Male Moaning Mystery: Why Most Guys Choose Not to Do It

The groaning of men is not something we talk about as much as the female version. But it happened! Learn why your guy stays silent and how to change it.

man moan

Gender is an expressive form of communication where people use their bodies and minds in the most intimate manner. Most people only want a comfortable flat surface and a body free of two warm clothes. But many people opt for props and sounds. Moaning is a way of communicating your enjoyment during sex. But why do we hear the moan of men less than women?

The sounds produced during sex can be verbal. in the form of dirty talk Or the moan that tells them they’re having a really good time—fake or something. But sometimes, the most you can hear during a session is raising your own voice. and the sound of your partner’s breathing

That doesn’t mean men moaning doesn’t happen. It’s just that we think more about women’s moans. Although there are a number of ways you can encourage your man to make a little louder. if he wants and different kinds of wailing to be heard. [Read: Sex sounds: How to moan and look & sound even more sexy in bed]

Why should men moan more?

When a man chooses not to groan It’s not a big deal. So are women – some women don’t like making noise during sex because they’re too focused on that feeling.

still a mystery Especially when you’re the type who doesn’t like to hear your partner moan. It is common for men to refrain from moaning for a variety of reasons. [Read: How to sound really sexy in bed and arouse your partner]

Why is this a problem for some men and women? Is mourning really that important? The answer is yes and no. It’s okay if guys aren’t vocal in the bedroom. Because he might be the type who doesn’t like moaning or thinks it’s unnecessary. But it may be necessary for some sex partners. Because it could be an important part of their sex routine. Why should men moan more? For a start, it’s because of these reasons.

1. it stimulates your partner

2. It lets your partner know how you feel.

3. it can increase your happiness

4. It can help you reach orgasms on demand.

5. It makes you more vulnerable and open.

Why are men moaning quite rare?

We have concluded that there is no scientific basis as to why most men do not moan during sex. There seems to be some common reason why men don’t moan. [Read: Why do women moan during sex: All the reasons that’ll surprise you]

1. Concentration problems

so that men can prolong ejaculation He has to restrain himself or train himself to last longer. For some, it can be difficult to focus on maintaining his climax when he moans. That’s why some guys like to bite their tongue and focus on their partner’s happiness instead. [Read: 20 easy moves for men to last really long in bed]

2. Consciousness

Moaning isn’t as easy as you might think. Some people are very sensitive about the types of sounds they make during sex. Some of the moans didn’t sound sexy at all. That’s why some people might be reluctant to try it on another person in the room.

3. perception of masculinity

not a widespread belief But many men still think that moaning is a sign of weakness. Because you are acting in a way that indicates that you are giving your partner happiness. That’s absolutely a good thing. Which is why it’s mentally uncomfortable to think that you should suppress your basic instincts by using growls instead of sensual sounds. [Read: Masculine traits: 21 healthy and unhealthy manly characteristics]

4. no experience

Some people who have never tried to moan during sex may find it difficult to start for that reason. They don’t know how or when to start. which makes it difficult only when you are in a frenzy

5. second guess

as well as inexperienced people. It can be difficult to start moaning when you’re not sure how to get it. or what should you do There is no right or wrong way to groan. But knowing that there’s a chance that it might not be attractive can stop any guy in his way.

6. social norms

The man is unknown in the bedroom. even in porn You rarely hear men moan, jingle, yes, saying disrespectful and illegal things to their partner. However, wailing is rarely added to audio bytes. [Read: 9 Sexy reasons why women moan and groan in bed]

7. Hypoallergenic

Some men don’t think lamenting all the benefits. No matter how many different types of wailing they tried or tested, it wasn’t for them. This may be because they are not sexually aroused. Or they don’t feel sexy at all.

8. personal preference

For many women and men Moaning can make your sexual experience more intense. when people don’t see that That might just be the way they’re built or programmed. [Read: Sexy words: Your guide to making dirty talk sound so much sexier]

How can you make your man moan more?

Remember, you can’t force a man to mourn a man. If it’s just something he doesn’t want to do But if it’s important to you There are ways you can encourage your guy to make a little more noise in the sack.

1. talk to him

The easiest way to get someone to do something is to ask them directly. If your boyfriend doesn’t want respect his decision If you really want to be with someone who is more expressive in the bedroom. It might be time to consider where you see the relationship going. [Read: 40 worst things to say to a man before getting it on in bed]

2. make him feel at ease

Tell your partner what he can expect and ask him if he needs advice on how to get started. Assure him that he can control the situation. Because that can make him think of trying new things. without knowing the result

3. Create a safe environment for him to start moaning!

in doing this You have to make sure that you can promise your partner in an open and bias-free environment where he can express himself fully. do it personally Make sure the curtains are closed. Add a little moody music, too, to make the beginning of your partner’s first foray into a groan.

4. Remember that it may depend on the baby’s stage.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations the first time You can always try again, that’s 90% of the fun in this exercise.

5. Let’s have a little chat.

Talking in a sexy tone or making a naughty talk can help your partner turn into a groan. He didn’t even have to stop ranting. He can add a little groan to the mix and that will sound sexy. [Read: A guy’s guide to talking dirty to a girl without turning her off]

6. Add some happiness

If all else fails Trying to control and make him feel so good that he couldn’t help but moan. There are many things you can do, such as using toys. try a new position Or give him a job during the blow job.

Even if your partner doesn’t moan during sex. But your sex life isn’t doomed. It simply means that your partner is ready to express their satisfaction in other ways, looking at their eyes, lips, body movements—which are as expressive as the sounds coming out of their mouths.

Different types of men moan

Not all bad news! There are many men who groan. In fact, there are different types of wailing men as well. It could be that your guy is actually moaning. [Read: How to have a sexy voice: 16 ways to make your listener fall in love]

Let’s look at some types of moaning men. You’ll find out if your guy is making more noise than you think.

1. sigh

These are different from normal sighing. They are breathing, quiet and almost undetectable in some respects. But it’s definitely a sign of infatuation.

2. Take a deep breath.

Is he breathing in really fast every time? That’s a man’s moan! He is telling you that he has only experienced a second of sexual pleasure. And he is waiting for the next wave to arrive.

3. The change in his voice

If he talks to you during sex Maybe if he asks if you like what he does, etc., listen to his voice. Has it changed? Maybe it’s a little hoarse? lower? groan Even well hidden His voice was changing under the tension of clinging to that happiness! [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

4. exhale long

If your man takes longer to exhale That’s because he was concentrating on not releasing things too quickly! It’s a sexy voice and one that tells you that he’s seriously enjoying himself.

5. hmmm

We hear this in normal life, like when someone likes a meal and says “hmm,” but it can also be used effectively for sex! If your man is ‘mmmm’ away, it’s the guy moaning and he loves every second. The same goes for the weird ‘oooh’.

6. growl

Women don’t moan during sex. So when men do It doesn’t fit with normal moaning patterns, however, howling sounds are very common for men during sex. Listen carefully because it can be very quiet. [Read: What do guys like to hear in bed the most?]

7. Yes

He might whisper this to himself, but if so, he’s encouraging him. He loved it and he groaned in his own head.

8. swear

Some men swear during sex and in themselves it may be classified as a male moan. He did this because he couldn’t believe how good it was.

Be sure to check to see if your man does a few male moaning gestures. and you didn’t really notice Just because he doesn’t scream or moan the same way you do. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t moan in his own way!

[Read: Loud sex! Is your girl really faking the big O?]

and don’t forget about yourself If your man doesn’t moan in bed You can moan as much as you want. which is as good a deal as with what your partner does!

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