Make Him Yours: 40 Dirty Pick-Up Lines to Use on Men –

Men aren’t the only ones having fun picking up at local bars. Here’s how to make him yours in just a few words.


There seems to be a general stereotype that men are the only ones who have ever used profanity to attract the opposite sex. I’m sure you’ve been in a bar. Think about your own business when a guy walks up to you and leaves GOT what would be the most wonderful sentence you’ll ever hear trying to find you.
There are tons of funny memes circling the internet with messages about bad pick-ups. Unfortunately, some men actually use it. But have you tried one on a man before? Although it is not uncommon for women to use pickup trucks with men. but it still happens [Read: The clueless guy’s and girl’s guide to using pick-up lines]Guys like your dirty pickup line.
Women are notorious for being very shy when it comes to dating scenes. Most of us sit down and let men come to us. But what if we take the role instead? What if women like us throw a pickup truck in their direction?
let everyone try I challenge all women to step up their game and put a few defensive lines in the direction of the pretty guy. If you’re stuck with which one to use, these 40 Dirty Pickups are a foolproof way to get their attention and keep them going. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy!]#1 Hey, what’s your name, I gotta know what I’m screaming tonight.
#2 Well, that’s it! I don’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you.
#3 Are you a candle? because I want to blow you up [Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]#4 Beautiful shirt! What is it made of, the material of the fan?
#5 If I tell you I work for UPS, will you let me handle your package?
#6 kiss me if i’m wrong But your name is Richard, isn’t it?
#7 That’s good pants! If I test the zip?
#8 You look like a really hard worker. There is a field to fill out.
#9 You’re cute, but do you know what will make your face look better? If I sit on it [Read: 18 girl on top tips to make sex a lot sexier!]#10 Do you want an Australian kiss with me? It’s like a French kiss. but below
#11 I don’t wear socks And I have matching underwear.
#12 Do you know what will look good on you? hair.
#13 Are you David Beckham? because I will bend for you [Read: Sexy strip tease 101: How to strip for your man like a pro]#14 Tonight I might be wasted But the condom in my purse is not necessary.
#15 You’re the opposite of my high school homework *how?* Actually, I want you all night.

#16 *asks your name* He calls me “truth” ?? Because honestly, people can’t accept it
#17 If I knew I’d be wet tonight I’m probably wearing a bikini
#18 Exhale if you want to have sex with me tonight. [Read: 7 sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]#19 You’re definitely on my to-do list tonight.
#20 You look familiar. Have we had sex before? *No* then we should
#21 Those pants look great on you. But they will look better on my floor.
#22 Want to do porn? We don’t have to tape [Read: Why men watch porn instead of their woman in bed]#23 *What’s your name? My name is __________, but you can call me tonight.
#24 Do you know what will look good on you? *What* me.
#25 Unexpectedly, but we’ve never met before?
#26 Can I borrow a kiss? I swear I’ll give it back
#27 I’m not feeling well today. but you can open me
#28 Let’s play Titanic! when i say “Iceberg” ?? you go down [Read: 12 sexy ways to make him go down on you without a push]#29 Do you feel offended? I can help you make you feel better.
#30 You remind me of my little finger because I will bump you against every piece of furniture imaginable.
#31 Hey! Do you want to do 68? *What* You lower your head to me. and i owe you 1. [Read: Why the 69 position isn’t all it’s cracked up to be]#32 Do you think it’s popular here? * Yes! * Would you like to use my thighs as earmuffs?
#33 rose is red Violet is ok I will be 6, if you will be mine 9.
#34 Is there a mirror in your bag? ‘Cause I see myself in your pants
#35 We are like hot chocolate and marshmallows. You are hot and I want to be above you. [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it!]#36 Let’s play carpentry. First, we’ll get smashed. then hammer the nail
#37 Do you like whales? ‘Cause we can hump back to my house
#38 Is it hot here or just you?
#39 I don’t really like to drink wine. I prefer moaning
#40 Are you a firefighter? ‘Cause you came in hot and left me wet [Read: How to make a guy horny while sitting next to him!]Using a dirty pickup isn’t for every woman. But if you can handle these I can assure you that you will have a fun night.

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