A Detailed and Exhaustive Review of Love Commands

Do you know you can be the only woman your man loves? You can become his only obsession; the only woman he thinks about and adores simply by learning and understanding how to trigger his deep desires and his hero instinct.

If you are in a relationship with a man who hasn’t talked about settling down with you or doesn’t take you as the only woman in his life, then you need to understand that a man can only commit to a relationship if that’s what your desires are.

Men can commit to a relationship, and it only takes a special woman to inspire such a commitment. When you learn how to be special to your man, that’s when he can take you as the only woman. That’s why you need a special guide such as Love Commands.

This guide will help you create the kind of a relationship that your man admires and one that will inspire him to devote and commit his life to you.

What Is Love Commands

Love Commands PDFLove Commands is a digital guide that was designed by Scott Foster to help women attract and keep men they desire interested in their relationship.

The guide reveals to you a set of secret love phrases and precise words that you can use to attract and keep the man of your dreams.

You don’t have to cut corners or use other ways, these amazing techniques described in Love Commands help to influence the psychology of men thereby creating an intense feeling of deep affection, desires, and love.

A good thing about this program is that it can be used on a man who has lost interest in you; commonly known as Ex; it will help spark the feelings and love back and reignite his love and feelings towards.

It contains psychologically hidden messages that’ll influence the mind of a man. The secret love commands in this guide trigger that brain release a hormone known as excitement or Norepinephrine hormone.

About The Author

Scott Foster is a dating and relationship coach. He’s also a psychologist and has vast experience in the dating and relationship field. After seeing how lots of women were struggling to make their men stay interested in them, he decided to come up with this guide to help as many women as possible understand the psychology of their men and use it to their advantage.

The guide has helped a lot of women, and they have attested of its effectiveness in helping them understand their men and make them fall in love with them more.

His intent is to help women master the art of seducing, attracting, and keeping men in the relationship. Therefore, if you are in a relationship with a man who is still unsure about whether to commit to the relationship or not or on that is cold and stalling, then Love Commands is the guide for you. This guide has been proven to be effective and powerful when used on men.

How Does It Work?

The secret words in Love Commands penetrate to the mind of your man and stir desires, emotions, as well as feelings to make him fall in love deeply with you. These words have been tried and tested and have proven to be powerful when used on men. Love Commands eBook contains precise words and carefully crafted gestures that trigger deep feelings in a man towards a particular woman. These feelings can be a commitment, affection, intense sexual desires, and devotions.

What Inside?

Love Commands ScamLove Commands comes in the form of a PDF guide. Inside the Love Commands PDF file, you’ll find the primary manual that’s divided into seven chapters; each chapter represents a command, meaning that there are seven love commands described in this guide. Here’s a glimpse of what each command entails;

  • Candy Love Commands: This command triggers the normal system of a man. It makes him see you like a seductive woman in his life. It makes your eye candy to him. He’ll be madly interested in you, and he’ll be thrilled to be with you.
  • The knot of Command and Commitment: Most men are afraid of committing to the relationship and tries to avoid the question of commitment. If you are in a relationship where your partner is trying to avoid commitments, then Love Commands guide will help you through this command. This love command will take your relationship to another level.
  • Total Devotion Command: Women want men who are fully devoted to the relationship, but men are quite the opposite; they don’t like devoting their all to the relationship. But with total devotion command, you’ll become his queen, and he will be happy to devote his romance, affection, and body to you alone.
  • Desire Reset Command: This command will spark desires and passion in your man towards you.
  • Love Me Again Command: This is meant for women who want their ex back.
  • The Shiny Object Syndrome Command: This will help those women who want to attract their ex back.
  • The Instant Lovebirds Command: This command will help you connect with your partner on a deeper level.

Besides, you are given three bonus items;

  • Hypnotic Obsession
  • Viral Feelings Of Love
  • Sweet Whispers

The Pros of Love Commands

  • Love Commands has been tested and proven to work.
  • It’s written in a practical manner.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The guide helps you connect with your man on a deeper emotional level.

The Final Thoughts; Is Love Commands Guide Worth Buying?

Love Commands is one of the few guides about the relationship that have been proven to be effective. It will help you bring back the love and spark back in your relationship. Download your copy today!





This book best way to achieve your relationship goals, it is not only guides you through the step by step process so that when you are done, you have a man in the house but also provides the things that most women do not know and why they always fail when they try to make a man like them for who they are.

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