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Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool designed by Spencer Haws with an aim to help many online businesses and niche sites to find such long tail keywords that have low competition and a high number of searches.

This software helps online entrepreneurs to quickly generate thousands of unique keywords that are most relevant to their businesses. This ensures swift execution of their tasks in a short length of time, hence saving both time and effort and leading to enhanced performance.

Why Choose Long Tail Pro?

The importance of keywords in marketing and online business cannot be denied. They play a vital role in search engine optimization SEO) process for any online business site that wants to achieve the height of success.

Long Tail Pro Free Download

Although Google and other search engines have devised certain provisos in order to reduce their effect, these words still appear to have a significant role in search results. Therefore, online marketers need to be extremely careful in choosing important and unique keywords for their marketing and promotional content so as to be easily discoverable in search results.

This task can prove to be daunting for certain beginners who are forced to spend hours upon hours scanning the Google search results and looking at competing websites. This is where Long Tail Pro comes handy.

This amazing software uses Google Keyword Tool to pull out relevant and unique keywords for the users to analyze and use for their online businesses, thus saving the trouble of looking for the required data from a mass of keywords.

By using these keywords, traffic from Google and other search engines back to your website can be dramatically increased at a quick rate.


Long Tail Pro DownloadLong Tail Pro benefits both the experts and newbies in the field of internet marketing through its easy and straightforward using method. Still, the creators have added 9 video tutorials in it to give step-by-step guideline to the users about the various features of this product.

They teach the users everything regarding the usage of the product including how to install Long Tail Pro, how to use filters, how to use the competitor analysis and how to utilize its rank checking feature.

These instructional videos are very informative and it is advised to watch them for a better understanding of how internet marketing works.

Once you have gone through the video tutorials, you reach the main interface of the product which is divided into three interconnecting modules:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Rank Checker

These three core areas are linked with each other in order to provide best results to the user.

Keyword Research Module

This feature generates hundreds of related terms in response to the entry of one or more seed keywords. Seed keywords can also be imported from an external source. After clicking “Generate Keywords” button, it takes Long Tail Pro a few minutes to produce the keyword list. However, keyword generation time may vary depending upon the type of seed keywords and the scale of the results.

The user can then choose between broad, phrases or exact keyword matches. This module also provides a number of filters that can be applied to refine keyword search results. It also offers an export facility that enables the user to download the list of keywords in a spreadsheet for future use.

The most unique feature of this module is its ability to create a ‘keyword competition metric’ (KC metric) which governs the difficulty level of a keyword. However, this feature is available only for monthly subscribers.

Competitor Analysis Module:

This unique and probably the best feature of Long Tail Pro allows the user to analyze the top 10 search engine results for individual keywords.

This tool generates the most comprehensive data output in a table structure by describing the URL, title, page authority, page links, domain authority, page rank, and other useful data points. However, to procure all the above-mentioned benefits and to spawn the additional benefit of KC metric, you need to purchase a monthly subscription without which this feature does not offer any big advantage over its competitors.

Rank Checker Module:

Long Tail Pro has a built-in feature that allows you to check the rank of your site in search engine results. This feature is quite simple to use. Enter the domain URL of your site and the keyword(s) and click “Check rank”. After the compilation of results, you will see the position number for your website and the target keyword in Google and other search engines.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Long Tail Pro provides step by step tutorial videos for better understanding of the product features
  • It provides tips for a summary of options enabling the user to fully comprehend the purpose and function of each module
  • Long Tail Pro demands only one-time payment with no hidden add-ons
  • You can immediately download Long Tail Pro after purchase
  • Long Tail Pro offers free unlimited updates
  • Long Tail Pro comes with 60 days money-back guarantee
  • It allows free access to the Long Tail Pro user community in case of any query
  • Long Tail Pro supports the quick generation of unique long-tail keywords from one or more seed keywords
  • It offers advanced search filters to refine the results
  • Long Tail Pro offers the feature of accurate rank checking of your website in multiple search engines


  • All features of Long Tail Pro, especially KC metric, are accessible only to monthly subscribers
  • Updates may not have a significant effect on the working of the product or its interface
  • Long Tail Pro may not be able to consistently bring back data
  • Keyword generation may take a long time causing frustration


To sum up the discussion, it is safe to assert that Long Tail Pro is the best choice for those internet marketers who are looking for new content ideas and ways to draw in more traffic to their business sites.

If you are looking for an affordable solution to your keyword research, then go for Long Tail Pro, but make sure to access its Keyword Competition Metric without which the product may not be of a big benefit to you.




Starting at $37/month, Long Tail Pro isn't a minor investment. But it is a big step in the right direction for those who want to increase organic traffic and build a targeted online audience. You also need to consider that Long Tail Pro is only a keyword research tool, and not an all-in-one SEO tool, so you may need to pay for additional software depending on your needs.

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