20 Fail-Proof Ways to Manipulate Women into Liking You

Women don’t know what attracts men to them. They don’t know that men use these tricks to knock women down. This is how you deal with women.

how to deal with women

Men wonder why some women prefer other men and not them. Is there something wrong with them? What are they missing that they have? In this roller coaster game of attraction and romance It’s not the guy with the biggest bank account or the amazing car that wins over women—the guy who knows how to deal with women.

how to make a girl like you

These 20 tips explain how to get the girl of your dreams to like you.

#1 turn the table For centuries women have been flirted with men. This gives women the freedom to choose the men they want and reject the men they don’t.

However, you can change things. By approaching a woman and letting her know that you are not trying to impress her or get her consent. It’s easy to withdraw and not be impressed, so now’s her turn to try to impress you. [Read: How to make a girl want you and think of you sexually]

#2 not satisfied in seeking recognition and admiration from women Most men are willing to do anything. If you want to deal with women You should not fall for this strategy. don’t pull the chair for her Don’t buy her a drink. ignore her request or even blatantly say “no” to her.

#3 stay away So you look cool and you know it. You walk into a bar and this pretty girl looks at you with her well-groomed eyebrows. You sit next to her at the bar and look at her. as if instinctively She expects you to talk to her and buy her a drink.

You ignored her and gave a blank expression to yourself, ignoring her. This move puzzles her and the more she wants you to notice her.

#4 make her jealous Another way to deal with a woman is to get emotional with her. If you know she likes you, for example, you’re flirting with another girl. If she is your friend Tell her you like a girl who is clearly not her. You play with her emotions by making her jealous. Instead, she’ll do anything to make you like her. [Read: 12 obvious signs she wants you to ask her out]

#5 give her mixed signals The moment when you had all her eyes and ears. while you talk you lean closer more and more charming Then you lean back and just shrug. Or tell her she’s beautiful and look at the other woman walking into the room. These mixed signals confuse her. This makes her feel like she needs to do more to get your attention.

#6 unpredictable different from the man she knew Do things you won’t see Most women these days are fed up with men who use the same profanity as them. Take care of her by telling her that you will call her right now. But wait a few more hours before you actually do it. You will have her waiting for any words from you in the process. She will miss you more too.

#7 Act like a madman. Another way to entice a girl to like you is to act like a complete idiot. act like you’re better than her Have the best clothes and don’t be afraid to show what you have. whether at work or in society If a woman talks about her success look past it If she says she likes a certain band or movie. Tell everyone how bad her choices or tastes are.

#8 make her feel left out A nice and charming person for everyone but her. This makes her doubt herself and think there’s something wrong with her—or at least you think so. she won’t like this So she tries to compensate for her perceived flaws and is eager to welcome your attention. [Read: How to impress a girl: The atypical advice you really need]

#9 point out her flaws Many women are very sensitive when it comes to things they are insecure about, such as their weight, skin type and style, to get a girl interested in you. make her a little insecure

Wipe the imaginary dirt off her cheek. Tell her if she looks blurry or wavy. or tell her directly that you think she gained some weight even though she really didn’t

#10 Flatter her. Another way to deal with a woman is to flirt with her. Although you can do the opposite. But praising her yielded the same results. Tell her that she smells good or has beautiful hair. and you’ll make her heart flutter [Read: 19 sweet compliments for girls that’ll make them go “aww”]

#11 Makes her doubt herself. Tell her if she’s too feminine or dramatic or demanding. Tell me anything that makes you uncomfortable. This makes her always aware of you and what you have to say. It’s as if your instincts are trying to get your approval.
For example, if you ask her what she thinks about PokemonGo and she says she has collected 49 Pokemon, tell her, “Yes, I think you like underage apps. This is another app that I find interesting and worthwhile…”

#12 Cut her off. start a conversation with her Ask her about what you know she’s passionate about. And while she’s really about to get into her story And immediately cut her off and said, “Oh, I forgot I had to meet someone today. Goodbye!”

and leave her alone without further ado This frustrates her. or at least confused that she didn’t finish Now you have the advantage and request a meeting or rendezvous for her to continue the story.

#13 Makes her think she is too advanced. While gender roles are changing today And men and women are more or less equal when it comes to what they want in dating and relationships. Women are still sexually shy by default. The next time a woman approaches you, ask her, “Did you hit me? Because if it’s you, I don’t care.”

#14 Establish governance Be firm about what you want in your dating or relationship. This shows that you are dominant. And you will not be relegated to her desires. let her know early How would you like to be single *in fact, you are happier as a single man* than with someone who silences or controls you. This lets her know where she stands and what not to do. [Read: Relationship power plays: What men need to know]

#15 Learn the Dark Arts of Seduction Many people use fragmentation to seduce women. Segmentation is a technique used in covert psychology and hypnosis. You make a woman emotionally dependent on you by first building an emotional connection with her. Then get her through your story on a rollercoaster.

You connect with her on a deeper level for a moment and then completely ignore her. [Read: Fractionation seduction and how you can use it to seduce any woman]

#16 Tell a sobbing story. Women love drama by birth. They are forever crazy about sad and happy stories. Think about the saddest thing that has ever happened to you. Swing by exaggeration to make it more interesting to the opposite sex—or make the story entirely. The main thing to do is show drama and pity. And she looks at you like a cute little puppy she just saved.

#17 It’s a secret. A woman may be curious or curious by nature. But one thing is certain. They can’t tolerate mysteries, so if there’s a girl you just met, Don’t readily provide all the information about yourself.

If she asks you about your job and if you are a carpenter Tell her how you fix “things” here and there. and leave it like that The mystery made her think. So she will miss you more too.

#18 Use that secret weapon. The word “l” is nothing like the word “I love you” that can weaken a woman’s knees. If you’ve been dating her for a while or just have a crush on her. Accept her that you are in love and do this in the most romantic way. with proper timing and action You will definitely attract her to you.

#19 Touch her. There is one way to deal with her without saying anything, just touch her if she’s a friend or just someone you barely know. Touch her arm as if accidentally and you’ll definitely get her attention.
or if you are going out Just use your finger to touch the little back. her or behind her elbow This sends signals throughout her body. and she will feel the tingling sensation If it’s not sexual tension—just what you like. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

#20 Confident. Please think that you didn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Which means it’s okay if she brushes you off. Because there will be other girls you can flirt with, really thinking there are more fish in the ocean. Makes you more vulnerable and confident. which certainly attracts women

[Read: How to get a girlfriend 101: 11 tips to make it happen]

Sometimes every guy needs to get the girl of his dreams. is to let the woman be poked in their way. Therefore, these techniques are not a scam or a lie. These are just simple things. that you can use to make the opposite sex more noticeable or to make women want you to notice

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