The Man Code: The 10 Most Important Rules of a Gentleman

Searching for a way to flirt with your girl? Quit “bad boy” ?? Feelings and instead use these 10 rules of being a contemporary gentleman.

gentleman rules

Some girls like them badly. Some people like them nerds. However, there is a man who will always have a weakness in a woman’s heart: a gentleman. A true gentleman, as some women lament, is a dying breed. While it used to be the gold standard of true manhood. But the art of being a gentleman gradually faded from the consciousness of modern people Finding a real man is a rarity.

Before you set out on a thoroughbred horse like a character from a period drama The way of a real gentleman is different than what Hollywood Trops suggests. No, you don’t have to dress elegantly and wear a fake British accent. Like you’re from a Jane Austen novel, being a gentleman is something you strive for and shouldn’t be treated as an action. where you can put in and break the habit

How to be a contemporary gentleman

before you complain Being a gentleman has many benefits. First, it attracts people to you. People prefer gentlemen over cad. Secondly, it adds character. This can greatly increase your chances of getting a promotion in the workplace. while earning the respect of your colleagues and subordinates. That’s three birds with one stone. [Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that make girls swoon all the time]

#1 Be careful with your outfit A true gentleman must dress appropriately in every situation. Both in front of gangster friends and in front of women. No, this doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on signature clothing to accent the preppy look. It’s important to dress appropriately and tastefully.

Make sure you’re not wearing clothing that doesn’t fit your body, is dirty, stained, or is hairy. in choosing an outfit to wear Always consider whether it is appropriate for the occasion. comfortable or not and make you feel confident or not in that particular order Dressing up stunts even in high-end and new clothes won’t make much difference.

#2 use good posture Gestures reveal your personality very well. Therefore, it is recommended that men practice maintaining proper posture. A gentleman should stand up straight. sit properly and walk regularly Besides looking good It also shows confidence and self-confidence. A man who stands hunchbacked and walks awkwardly can be viewed as insecure and insecure.

#3 Always be polite and respectful when talking to women. *or with anyone* Like Sir Colin “Mr. Darcy Wet Jacket”?? Firth himself said in the gentleman’s movie Kingsman that “manners make man”?? This shows that the true measure of a gentleman is how he treats the people around him.

Use “gentleman” ?? faà§ade in front of an attractive woman But treating others around you otherwise is a fake gentleman. A true gentleman is polite to everyone regardless of age, gender or appearance. [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

#4 Be kind to your female friends. whether sister colleague or your date Always be kind to your female friends. You’re probably familiar with the classic movements in this gentleman’s handbook:

a. open the door when entering or leaving the building Always keep the door open for your female friends. It is also used when entering or exiting a vehicle.

b. Stand up and greet the woman who approaches you as you sit. Stand up when the woman excuses herself from the table.

c. Pull a chair for a female friend. Be sure to put on her robe when she sits down.

d. Extend your hand or arm Your female friends will admire your arms when walking or climbing stairs. Especially when your friends are older.

Mon offers to walk her home.. If this is not possible At least get your female friends in a taxi after your date.

F. When using public transport offer your seat Offer your chair to people who may need it more than you do: women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

#5 mind your language being scolded, especially at social gatherings doesn’t make you cool Don’t curse or use foul language when talking to women. for safety Use neutral words in conversation and don’t use words that you don’t really know. just to impress A true gentleman will never bring up annoying stories and inappropriate remarks. even in a comfortable atmosphere [Read: 15 effortless ways to be nice and loved by all, wherever you are]

#6 Don’t drink too much or get drunk.. In case you find yourself at a fancy event. and found that they served good wine Don’t indulge more than you can handle. Getting drunk means there is a chance of messing up later. and you might do something stupid or not suitable for other party participants Have a glass or two, sip slowly, and enjoy the quality of the spirits.

#7 Always on time—if not earlier than ten minutes. Never let your date wait for you. The gentleman is expected to arrive earlier than usual. So you have time to prepare and prepare at the last minute.

#8 compliment your date Make a habit of complimenting your date with her looks. Because she might spend a lot of time trying to look good. Make your compliments come true not joking She might use another method if you go too far. [Read: 19 sweet compliments for women that’ll make them go “awww…”]

#9 have a meaningful conversation Small talk is acceptable for the first ten minutes. until then The conversation will likely be deeper and more meaningful if on the first date try to ask questions and start a conversation. This will give the impression that you are genuinely interested in her.

Don’t dominate the conversation by talking more. Practice active listening and good manners by letting your date finish the talk before you tell your own story or answer. [Read: 16 first date tips and advice to charm your date in no time]

#10 Be prepared to pay your bills during the day. Even if your date offers to split the bill Please refuse and confirm to pay, made “forgotten wallet” ?? Scam is disrespectful and embarrassing even if you really forgot your wallet. Nowadays, there may be instances where your date will insist that you split the bill. But you can decline by suggesting that she pay the next day. This is both a gentleman and a good ploy for a second date.

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Being a gentleman is a lifelong pursuit. Only a man who seeks and embodies the qualities of a gentleman will reap the rewards of doing so. Don’t try to pretend to be a gentleman. Because women are often able to detect a genuine gentleman from a fake. which he only sneaked into her pants

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