Secrets of a Love Hate Relationship – Can It Work?

There are many types of relationships in the world. But what about a love-hate relationship? Why does it happen and can it work out?

love hate relationship

A love-hate relationship is fierce, exciting, and full of passion. but vice versa It can also stress and strain your heart. For every exhilarating rush of love there will be moments of anger and anger.

If you are in love simple and happy The idea of ​​throwing each other on tables and walls and indulging in intense sex that provokes burns after a furious brawl may seem really exciting. Heck, watching other people’s love affairs can make your perfectly happy love quite ordinary and boring! [Read: How to let go of someone you love by hating them]

but you must know this Hate and love relationships only look good in movies or when you hear them.

In real life, the concept of hate-loving may seem appealing to many, but the experience or life through love is something that’s not true. hatred Romance won’t help but suck the energy out of your life. It also had a huge impact on other areas. in your life including your productivity, happiness, and mental health. [Read: 12 easy ways to be a happy couple that’s envied by all couples]

What is the relationship between love hate?

Conflicts and moments of ego clash are present in almost all relationships. These fights can help couples understand each other better to some extent. [Read: How to fight fair and have a happier romance]

Yet, love-hate relationships thrive on serious conflicts and incompatible personalities. And although both of you can be cheerful and friendly as individuals. But it will bring out the worst in you and your partner. A love-hate relationship is a type of relationship where there is more anger and frustration in love than love and happiness. [Read: The 23 types of relationships you could fall into]

If you’re living in a love-hate relationship. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Your partner and you can seriously love each other. but still Both of you may find yourself bringing out the worst of each other all the time.

The tendency in love-hate relationships is easily discernible. Your partner may be bothering you all the time. but after calming down You will know that you really love this person.

While a love-hate relationship is almost unplanned, But there are also quite a few men and women who enter into love-hate relationships because they inadvertently love the drama of their lives. They are the couples who find their lives rather boring and need some confusion to make life more exciting and amazing! [Read: 16 subtle signs you’re an attention whore who wants more drama!]

Two types of love hate relationships.

There are two types of love-hate relationships you may encounter in your life. And to be honest, no one has done any good to you.

1. Love relationships but hate lovers

You like the idea of ​​being in love But you don’t love the person you’re dating or marrying. You might be in a relationship just because you’re too scared that you won’t find someone who loves you if you break up. Or are you afraid that you won’t be able to deal with the trauma if your partner dated someone else immediately after breaking up with you? [Read: 18 critical signs you’re already in a very unhealthy relationship!]

2. Hate relationships but love lovers

You are completely slapped by a lover. And you can’t imagine your life without them. But every time you both come together You know you have nothing in common. Your time is full of conflicts and conflicts. And you can’t stand each other. [Read: If you love someone, should you let them go?]

12 Reasons Love Hate Relationships Happen

We can all fall in love with a hate relationship no matter how good we are. And even if you’re not really angry or yelling. But it may take some time before you start responding.

The reason for turning perfect love into a hate relationship is easy to see. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix, too. If you really care about your relationship. and want to make your love life better Communicate about the reasons why love hates relationships. Then change yourself before the two of them are bitterly separated. [Read: 25 must-follow relationship rules for a happy love life]

Use these 12 causes of a love-hate relationship to find out how often both of you lock him down and try to fix it.

1. Personalities are not compatible

Both of you are very different in your life style and expectations from it. This creates confusion and clashing about how you handle situations and how you view the world around you. [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility instantly!]

2. Clash of Egos

A great ego can destroy the happiest relationships alone in a matter of months. Don’t let ego get in your relationship. Otherwise, you’ll be building a relationship that will be catastrophic before it has a chance to bloom. [Read: The 20 biggest reasons for divorce that most couples overlook]

3. Strong personality

If both of you have strong personalities and always want things your own way and hate following the wishes of others Arguments may be at hand.

4. Jealousy and insecurity

If either or both of you are susceptible to harsh words or easily upset by flirtatious behavior. It can lead to jealousy and insecurity that creep into the relationship. This can turn perfect love into bitter hate. [Read: The right way to deal with jealousy in love]

5. blurred vision

This is something most men have a hard time dealing with. Do you hate when your guy is constantly staring at other girls when you’re around? Perhaps your man’s sensual eyes are the catalyst behind your love-hate relationship. [Read: Sneaky tips to fix your man’s ogling eyes]

6. Different expectations

Do you and your partner have different expectations and needs? Are you both having a hard time trying to be each other’s perfect partner?

7. No disappointment

Anger usually doesn’t flow out of nowhere. and did not immediately erupt. Sometimes it takes years of quelling frustration and anger to erupt and form a love-hate relationship. [Read: The power of words and how it can damage your relationship forever]

8. unwillingness to change

You may realize that your partner doesn’t like what you do. But you’re not trying to change or try to reassure them. It could be something else.

