How to Tell If You’re in a Low Key Relationship or a Secret Affair

What is the difference between a frivolous relationship and someone who wants to hide the fact that you are together? and then decide what you want.

low key relationship

We’ve all been there. Someone tells you that they are having a good time with you. But now they need a relationship that doesn’t matter. What does that mean?

You really like someone and you can’t help but miss them every second of the day. Eventually, they notice you and eventually you see more of them. Things are progressing a little and you’re spending a lot of time together. climb

You’re walking in the air at this point. They’ll then share their unimportant relationship desires with you. You can be forgiven for pulling on a confused face.

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What exactly is a low-key relationship?

There are two ways to view this.

First of all, being in a bad relationship is great if that’s what you both want. This means that you are doing things slowly, not rushing anything about everything. And don’t declare your love for each other on every social media platform you are a member of.

You may be seen in public together from time to time. But it’s not normal. You might have friends together and hang out in groups. But you haven’t introduced them to other friends and family.

Some low key relationships are monopoly. But some relationships are not. That’s what you should decide between yourself. Of course, the problem started when there was no conversation. And one of you thinks things are going more official than the other.

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There is another way to look at the low-key relationship concept. If you are crazy about each other If you like spending time together and having fun on stage. ‘Can’t take your hands off each other’, why hide it?

That’s where you need to draw the line. Sometimes the line between low-key relationships and hidden relationships can be so blurry.

Where does one end? Where does the other party begin?

If the person you see lies that you are with you. panic when others see you together And avoid acknowledging that there might be something more than a friendship formed between you when asked by someone else. you are a secret

However, if they did not hide it themselves and when asked, they spoke openly. That’s a less important relationship.

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Were low-key relationships a good thing?

Of course it can But it must be what you both Wanted. If you’re someone who wants to shout from the roof and can’t help but get excited and tell your friends about your most recent date. You’ll struggle with the concept of a relationship that doesn’t matter.

The point is, you’re both relaxed about it. You’re not in a hurry. You’re not keeping track of the number of days you go or the total meaning. There are no labels about unimportant relationships. because you see that things how it proceeds [Read: 15 hurt-free rules to date casually without getting hurt]

If you are happy to relax Maybe you’ll find freedom in frivolous relationships. Having a healthy relationship and working with loved ones takes time. While there is another part of life that is separate without them.

is a personal choice Some people want to take things slow, maybe they’ve had injuries before and they want to take their time. Maybe they have children from a previous relationship and want to keep everything low until now. until they are sure that the relationship is really going somewhere.

There are plenty of reasons someone might want to start a frivolous relationship. But that’s the point – to begin with. when consistently low key and never evolved otherwise. You should question what happened. [Read: Relationship of convenience – What it is and why people get into one]

What if you’re a secret?

If you’re pretty sure there aren’t any major deals. happened here but you are hiding It’s time to wave goodbye Seriously! you deserve better

Sit down with them first and ask why they feel the need to hide your relationship or whatever. Chances are you won’t get a reasonable answer to your question. because there is no real answer

If someone wants to spend time with you want to sleep with you Want to share private and personal moments with you? This should not be concealed. Of course, that doesn’t mean sharing too much and telling everyone in every detail. But it also means that it’s not the biggest secret in the world either. [Read: What it could really mean if someone wants a secret relationship]

I mean, come on, how does it make you feel? Are they ashamed or afraid of what people will say? How scary is this? I need someone I’m spending time with to be happy rather than telling people “yes, you’re my fool” or whatever line today. If the person you’re spending time with wants to hide the truth, sorry, but he has to go.

Raise your hand and wave goodbye It’s the only way to go

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When should a low-key relationship become a higher key?

That’s the million dollar question.

We all move at different speeds when it comes to love. If you’ve discussed and listed the reasons for keeping everything low. You’ll be fine for a while. However, there may be times when one or both of you want to move your device.

If your partner doesn’t want that to happen. And they are satisfied with the frivolous relationships you already have. Think carefully about the future. The fact that you want to level up means that you are not satisfied with things that are no longer important. Even if it doesn’t answer the question, right? Identify the reasons why they are unhappy to move things to higher dynamics. Then assess whether you are satisfied with the description. [Read: How to read the signs when your casual relationship is starting to get serious]

There should be a quantity of give and take here. After all You still need to be happy at the speed with which your relationship is progressing. and what others can see or something else You don’t have to be one of those couples who post cute pictures on social media or declare their love for each other every time.

But you should have some presence as a couple going beyond the low-key version after a while. If this doesn’t happen Maybe this relationship isn’t for you in the end. [Read: Are you two a couple? 14 clear signs it’s going in the right direction]

The only way you can figure it out is to sit down and talk about it. Be honest and open about how you feel and what you want. You can’t be embarrassed here. Be honest with yourself. Maybe you’re comfortable with a relationship that doesn’t matter, and that’s okay. But if you haven’t, it’s time to speak up.

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Insignificant relationships are often those that are short-lived before they develop to a slightly higher level. But there’s a big difference between being low-key and being secretive.

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