Surprised? The Male and Female Mind During the No Contact Phase

at the end of the relationship Not speaking is the hardest thing. But is there a difference between the minds of men and women during the period of no contact?

Men's and women's minds during no contact

The no-contact phase was designed with healing and personal growth in mind. I’ve seen countless couples break up. go through a period of no contact and get back together again at the end They recognize their mistakes and learn from them. It is interesting to look at the differences between the minds of men and women during the absence of contact.

Don’t cheat yourself from the uncontacted facebook. Give yourself time to sit down and really reflect. Get away from the strong emotions that you are sure to feel at the end of the relationship.

Why do you need a no-contact phase?

we’ve been there the relationship is over, you know You shouldn’t talk to your ex for a while. if ever again whether you are a dumper or a dumpster This phase is difficult to have no contact. When you get used to talking to someone every day. You will feel lost for a moment.

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Learning how to deal with the healthy termination of a relationship involves a no-contact step. Sit on the phone, turn off the phone, block their number for a moment. give the phone to a friend do whatever you want But do not contact them!

You might be wondering why there’s really no need to contact a business, and if you want to talk to someone, should you? In most situations in life that would be true. But the end of the relationship A cooling off period is required for both parties.

If you are texting and talking during this time How should you cool off? You’ll end up resentful, stressed, and upset again. And that’s not the point of this transition. [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule always works]

Men and women in the non-contact phase

In some cases, the couple never got back together. In some cases, they do and won’t last. You will never know in advance. But a no-contact step is essential if you want to gain some clarity on what to do next.

Men and women differ in their way of thinking, yes, each person is different. We shouldn’t include these in gender stereotypes. but overall There are some general thought patterns that might be helpful to know ahead of time. You might think this is the big picture. but bear with me You may learn something new!

women during no contact

Basically *again, generally* women are the most emotional of the two at the start. but will change as the no-contact phase progresses. She often finds it harder to stay out of contact with her ex now. It’s also possible for a friend to arrange to intervene and stop her from sending messages that she might regret.

It’s normal to want to keep talking and keep the conversation going. Because this is a way of keeping connections. If you really don’t want the relationship to end. Staying silent is not something you want to do. Necessary if you want to grow and learn. Whether you choose to fix the relationship or not

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The chances of a woman breaking and breaking the no-contact rule are surprisingly low. She will, in fact, want to do her best but try to avoid giving up. Why? Because most of the time women will understand the reasoning behind this period.

It’s also possible that if she doesn’t end the relationship. She will see that this no-contact step is a possible way to light a relationship. in most cases This method actually works!

So, in this case, the biggest difference between a man’s mind and a woman in the absence of contact is that she wants to talk a lot, but probably not. she will be stronger when she can control her emotions more At the end of the no-contact period *If given time*, she is more likely to be colder and stronger overall compared to men. [Read: Is the no contact rule a powerful gamble to get your ex to like you?]

men during no contact

again i am general But men tend to cope better with periods of inactivity in the beginning and will miss their ex more over time. Most guys want to know what their ex is doing and whether or not they want to come back.

There’s a bit of pride in a guy that makes a guy want to know if his ex is meeting someone else. go to a party with their friends and above all whether they miss them or not. This will come out at the end. But maybe not at the beginning.

A man’s idea at the onset of symptoms is to enjoy their freedom. It sounds gross, but it’s usually what happens. That doesn’t mean he’s sleeping with someone new. And most of the time it won’t happen. It is more likely that he will gather a group of friends and go out to enjoy ‘man time’.

Yes, it sounds young. and so is it But that’s one of the ways men’s minds deal with breakups and loss of contact. Will he enjoy it? To be honest, yes, at first he would enjoy having no contact. Because it meant that he didn’t have to sit and think about what had happened. But that will change quickly.

Like women, men regret the end of a relationship. They just do it in a different way and it may not be very obvious. while women were more inclined to cry and talk. Guys stay calm and use other methods, such as going out for sports *again, general talk*, to deal with their inner emotions. [Read: The 13 essentials you need to get over someone fast]

The biggest difference most ex-lovers face

The biggest difference between the minds of men and women during the absence of contact is time. both will miss each other Only the women tended to pass away immediately. While the man had reached this stage a little late. by any means pain is the same It’s just how you deal with it that makes it different.

within all this You are at risk of being misunderstood. when you are in the middle of a breakup You don’t have the clarity of your mind to know that someone might handle things with you.

A woman may see that her ex is doing well. While she might collapse inside What she didn’t know was that they were now embracing each other. But it won’t last in the same way The guy may wonder why within a few weeks his ex is smiling and looking stronger. But he wondered if they had made a big mistake.

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The psyche of men and women during the absence of contact is very different. Even though it would be nice to talk about it with a clear mind. But during the breakup There could be a big misunderstanding.

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