Love Sucks! 21 Reasons Why We Hate It and Yet Crave for It

Love is not for the faint-of-heart. We’ve all been hurt by love before. And now it’s time to consider why love sucks!

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Baby, it’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? what makes the world go round it binds us together What makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, right? Wrong. Love really sucks. It sucks big time

Let’s face the facts The most painful moment in our lives may be because of love. Maybe it’s a breakup Someone might reject you. Maybe falling in love with a guy on a dreamy summer vacation? But knowing that you’ll never see each other again Even if you are in a happy and stable relationship. Love always hurts you

Love sucks… And there are many reasons why!

It’s really surprising. Why do we have to worry about it sometimes? Finally, let’s put the cards on the table and see the many reasons why love sucks!

#1 it makes us look stupid Has there ever been a fool who was bigger than a fool in love? Love makes us do and say completely stupid things. It allows us to take ourselves out in ways we’ve never dreamed of. In short, it makes us look like an idiot. [Read: What’s so hopeless about the hopeless romantic?]

#2 makes us unable to see the truth They say love is blind, right? Of course, love sometimes makes us see things. through those rose-colored eyeglasses or we refuse to believe something about a particular person. *although it’s very noticeable* just because we love them too much to be negative. or worse, We end up denying the truth and get hurt even more.

#3 We lose it to those who don’t deserve it. We are also superfluous with those who don’t want or can’t handle it. What a waste of energy!

#4 It’s full of false promises. when we fall in love We believe this person is perfect. We look forward to them and cherish every word they say. The more we fall in love with them. It was even harder to see their mistakes, and suddenly we did, and it was too late! [Read: Why does love hurt so much when it goes bad?]

#5 a big disguise Think about every time you thought you were in love. But then it turns out that the other person is an idiot all the time. It turns out that you don’t love them at all. Love trickes you into thinking it’s real. even though it is not

#6 We are confused about sex. Love is very dangerous when confused with sex. Of course, being physically intimate and intimate is part of love. But love cannot depend on sex alone. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. that cause us all kinds of problems

#7 Love sucks because when others give it to us and we don’t need it We feel like horrible people. Unrequited love is bad when you are rejected. But when you reject someone especially if people That’s the person you care about. It’s even worse.

#8 Sometimes I feel like it’s not enough. Fighting for love is the worst.

#9 causing us to be with people who are not worthy of us for a long time We do it because we love it, but in our hearts we know it won’t end well. [Read: 20 signs that reveal your relationship is oh-so-over already]

#10 Love sucks because sometimes we are in a bad situation for us too long. We hope people will change. but they never change We are confused and hurt.

#11 Sometimes we lose it. The lost love hurts Especially when we don’t understand why we lose it.

#12 Love sucks because we need it. without love We feel totally lost and alone. Every human being needs different kinds of love to feel happy. We rely on love so much that it can be difficult when we lose it, want it, or can’t have it the way we want. [Read: The 10 types of love you’ll experience in your lifetime]

#13 It is beyond death. that means If you lost someone you love you still love him you still want him And you still miss him even though he’s gone. That’s the worst love

#14 It Overshadows Our Judgment Love makes it sometimes invisible. We think that we know ourselves primarily. And then love comes in and makes us question everything.

#15 It makes us weak. Love makes us vulnerable to pain and pain that we never knew existed.

#16 Love sucks because it’s unstable.. Love can surely last a lifetime. But it might just be for a moment, like leaves floating in the air in the autumn wind. Love touches us and leaves us without even realizing how love affects our lives. [Read: 10 signs you’re lovesick and 10 ways to get out of it]

Then why do we do it?

Well, to be honest though, love hurts and it really sucks. But there’s still a good reason in a few This means that we continue to look for it. We should decide that we don’t need it. But we keep coming back. over and over This means that love might be worth it or not?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why, although soulful. But love might be worth it in the end.

#1 Love is valuable because it means you know someone. Loving someone means you know them all the time. Those who let you in so much create a special bond that cannot be broken. [Read: Not child’s play! 20 love riddles and the complexity of love]

#2 Love is valuable because it makes you feel safe. Love is supportive and unchanging. Love makes us feel protected and at peace. And it’s like there’s always someone behind us.

#3 Love makes us a better person People who feel loved want to give it more. If someone shows love to you It will make you want to do the same with other people. That’s what makes the world a better place to live.

#4 Love always reappearsWhen you think you’re desperate and perhaps there’s no love left in a world reserved for you. Something surprising and unexpected happened. And you will truly fall in love over and over again. like crazy! [Read: We accept the love we deserve – Why aren’t you worthy?]

#5 Love is valuable because it allows you to be your true self. There’s no need to hide or pretend you’re not when it comes to love. Love allows you to be yourself without judgment or expectations. Love accepts you for who you are. Even the side you wish you didn’t have That’s what love is all about.
[Read: Where there is love there is life: Why love makes us better]

We all know that love sucks. And it can be a tricky emotion to deal with. Emotions that persist whether we are in or out of a relationship. However, despite all that love is worth it and we all need it in our lives.

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