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Thank you for checking out my site! If you want to know how to learn mentalism and you are looking for a comprehensive review of Mr. X’s Master Mentalism lessons and guide book, then rest assured, you are in the right place.

Just to clarify, I will be giving an unbiased and honest Master Mentalism review. What you will find here are the ESSENTIAL details that anyone should know before grabbing a copy for themselves.

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How is ‘Master Mentalism’ different from any other “Secrets to magic tricks” guide?

We’re all used to seeing the same old how to magic tricks books that lay out the same old tricks that no one has performed since the ’70s. I for one am sick of sorting through them all just to find a few good tips.

Master Mentalism takes a slightly different approach than the many and most. While it does have a wealth of tricks shown how-to, it does more to develop technique, and most importantly it’s up to date.

How many other books have you found boasting the secrets of Criss Angel or David Blain? Not only “How did he do a specific trick,” but more importantly, the techniques used to accomplish impressive tricks and create your own, THE REAL SECRETS OF MAGIC!

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What is Mentalism?

Master MentalismMentalism is often thought of as being just a less well known word for magic, or magician. A mentalist however focuses more on the psychological or paranormal feats, like levitation, mind reading, and hypnosis. Chriss angel mentalism is a kind of mentalism magic, which is the most common way to find mentalism to date.

Mentalism magic is basically a combination of mentalism and traditional stage magic, where mentalism techniques are used to make magic tricks more complex and interesting, thereby allowing your audience to think they know what’s going on with a basic trick and then astonishing and bewildering them by the finale.

So regardless of your main interest, mentalism or magic, mentalism techniques will improve the quality of your magic. This is the aim of Master Mentalism.

What are the BAD things about MR. X’s Master Mentalism?

Not everything is going to be perfect with every product out there. So, what didn’t I like about Master Mentalism?

  • First off, it takes a bit more dedication and commitment to put what is taught in     Master Mentalism to good use. And while there are many good quick easy tips that will help you improve easily, much of what is taught will take some discipline to master. So it might be a bit much info for a beginner or someone with 5 minutes’ worth of interest.
  • Secondly, while I find MR. X’s teaching techniques to be effective, they are a     little different than what’s more commonly found. So it takes a bit of getting used to. This might be frustrating to some.

What’s GOOD about MR. X’s Master Mentalism?

And what did I like about Mr. X’s Master Mentalism?

  • There are always more tricks to learn. But practicing up for a new trick usually takes me longer then it takes to ware the trick out. By using the techniques taught in Master Mentalism, I was able to revive many tricks I already knew, and make them better then they had ever been.
  • In Mr. X’s Master Mentalism, there are many huge magic secrets revealed. Ever wonder how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of a live audience? If you’ve ever wandered into a magic store and tried to pay for a specific secret, you’ll understand that knowing David’s disappearing stuff technique alone, made this a worthwhile buy for me.
  • As far as learning how to do mentalism or learning mentalism tricks, master mentalism has been the most affordable help I’ve found yet. Most every time I’ve found actual instruction on mentalism, its been from a live instructor, which is neither cheap nor easy to find someone skilled and willing to teach.

Master Mentalism Guide

So, overall, what do I think about Master Mentalism?

In my opinion Master Mentalism is geared for the serious magician and novice who is willing to take the time to master the specific techniques that made the greats great.

For those who are serious enough about there magic, I think that Master Mentalism is one of the best helps out there for making leaps and bounds of improvements in your abilities and originality.

Master Mentalism will not only help you do your tricks better, but it will also give you the tools to create your own tricks or add more impressive authentic twists to what you already know. Unless you are not sure if you will still have an interest in magic by next week, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of Master Mentalism.





Have you ever dreamt of becoming the next Criss Angel or David Blaine? What about performing magic tricks like the great Houdini? While it may seem outlandish to think you could do just that, even the beginner can become a pro overnight with the help of Master Mentalism.

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