9. Take control of couples

Some partners are inherently regulated. If you don’t allow your partner to control you They might argue and reason with you all the time just to get you to surrender or surrender to them. [Read: 16 ways to handle controlling behavior in a relationship]

10. Cheating Partner

If you are cheating on your partner or if your partner thinks you are cheating on them. Both of you will immediately fall in love with the hated relationship style. This is more than a lost sight. This is an act of impulse.

11. Lack of communication

Do you really communicate? If either of you is having a hard time talking about your feelings. It’s just a matter of time before the other person starts to feel insecure or want less. This could easily lead to emotional outbursts.

12. Underage

Underage is one of the biggest reasons behind love-hate relationships. Both of them know what a relationship needs. And what needs to be done to help the relationship succeed? But they are immature and too short-sighted to look at the big picture or continue working. Instead of trying to understand each other They quarreled like little children. [Read: The best way to deal with complications in a relationship]

cycle of love Hate, Romance

Love hate love has never been good for any couple but then again. Constant waves of highs and lows can become addictive. Before you know this Either or both of you may begin to yearn for the drama and build it up often. To keep the relationship more interesting!

The lowest point of the breakup…

in a love-hate relationship The battle was painful and tearful. You might both scream, throw things, and slam doors at each other. And every time you both fight It will affect performance in other areas. of your life as well But it’s all said and done. You both might argue. But know that soon you’ll both jump into each other. [Read: 15 types of toxic relationships you could be experiencing right now!]

… followed by high-makeup

Love-hate relationships are full of make-up and breakups. Each time you both take time away from each other after an argument. The relationship will feel more passionate and energized. you will feel more love And the best part of makeup? Makeup for sex after a big fight feels like the best sex ever! [Read: Hot and horny tips to have more make up sex!]

truth? Love-hate relationships are unstable and bad.

concept of love hatred This may sound exciting to some people. But this kind of relationship can’t help you grow into a couple. It stops you from opening up to each other and revealing your true self. Your flaws and all

Although there is a lot of love in the air Constant controversy always leaks insecurity about the future.

A love that hates marriage or a relationship is full of doubt. uncertainty and fierce fury Even though you both love each other very much. But constant doubts about compatibility will force one or both of you to stray into better health. Although quieter relationships are calmer and more relaxed.

Now you can’t imagine falling in love with someone else. But no matter how long you’ve been in a love-hate relationship, Your mind will wander and look for a more stable relationship. Whether you like it or not! [Read: How to fall out of love when you see no future together]

Why do you love them?

What is your relationship meant to be? Are you really happy in a relationship or are you just leaning back on people who aren’t willing to do the same for you? This is something you really need to think about. Why are you in a relationship full of obstacles and pain?

You have to sit down and ask yourself why you only love those who hurt you. Why are you in a relationship with someone who always brings out your worst side? Maybe there is something that pulls both of you and holds both of you together through all those arguments. [Read: Do opposites really attract or do they just push each other away?!]

Why do you hate them?

Why can’t you fix it? Sometimes, especially when your ego is locked up. It’s easy to cause a storm for the slightest reason. If you find yourself fighting all the time try to reach its lowest point Obviously, you can’t make a deal at some point. But why is that? And are those reasons more important than happiness in your relationship? [Read: 15 reasons why you may be getting bored with your relationship]

transcending love and hate

It’s easy to get past the love-hate phase in a relationship. If you both try to change each other It takes patience and determination to compromise without letting the ego lock the horn all the time. But for many couples in a love-hate relationship, that’s not possible

Learn to communicate instead of yelling at each other. If something hurts you Instead, talk to your partner about it instead of thinking that your partner intentionally hurt you. And if your partner is angry, don’t react in anger. [Read: How to fix every single trust issue in your relationship]

After all, anger is a defense mechanism. It’s how we react when we feel like we’re cornered and helpless. And we are too selfish to admit our mistakes. Give your partner some time alone to reflect on what you have to say. and when their ego fell shortly after They will be open to communicating with you.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while trying to break the love-hate barrier is losing your ego, apologizing often, and being open to compromise. When you learn to laugh together about the little fights, it’s a sign that love is about to defeat all the hate that fuels your love. [Read: The 10 big signs of every perfectly happy relationship]

But should you continue in a love-hate relationship?

The answer is something only you can understand. Some of us might be dramatic and claim to like love-hate relationships. *Even if it’s just a small fight sometimes* because it sounds more modern and exciting than being in a peaceful, stable love.

but vice versa There are serious lovers who are often unfaithful. emotionally abused, harassed, and even physically assaulted by a partner but still madness of love hatred It can confuse their decisions and twist their arms to stay in the same relationship. It can force them to endure a bitter and difficult life when there are so many better opportunities outside of a relationship. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend]

Are you in an unhealthy love-hate relationship? This is a simple method. To find what you really need And whether or not you really want to be in this destructive love, make your own list of the pros and cons of your love story. Consider whether the advantages are worth it or the disadvantages are overwhelming. Be honest with yourself and ask if you really deserve better.

[Read: 7 secret signs of a relationship that’s starting to go bad]

Remember this – love-hate relationships can be exciting and passionate. But it’s often devastating in the long run. learn to fix ASAP Or walk away before it’s too late!

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