Live by the Sun Love by the Moon: What It Means & How to Live Fully –

What do the words live by the sun, love by the moon mean? There are two ways to fill your life. And you don’t have to choose just one method.

Stay by the sun, love the moon

To experience life to the fullest You must live by the sun love beside the moon This statement might sound a little hippie. But it’s popular for a reason.

may sound corny But we are all born with personalities that guide our behaviors and experiences throughout our lives. We hardly get to see how magical life can go through another lens.

We try to live equally. We deal with our relationships in the same way we deal with our professional lives. without which we have never been conscious We live by autopilot without knowing what it is.

live by the sun Loving beside the moon is a way of life that involves combining all the beautiful traits we hold as human beings. but separates them from realism and magic. [Read: What does it mean to love someone?]

In the sun, love beside the moon means

The saying that lives by the sun love beside the moon is a concept that means within each of us There is a discrepancy between what we are expected to do when we are professionals and what we choose to do when love comes in.

During the day, we are all guided by the boundaries of reality and the sun, things like jobs and careers are essential for survival. but for the most part They don’t have the same relationship with our minds as love and relationships. when love is involved We should be guided by the moon and romance.

why you should live by the sun Love beside the moon?

If you try to manage both Your relationship and your work life in the same tactic. You will miss the target in both situations.

Love is not a business deal. And business deals are not emotional. Learning to differentiate how to deal with yourself based on demanding conditions. is the way to find the highest satisfaction in life.

That’s why you have to follow the sun. love beside the moon [Read: Where there is love there is life: Love makes us better]

how to stay in the sun

Living by the sun is a daytime lesson in the saying that live by the sun loves beside the moon. It’s the way you use it everyday. Manage things like tasks, errands, and schedules.

1. Think rationally

You have to learn to separate your emotions from the daily grind. Not letting your business take over your relationships is the key to success at work and family.

Living in the sun means cutting business and job decisions from the feeling of sometimes confusing and unnecessarily complicated. arrangement of elements Optimizing your life will help you become more rational in terms of work, finances, and more. that actually works [Read: 10 tried and tested ways to become a better leader at work]

2. have health fears

Fear is part of human survival. It’s how we explore the world to survive. It tells us when we should make certain decisions based on pure instinct. and connected to the consequences of what happened when you are in the sun It’s important to listen to your inner voice cry out. Caution!

Unlike a romance full of excitement and risk. Living in the sun offers the opposite advice. You should consider all risks and make more rational and practical decisions.

3. Have a plan and plan ahead

when in the sun The best way to live each day is to plan and plan ahead. If you present yourself unprepared and without evidence or documents Shows that you will be difficult to achieve your goals.

Planning for your life is not a bad thing when it comes to making financial decisions. idea of ​​work or career or your future path Of course, part of planning is learning how to deal with things that don’t go as planned. But having a goal outline, schedule, and timeline is the best way to go. [Read: How to handle stress]

4. Follow the rules

During the day we all have to follow rules. In fact, rules were created to guide how we learn, work, and act. These rules help society survive. Showing up when you have a deadline professionalism in the office And paying employees is part of the rules.

If there are no rules The business was unable to run successfully. It’s going to be very messy. Following the rules is what keeps things going. [Read: How to succeed in life – All you ever need to know!]

5. relaxed

When you are in the real world You have to deal with the people around you. especially at work As much as you might not like your coworkers. You have to be respectful and at least sincere.

Compliance with these guidelines Concerns about what you decide and obtaining consensus They are all what you need to do in the workplace. Being a loner is good for success and independence. but because of this You also need to be able to get along with others in a professional environment. [Read: Learn how to be more present]

6. Communicate

When you try to live by the sun love beside the moon you have to communicate doing things to complete on schedule Your own work or other things require communication. You must be able to delegate tasks. show what you want and explain what you can do

Without the ability to give instructions and details electronically or verbally, or at least cause disarray.

how much do you love the moon

when talking about the word follow the sun love beside the moon the moon is romance This part of the logic is the opposite of the logic. Logic and reason go out the window when love is involved. And that’s part of the idea.

1. Think without logic

in emotional relationships You can’t always think rationally. A lot of things in love are not black and white and not clear. If you’re always trying to think logically about what’s going on. Show that you are missing the best part. which is reckless abandon.

Giving love and not trying to find a purpose or reason for it. It means that you just live in the moment and enjoy it. If you try to analyze what is Why does it work? or why not? Shows that you’ve never really been in a relationship. So I just stood outside and watched. [Read: Passion killers in romance and ways to get past them]

2. Let go of fear

Fear in relationships doesn’t help but hold you back and hold you hostage. It’s natural to be afraid of pain or rejection. But that’s not how you can be happy in love. Do you remember your first love? The reason it’s so great and unforgettable is because you put in everything you have.

you are not holding back You don’t know how lost love is. If you want to love beside the moon You can have your memories. But don’t let it control you moving forward. [Read: Fear of intimacy: The hardships of being afraid of love]

3. Let emotions lead the way

What is your heart telling you? When you make a business deal You will often be financially crushed if you are not guided by your emotions and instincts.

In love there is nothing else You can create a list of advantages and disadvantages. but a small voice Your head tells you what you need to do. If you live in love You will never be open enough to feel the wonderful emotions it ignites to the fullest.

4. flow with the current

when you love beside the moon There is no plan for everything. Love has no time frame, goal, or purpose. And if you try to build it It will disappoint you every time. Love is on its own plane called fate whether we want it to be or not

In fact, the more we try to control things, the less love we have. And the less we enjoy our precious time with the people we love. There is no such thing as a five-year love plan. and when you try to build it Often it doesn’t work as you’d hoped. [Read: Accidental love – 12 love lessons from “Serendipity”]

5. No rules

when you love by the moon There are no rules about what you should do. There are no rules about when you should text someone. When should you sleep with them? Or it’s too soon to say, “I love you.”

Loving beside the moon means that you walk your own path and do things your way. Going with your gut is not a social norm. If nothing else, you know the sun will rise again tomorrow. [Read: 10 adorable ways to say I love you to someone special]

6. Decide for yourself no matter what others think.

Do you know why we all love stories about star-crossed couples? We love them because even if everything goes against their love. But they didn’t give up. Their love is so strong Parents or anyone will not force What if your friend thinks she’s not pretty enough? Or did your parents think he wasn’t successful enough?

Love beside the moon means you let your heart speak. You make your own decisions about the people you love. If you are guided by what others think You may miss the opportunity to be with the love of your life.

[Read: 19 life quotes to motivate you to live a better life]

Live in the sun, follow the rules, be emotionless, and make factual and analytical decisions. To love beside the moon to truly love Sometimes you have to give up common sense. Go with things that are uncomfortable and others might disagree. And watch out for the wind.

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