsed by the idea of ​​romance.

It just makes you money, why would anyone want to show their love to each other? Yak.

Romance can make you feel bad if you’re a rock. You don’t just feel the desire for a romantic relationship, you’re actually turned off by it. You may be happy for friends and family who are happy in the relationship. But leave that thought for yourself.

But lithromanticism Like all identities is in the spectrum This means that you may either hate the idea of ​​love or just be uncomfortable or uninterested.

4. You are afraid of romance

Maybe you don’t hate the idea of ​​love. but it scares you Opening yourself up at that level was frightening and natural. Many Lithromantics feel the same way.

But don’t assume that just because you’re afraid of getting close to your romantic partner. There are many reasons for fear of attachment or intimacy. You may have trust issues or unresolved issues from childhood. [Read: Pistanthrophobia – Understand the fear of trusting someone]

5. You seek a peaceful relationship

Even if you are dating this person You also like your relationship more peacefully. about stone You may be sexually attracted to your partner. You may be in love with your partner and passionate about sex, but you don’t want love in return.

If being in a relationship makes you feel guilty or restless. This could be a sign of rock ideology. You can have sexual desires. But more love and bonding isn’t for you. That’s fine, but be sure to talk about your feelings with your partner as they may not be able to cope.

6. You lose the feeling of romantic love over time.

Many people who are lithromantic enter a relationship with a level of romantic love for their partner and lose over time. Because you can have strong feelings for someone and think that it will lead to a relationship just as it would with others and in the media. So you get involved

But in the end, those feelings only became calm and sexual. When your feelings are rewarded and you enter a relationship You realize that you are happy without that. [Read: Falling out of love & why it happens to you]

7. Physical contact causes discomfort.

This does not mean sexual contact by any means. Because orientation and sexual orientation have nothing to do with the other party.

As long as the romantic feelings go You might feel uncomfortable with things like holding hands, hugging, hugging, etc. There’s no need to worry! you are not alone lithromantics and non-lithromantics A lot of people feel like this.

You can have good sex. But intimacy is where you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. not physical contact But it is the emotional meaning behind which one feels guilty. [Read: 20 types of physical touch and what they mean ]

8. You may find yourself fascinated by fictional characters.

This is not always the case. But some literary sciences fantasize about the relationship they might have with characters from their favorite books, movies, and television series. If they have feelings for fictional characters There was no way that those feelings could be reciprocated. therefore feel at ease with those feelings

Knowing that nothing could happen will make you feel safe. You have no real desire to be with this character because imagination is enough. [Read: How to find your fictional character crush in real life]

9You may not want any kind of relationship—romance or not.

because it is a spectrum Everyone who identified as lithromantic agreed on a different section and identified accordingly. Some people may feel uncomfortable with any relationship. Whether it’s sex by nature or love in nature.

The idea of ​​developing a bond with other humans makes them very uncomfortable. They seek short-term interactions with others. This may mean that you don’t have close friends. It could mean that you have an unfamiliar acquaintance or just distance yourself from other people.

10. You might lose feelings for someone if the topic is raised.

as well as the loss of romantic feelings over time. If someone near you brings this person up and starts a conversation about them. You will feel very uncomfortable. This allows you to analyze those feelings and hypnotize yourself.

Lithromantics They may stop having romantic feelings for the person or their partner if someone talks about it. They may not want to admit that those feelings exist. Even discussing feelings or thoughts about relationships is enough to turn off those feelings. [Read: Learn how to talk to anyone]

11. You choose to keep your romantic feelings *crushing* completely secret.

You may now be in a relationship and discuss how to choose to identify and discuss your feelings *or not at all. However, for singles, you want to keep your crush a secret forever. Don’t tell anyone or anyone else how you feel.

maybe not because of you afraid to tell them But just because you don’t want those feelings in response. That way they will never be. You can’t even tell your friends or anyone about your crush. While many others felt the need to remove this from their chests or wanted to make it happen. You want the opposite[Read: 22 secrets to living a happy life you want]

12. You may find yourself attracted to people sexually. first

You may find a partner in place of your partner and later develop romantic feelings for this person. at this point You choose to reveal how you feel about that person. A non-committal sex relationship might be your ideal situation because you don’t have to talk about your “feelings.”

Remember how you identify your sexuality and romance as your own business. and does not need to be disclosed to anyone or anyone You can do that if you choose. but consider the feelings of others If you know someone has feelings for you and that puts you off. Let them know so they can move on.

13. You may fall in love with someone who is busy.

This might actually look like your ideal situation. You find people who are busy because you don’t want any compensation. Falling in love with a married friend isn’t the worst because you don’t want those feelings back.

You will never act according to your feelings. Not just because it’s wrong but because you don’t want to [Read: What if you love someone that is taken?]

14. You Can’t Explain

When you don’t want a romantic relationship, there’s always a reason. Maybe you don’t like the person or get hanged. But when you’re lithromantic, you often can’t explain why you feel the way you do.

you know things Often goes social with dating and relationships But you are not suitable for that format.

15. You are not lonely.

Many people who have been single for a long time feel the need to be close to someone. They crave being together with others and may want to be in a relationship even if they don’t have feelings for anyone at the moment.

For those who like limestone will feel comfortable. whether they have feelings for someone or not. They don’t want the connection that other people have.

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I hope these signs will help you determine if you are a rock and what they mean as they are newer terms.

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