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The massage should be comfortable and relaxing. It will become a strange thing.


while massage therapists are expected to provide the utmost professional service. But patrons are also expected to follow a few rules that govern etiquette within the confines of the massage table. Destroy these and… Let’s hear from the experts.
12 weird massage stories
Everyone loves a good story! But you’ve probably never heard of a massage before. Keep reading… but be careful: you’ll cringe, you’ll be shocked, you’ll giggle. and hope you will learn
#1 unhygienic body horror. At least the client should take a shower before the appointment. some do, some don’t But there are times when the shower is not enough and a Hazmat set is needed.
-“My worst horror story is a guy who comes in for a massage. I can deal with BO a bit, but this guy – holy crap – the whole clinic smells BO! when he took off his shirt Obviously, this guy doesn’t shower or change clothes often.
His undershirt was covered with yellow stains.! The worst massage I’ve ever done… I almost choked on the smell.” – purple_bee (via Reddit)
-“The other day, I was full because of massage. A righteous man has a lump of shit in his crack.. Sometimes I hate my job. But how hard is it to take a shower before a massage!?” –purple_bee (via Reddit)
“I used hand lotion and touched his back. And I was disgusted why his back looked weird to me in the dim light. His back was a minefield of giant blackheads. I resumed the massage as I began to warm the skin and the blood circulating on his back. Some of the blackheads started working loose! Now they’re coating my hands and getting stuck between my fingers.There was a strange smell that began to fill the air.” –TwistTheRabbit (via Reddit)
-“When I first started doing massages about 15 years ago, I worked in a luxurious spa setting. I’m doing a double massage with my colleague. I am massaging a lady and she is massaging a gentleman.
So sad The gentleman had a pustular blister the size of a scajave coin on his back that popped up during the massage.. Every time my colleague cuts his back The blisters would eat a little more of the hell water on his back.
Our customers bowed their heads. So we made sad faces at each other to show our disgust. While my colleagues do their best to avoid exposure to the yellow mess.” –Bobiki (via Reddit)
#2 When the patron is mischievous. Due to the nature of the massage that can feel the intimacy Some customers may feel uncomfortable and become playful.
-“I’m a male masseuse. When I first started I had a male customer sitting at a table while he was lying on his stomach. when I turn it over He asked if I could massage his stomach. I started a gastric routine. But realized the consistency in my hands – something that wasn’t my oil.. [Read: The perfect romantic massage to turn your partner on]I’m trying hard to figure out what it is. *I accidentally mixed the oil* When the treatment was over, he tipped me $100 with a big smile and walked away. various_fabrics (via Reddit)
-“I’ve been a licensed chiropractor for four years. And two weeks ago for the first time ever., I have an old man thinks it’s ok to try to kiss me.. I had to push him away from me. I haven’t stopped thinking about his welfare. Or he could sue my little work. I only thought of my boundaries and my safety. After creating a new region I showed him the door.” – gabrielle612 (via Reddit)
-“In a couple’s massage The guy took my hand and placed it over his dick. And it made me look very lustful. Also, an old man “accidentally” grazed my butt and went to my vagina. I even let a guy win a free massage and give me his phone number.” – jaydastar (via Reddit)
-“A woman Trying to bring your face to my crotch and said she wanted to eat me outside. I wear yoga pants because I am also a yoga teacher.” – Toxteth_OGrady (via Reddit)
-“Former masseuse here. I used to work in the YMCA in my hometown. There was a group of four older women in their early 50s playing tennis together and taking turns giving massages. At first it was great. They were mostly the wives of doctors. quite casual and a kind litter [Read: Massaging your partner to orgasm]But then things turn into strangers. A woman offered me a diamond tennis bracelet. If I agree to change the order they knead and do it first. I refuse a gift But promised to use the rotation schedule in the future. Ultimately, I guess she got tired of whipping around the bushes (as if to say) and stepped forward immediately by. Take my hand and press it to your chest.. I told her that I was very happy. But I don’t care about other women this way.” – Liaceyleplante (via Reddit)
#3 Not a “happy ending” Some patrons may get the wrong address or confuse your friendly neighborhood massage clinic for a more playful establishment.
-“So when I did the clinic We have to find our customers ourselves. because I am ambitious So I posted an advertisement for Kijiji offering my services. shortly after I got a message from a guy asking me how much a massage costs. [Read: Body language attraction – touchy feely flirting]I gave a standard answer stating the student rate of my clinic he (I think it was a man). Asked if there was a special massage and said he was willing to pay extra.I explained that the clinic I was working for was professional and advised him to go to Craigslist instead of Kijiji.
He insisted on asking for more money and telling me the price.” –mythyasha (via Reddit)
-“I was massaging a friend while a colleague was doing that woman. He clearly enjoyed it and Jokingly asked if you could take me home with you.. His girlfriend jumped out of bed. topless and walked away But before you come to me to call me boiled rabbit.” – natdusz (via Reddit)
“About a year ago I had one client tell me that I didn’t need to worry about dressing properly, saying, “I’m not shy.” I advised him that I would always follow the dress code. (Only the part) of the body I work on. covering the genitals all the time, etc.)
And his answer was “Oh, are you a follower of the rules?” My answer was “Of course” and just continued to massage. He didn’t say anything else but There was semen on the table after he left.” – Shirlena6 (via Reddit)
[Read: 20 Types of physical touches and what each ones means]Being a masseuse is a rewarding but challenging career. But even if it’s a perverted customer or doesn’t shower from time to time. Uncomfortable experiences also create a good massage story and buffer for professional experiences.

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